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When their breathing came into a little control and their hearts calmed down, Liam took Eva from Rush and took her with him toward the couch in his arms. Liam sat on the couch and settled Eva on his lap. Rush came to sit right beside them. They both exchanged a nod and before she could understand the meaning behind their nod, they both bent their heads on each side of her neck, and pierced it with their canines, marking her. Making her their's. Her eyes were clenched shut in pleasure when their lips and canines were marking her.  A feeling of pure ecstasy was running through her veins when she heard a creak of the door and in the next second an taunting but angry voice of a woman pierced through her haze, "Well...., I certainly did not expect to see my fiancé whoring around in his own office in the broad daylight!" ●●● Two werewolves and One mate. That's how it all started. Eva was living peacefully until Rush and Liam entered her life and flipped it upside down. They fell in love. She was ready to marry them. But what happens when one day she finds out that her mate is already engaged to the daughter of the Alpha and he had been planning to keep Eva as his mistress? She didn't know the meaning of love until they decided to show her. But will she stay when the truth comes out and the one claiming to love her the most betray and break her to the point of no return?

Romance / Fantasy
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Have you ever heard a werewolf story?

In those stories you hear that a werewolf meets a girl, mates with her after some tantrums and drama, boom.. next thing you know, they are living together as soulmates.

Well.. in my case, first thing, I had always thought that werewolves were fictional and not at all real.

Second, I did not have one dangerous, super possessive, overprotective werewolf mate to live with.

I had two.

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