Saved By Dante

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Matt is a gay high school boy. His family doesn't approve, so they make his life as miserable as possible. Even the jocks at school do it. Will he ever get a break?

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1: Hi.

Hi. I'm Matt. My family ignores me- for the most part. I'm privately gay, and I'm still not 100% sure that I really am. But no one at school really cares about that. They just assume I am.

I wake up and stretch, feeling my limbs pop gently as my body re-adjusts. I look around as my eyes adjust to the morning light, sighing. Then suddenly the tranquility is shattered.

"Matt! Get down here! NOW!" My mother screams up the steps.

"C-C-Coming!" I respond, jumping out of bed and pulling on a t-shirt and jeans.

As I go down the stairs, I stumble in my haste. I start to fall, so I grab on to the closest thing next to me- the handrail. But as I take hold of it, it pulls off the wall. Great, I think. I hit the steps hard and wince. I gingerly stand up and make my way down the rest of the steps- carefully this time.

I walk into the kitchen to see my mom glaring at me.

"You were supposed to be down here 10 minutes ago! Why are you late?" She screams at me.

"I- I'm sorry!" I respond. "I t-t-tripped on the stairs!"

"Bullshit." My mom replies, marching closer. With every step she takes, I take a step back- that is, until my back hits the wall and she's in my face. She grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks so we're nose to nose. My eyes tear up from the pain. "Next time I call your sorry ass down here, you will be on time. Understood?" She practically spits in my face.

"Y-Yes ma'am," I reply softly.

"Good!" She yells, slamming my head against the wall and walking away. "You're gonna be late for school if you don't get your ass out the door." She adds.

I run out the kitchen door and grab my backpack, completely forgetting about breakfast. I wince as I feel the back of my head throbbing from where it hit the wall.


I get to school and rush to my locker. As I turn the corner, I see the most popular boys in school- the jocks. Liam, Noah, and Ben lead the pack, strutting down the hallway. I quickly speed up, trying to get to my locker before they see me. Maybe they'll let me off easy today, I think. I open my locker and shove my backpack in there, only grabbing the books I need for first and second hour. But my hope is shattered as I hear a loud slam.

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