Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 8


"Shit, yes my precious." I looked at Gabrielle like I was a deer caught in very bright headlights just about to smacked upside the head.

"What were you doing with that nice lady, and why did she just run away, without saying goodbye?" She says so sweetly and innocently looking back at the door then back at me.

"My precious it's a bit difficult to explain, but can you do daddy a big favour and stay with Nanny Stone, daddy needs to go and sort things out with Gabby" I kissed her cheeks and walked out the door. I needed to check on Gabby, she won't be that far ahead of me, but I really am concerned about her well being after everything thats happened lately. Most of all, I needed to finish this thing that I started. Throwing caution to the wind I drive to the beach house where I know Gabby will be licking her wounds.

While driving over to the beach house, I could still feel Gabby's soft lips on mine and her soft tounge inside my mouth. That would be our second kiss, it wasn't a well planned kiss, wait what, it wasn't planned at all but it felt so right. I can't just leave it there, it all feels so incomplete. A situation that needs rectifying, and that's exactly what I am going to do. Rectify this situation. How? I am not sure yet. All I know is that I spent five years apart from Gabby and I don't want to spend another day without her in it. One way or another.

Pulling up at the beach house it looked so quiet and deserted. I jumped out the car and strode purposefully towards the door where I proceeded to knock. Dead man's door. No noise came from the inside of the house so waltzed around to the back and there sitting on a sand dune, hugging her legs, and presumably crying is my precious. It breaks my heart to see her like this and that I am the reason she is like this now.

I silently walk up to her and sit down beside her. When she finally looks at me her tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes tells me exactly what I suspected. She has being crying. I shuffled closer and just held her in my arms. I have no idea how long we sat there, all I know is no words where necessary.

Before I could catch myself, Gabby was straddling me, running her soft fingers through my hair.

"I am so sorry, for hurt......" she put her finger over my lips to silence me.

"Now is not the time for talking, show me" she says confidently. I search her eyes for a sign of insecurity but find none.

Before I can catch myself she is perfectly molded against me. Rubbing herself profusely against my lap. We enter and the house and the next thing I know, I have my precious up against a wall. Her hands are in my hair and gripping me closer to her. Our mouths are nowhere then everywhere on each other. I felt like I am about to combust in a split second.

"Chase please" Gabby begs between rugged breaths.

"What is it you want my precious, tell me. I will gladly give you anything" I whisper softly into her ear while tugging on her earlobe.

I know I needed to slow things down at this point but I just couldn't muster the strength to pull away from Gabby. I slowly lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist she guided me towards the bedroom, where I plan to show her just how much I have missed her and how much I need her now.

This is so not a good idea but there is definitely a short from my brain to my penis because somewhere along the line the message got lost.

I lay Gabby down softly on the bed

"Are you sure about this precious?" I ask her tenderly while looking straight into her very disarming eyes, yet again for any sign that this could be construed as a mistake. I only find assurance.

"Yes Chase, please" was all the spurring on I needed before clothes were hastily removed and strewn all over the bedroom.

Looking down to her breasts that are perfectly moulded in both my hands, my thumbs tweaking at her nipples that are proudly saluting me. My mouth gliding over her soft skin, taking it between my teeth and gently nipping it. The noises Gabby is making, is really making it hard to stay focused on the task at hand. My dick is throbbing with need, already wanting to be balls deep. My hand gliding inbetween her folds she was already dripping with need herself. My finger slips in and out, easily coated so I add a second finger.

"Oh my precious, so wet and so tight fuck I won't last long inside you at all" I say completely breathless. Again, more begging. How can I ever refuse her, when she is looking like this. I grab a condom from my wallet, put it on quickly and then in one foul swoop, I am rammed home.

We are nothing but a mangle of body parts, breathless and sweaty by that time we both see an explosion of color and stars. We lay catching our breaths, lost in the moment in each others arms.

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