A collision of issues

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Dylan Fields, an anti social female who tends to stray away from any type of interaction meets the infamous Eric Woods, the boy with some serious anger issues just waiting to pummel someone. They seem to clash and burn but will their indifferences eventually attract and match each other's issues or will someone end up hurt?

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Crimson tears
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Chapter one

I was already regretting saying yes to going to this stupid party. My mind spun recklessly as I continued to chastise myself. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Great lumps of people surrounded me, encompassing the medium size room in body heat. I continued to cringe into the corner as I watched people dance on one another, willingly giving away any shred of dignity they had in the first place.

Which is none of course.

I pinched my skin, feeling a short prick of pain hit me and willed myself to become distracted because I was going to kill someone if they didn't move away from me soon. Some random dude actually thought that he could approach me and try to chat me up into having sex with him.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

My glare seemed to make the guy understand that I was ready to attack him so he quickly moved away to another girl who looked much more willing to follow his lewd suggestions.

I once again heaved a sigh and looked for my friend who managed to drag me along to this boring party. My eyes skimmed the surroundings before I finally found her, I watched her dance with her boyfriend with a wide grin as she looked up at him with adoring, wide eyes.


I couldn't imagine what that must feel like. What can I say? Single for life...

I rolled my eyes at myself realising I sound extremely depressing but oh well. I don't think anyone could handle me anyway. I was too... unusual and off-putting towards most human beings.

My eyes continued to roam the crowded room and I settled on a group of guys who appeared to be enjoying themselves as they laughed loudly and whacked each other either on their backs or heads. I felt my eyebrows furrow as I thought of the strangeness of boys.

Though I was definitely aquainted with violence. Most of my friends tend to shy away from me whenever I get angry and there's a pen or anything sharp near me. I kind of feel sorry for them.

Eh, they should've know better than to make friends with me.

I looked at the time and groaned. It was only 9:45 meaning we would stay here for another two hours and a bit before I was allowed to leave with Stef. Prior to coming here, she made a deal with me. I come here with her and stay till midnight and she would pay for all of my food for two weeks.

Which is an idiotic deal to make considering I eat a ton of food every hour or so. But who cares, it's her fault anyway.

Smirking, I thought of all the food that I would make Stef buy me tomorrow. My stomach growled at the thought of my saviour so I decided to move away from my corner of death and go seek out something to eat. Entering the large kitchen, I wildly looked around for anything to eat and spotted a box of pizza in the corner behind some random unknown people.

Walking up to them, I murmured a loud "Excuse me!" and shoved past them to the take the last two pieces of heaven. A wide grin rose up on my mouth as I stuffed a whole pizza into my mouth, leaving the other for myself to savour for later.

Very happy and satisfied, I turned around and faced the four boys that I had pushed past. Once I saw their very evident gawking and the shock written all over the faces, I gave them a sheepish smile, threw up the peace sign like the awkward child that I am, and walked past them back to my corner of death to keep up with my wallowing of self pity.

I reached my corner and saw that it was occupied by a pair of strangers who appeared to be eating each others faces off.


I frowned before deciding that I would just sit outside in the garden instead. Having to walk past a big group of people, I bit down onto my lip and dug my nails deep into my palm. A loud laugh echoed as I shuffled past them and my heart skipped a beat.

They are talking about you.

You're such a disgrace-


I chanted 'no' in my head and stopped once I felt my mind quieten down once again. I was fine. The wind brushed my skin as I reached the cool bitter air of autumn. Not seeing as much people, I gave myself a sad smile and sat down near the porch, away from anyone else.

Hugging my knees, I gently rocked myself side to side and hummed a random song in my head as I watched the peaceful dark sky above me. The navy colour had successfully seeped itself into the sky, only leaving behind miniscule pearls of white that were scattered with no certain order. The wind had slowed down but the chill of night had settled in so pushed myself further into my oversized hoodie and smiled as I continued to watch the stars above me.

Was I the only one who was mesmerised by them?

"NO, JUST LEAVE AND DON'T LOOK BACK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! LEAVE BEFORE I BASH YOUR UGLY FACE IN!" Sudden shouting brought me out of my reverie as I jumped in surprise at the clear and utter rage which could be heard.

"Argh fine whatever, man. It's not like I care anyway. Just like your dad-". The second person was abruptly cut off as I heard a loud pummeling noise. Nervous, I stood up and looked into the direction of the commotion. Looking around, I saw that no one except me and the fighting pair were outside, everyone had obviously went inside to join the party.

Wow okay, what am I supposed to do?

My eyes focused on a large figure that was attacking another slightly smaller figure with no remorse.

Shit, if I didn't stop him the other guy will probably die.

I hesitantly jogged towards them and shouted for them to stop. The larger person seemed to freeze as he took in deep breathes and stepped away from the shaking guy on the floor. Wild eyes met mine and I sighed as I recognised the anger that was now directly towards me. I raised my arms, showing that I meant no harm and walked towards the two. The closer I got to him, the more I recognised him.

It was Eric Woods.

The rumoured troubled man with anger issues.

Anger issues that I literally just witnessed. I looked down on the heaving man on the floor and recognised him to be Dean Tewley, some random dougebag known around my college.

I frowned as I started to question what I was supposed to do now. Help the dude on the floor? Ignore him? Question the angry guy?

I shrugged and swiftly turned away.

None of my business.

I had already helped both of them enough, one I saved from ultimate death and the other from being stuck in prison for a second time...or maybe third? Who knows? Who cares? Not me that's who.

Satisfied with my choice for once, I exited the awkward situation and took out my phone to look at the time.


I walked back inside the house and began looking for Stefanie who should still be hanging onto Finley, her boyfriend. Proving myself right, I found her a few minutes later sitting on his lap as he played a game with multiple other people as they all sat around in a circle.

"Hey, Stef." I poked her in the shoulder and she looked up at me and dragged me down to her eye level.

"HELLO DYLAN!!" She shouted into my ear and I cringed.

"Come on, it's nearly midnight, let's leave, please." She nodded repeatedly and kissed Finley on smack on his lips as his friends cheered before she wobbled up and started leaning on me to stabilise herself. "GOODBYE EVERYONE, BYE FINLEYYYY!" I dragged her way as she began singing loudly and tittering around me.

Finally managing to get her outside, I pushed her into my car and heaved a loud breathe.

Jesus, she's heavy.

Note to self: never become a professional people carrier. One, that's weird. Two, my arms are as strong as uncooked spaghetti.

Exhausted, I leaned against my car and saw people splayed across the front of the house, some on the porch and some on the grass. I could already picture how horrible it will be for them to wake up next morning, cold and covered in their own sick.

I suddenly froze as I noticed a familiar figure shrouded in darkness standing by the house, watching me. After some long and intense squinting, I gulped as I realised it was Eric who was currently steadily watching me embarrass myself for the second time within fifteen or so minutes.

Oh wow... I bet he saw me drag Stef across the path unsuccessfully and watched me drop her a few times.

Could've helped me...but nooo.

Giving a weak glare, I decided to be nice for once in my life and try to appear to be like a normal sociable human being. I dropped my glare and gave him a short wave before turning around and opening my door, sitting myself inside and starting the car.

A dull roar rose up from it and I switched on the radio, making sure that Stefanie was safely tucked in in the passenger seat before driving towards our dorms.

I would say that I drove back peacefully but unfortunately I can't say that. My mind frantically bashed itself as I thought of all the social interaction that I had today.

Oh god I'm such an antisocial bastard.





Okay it's fine....

Just forget about tonight.

I started shaking and tried to stop my mind from making anymore significant thoughts as I tried to calm myself.

It's fine. I whispered again and again until I could begin to start distracting myself away from the obvious issues.

No wonder nobody likes you.


I dropped Stefanie's heavy body on her bed and left her room, locking her door behind me as I walked the short distance to my room. Opening up the door, I closed it and proceeded to quickly begin changing into my oversized men's shirt and then brushed my teeth, on the verge of falling asleep whilst still standing up.

Crisp sheets enveloped me as I plopped down into my bed and covered myself into my plush pillows.

Mmm, warmth.

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