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#2 Bad Boys - Part 1 of Rose & Thorn "What are you waiting for?" Julian watched his best friend's death the summer before his senior year. Rosaline was the girl he danced with at the party beforehand but she was too drunk to remember. Heading onto grade eleven, she moves from her high school to the school her brother is at for his senior year too. Just so happens, it's Julian's school too. Rumours go around saying how he hasn't talked to anyone much since the accident. If they were rumours or truth, it became a rumour when little Rose got a peep out of him.

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This is a love story but not your ordinary love story. Does contain sex and nude photography scenes.

Hope you enjoy this one and please don't forget to comment and review so I know what you think.

Thanks so much for taking the time reading my novel :)

Julian's POV

Have you ever had that rush over you that just felt like you were flying? It ripped a big smile across your face and you reach your hands out to grab the sky.

I can’t believe I really jumped.

Oh shit.

I thought as I grabbed the handles of my motorbike again.

Now for the landing.

I looked down, the ground and dirt coming closer fast. I bent my knees.

I’d jumped so many times. I knew how to land. But this was something different. This was something big unlike the others I’m so used to.

The back wheel hit first before the front and I howled out, slowing down and meeting the other boys, who were cheering.

“Yeah!” I yelled, turning sharp to flick up dirt at them. They laughed with me and I got off, looking up as it was my best friend's turn now.

“Yeah, Julian, man!” Jasper said, jumping on my back. I laughed, taking his legs and he whistled through his teeth for Max as he started down the hill.

Jasper got off me and I laughed, rubbed his head before I whistled with the others.

I stopped through when he was facing too far forward.

“Ah, shit, guys,” Leo said but Max got back and landed roughly. I shook my head, moving forward as he was coming in way too fast.

“Close one!” I yelled at him and he turned sharp to throw himself at me. I groaned when I landed on the ground with him on me, “you feel better, you gay shit?” I shoved him off as he laughed with the other boys.

“Let’s fucking party!” Jasper yelled out and we just laughed again.

That night, we got a bonfire going big and bright. People from school had come over too. Seniors. Juniors. Older guys brought beers and shit so we got into those but not too many since we still needed to drive home.

I was dancing with a cute, strawberry blonde girl who had moves. I had to give her that.

She had her back to me now, her arms up and my hands to her waist, under her shirt. She moved her hips, her arms and danced along with me.

I was so into it, watching her, that I didn’t see or hear Max come by.

“Man.” He hit my arm and I looked at him.

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Can we go? Janice is here and I really don’t want to deal with her.” He said and I nodded to him, looked back to my girl.

“What’s your name and number?”

“You want my name and number?” She asked, laughed a little, “I’m a little Rosie and sixteen.”

“A little drunk and young too,” Max said, taking my arm and pulling me away and towards our bikes.

Damn, I liked her.

“Where are the others?” I asked, putting on my helmet.

“They didn’t want to leave. Thanks for this.”

“Janice just needs to get a brain,” I replied, talking about his over possessive ex.

EX. She doesn’t get that part.

I started my bike as he did and followed him out of Jasper’s parents paddock a few hours out of the city of Sydney.

The ride was fast and quiet in the night. We passed a few log trucks, a few bikies, who waved us pass.

We were close to the city when I noticed headlights up ahead moving around. Drunken idiot.

“Max!” I yelled out.


“Get off the road for this freak,” I yelled back, stopping on the side as he did. “Fucking idiot.” I shook my head as the ute passed with loud music and a crowd inside.

Max started again and I followed behind. We got fast again and I wasn’t really paying much attention to Max until he started swerving and breaking.

“Max!” I yelled when the bike came to a stop from something but he went over. I stopped immediately and ran over, seeing a big kangaroo with his bike.

“Fuck.” I muttered, looking around for Max, “Max?!” I yelled out, starting to the side of the road. My eyes narrowed but it was too dark.

I got out my phone, not the best but it helped. I started down the ditch slowly.

“Max!” I yelled, seeing him and rushing to him. I cried out when his eyes were open but lifeless. His body rolled up against bushes and trees.

“Fuck, bud,” I whispered, closing my eyes tight before I cried, sobbed and picked him up into my lap, hugged him tightly.

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