Love story: Falling in love with my best friend

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" Why did you have to leave when you said that love will conquer all? What should I do now that you are not here", Veronica said in between her sobs. " I love you, I really do and nothing in this world will ever change that fact. I will come back for you no matter what it takes because I have always loved you", Clifford said to no one in particular as he turned around to enter the car. This is the story about two best friends who got separated during an unfortunate occurrence only to meet again ten years later. Veronica searched everywhere for her lost best friend during these ten years but it seemed as if he had vanished into thin hair. She was so upset and filled with hatred after she met him again ten years later. She did not want to listen to Clifford's story and no matter how much he explained himself, Veronica thought he was cooking up lies in order to deceive her once again. What will Clifford do to win back his best friend and first love trust once again when she doesn't even want to set her eyes on him.

Romance / Humor
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Veronica and Clifford were seen chatting under a shade during break period. Veronica kept staring at her handsome best friend's face with admiration clearly visible in her, she could hardly concentrate on eating her snacks. They often ate their lunch there since they couldn't afford to buy food from the school's cafeteria.

" Is there dirt on my face? Why do you keep staring at my face or don't tell me you have also fallen in love with my handsome looks too", Clifford said in a teasing as he nudged her to answer his question.

" In your dreams, I have already told you numerous times that I will never fall in love with you so stop getting your hopes high becomes I am not like those girls over", Veronica said pouting her lips in an annoyed manner while pointing at three girls who kept on stealing secret glances at her best friend.

" Why not? Every girl in this school loves but why do you keep saying that you will not fall in love with me?", Clifford asked taking a bite from the snacks which was in her right hand.

" Because you are not my type and can you even listen to yourself. Cliff we are best friends so how can I fall in love with my best friend?", Veronica asked shaking her head.

" How am I not your type? Have you ever seen such a handsome guy like this? I am not only very handsome but also very intelligent. And does being best friends stop you from falling in love with me. I heard from Jeff that we don't choose who to love. It is left for our heart to decide that. What will you do if you suddenly fall in love with me one day?", Clifford asked innocently bringing his face very close to her face making Veronica feel uncomfortable for an unknown reason.

" Stop spouting nonsense, that will never happy. We basically grew up together since we were toddlers, so what will make you fall in love with me. And stop eating my food, that is yours in your hands", Veronica said pushing his face away from her sight.

" That is true, how can I bring myself to fall in love with a boyish girl like you? And you are absolutely not my type too so stop overreacting . And your food always taste sweeter than mine so how about we exchange. I can feed you if you like", Clifford said winking at her. He loves teasing best friend for an unknown reason.

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