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Dion was always on her own. Having no one to trust but herself. Stealing was the only way to survive, and she was the best. She could steal anything and you wouldn't even notice. Seeing those men enter that alley, she just couldn't resist. If only she turned away from the stranger's, then she wouldn't have been trapped in their house. In the Underworld.

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Chapter 1

I can't say that I enjoy stealing, but its something that I need to do in order to survive. I've been living on the streets since I could remember. Having to always move to a new place, knowing that no one wants someone snooping around in their garbage.

Even though I do steal, I steal from people who wouldn't be affected. Sure it's still not right but it's the only logical explanation I can go on. I find it comical actually, that the people who live the fabulous lives are the snakes. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not generalizing here, I'm merely saying from what I've seen, those people steal from the actual workers.

They steal from the innocent, making them believe the lies they spew. They try to make the innocents believe that they're actually trying to help them, but they couldn't care less. It's a shame really, people are just trying to survive. Guess the sayings correct.

Survival of the fittest.

And apparently the fittest are the snakes.

I tend to stay away from the innocents, I know they work hard for something so little. I'd hate myself if I ever even considered stealing from them. The snakes? That's a tough thing to explain.

As I said before I'm not generalizing, 'cause I know some of them do work hard to earn what they do. It's pretty easy to see which one works, which one doesn't.

Though they all have one thing in common. Arrogance. They believe they're better than everyone, just because they have money. I hate that. Money, it's the root to all evil. Have you ever just wondered, what if money never existed? Would it cure poverty, malnutrition, unemployment? There's so many what if's when it comes to money.

It makes people greedy, makes them want power, and yet it also destroys their humanity. Don't take my word for it, it's just what I've always observed.

You have the few people who try to help. They help with charities, help the environment, they try. They honestly do try to help but whats ironic is that they try to help but nothing's ever solved.

Take environmental projects for example. People partake in saving wildlife, cleaning the environment but what good does it do when the next day it starts all over again.

See thats what's wrong with mankind, our mind sets are fixed on destruction, power, and greed, everything that shouldn't exist in our world.

So many what if's.

But there's one solution, everyone knows it but they don't do it. You can't have a few people helping and believe 'oh it's fine now, I don't have to help, they're going to sort it out' no! Everyone, and I mean everyone needs to do something.

If only we could comprehend that.

"Hey get out of here!" I hear someone yell from behind me. I turn around and face, what I'm guessing, is the head chef. I grab my bag and sprint out of the alley, still able to hear his curses. I turn the corner and press myself against the wall, keeping my breathing undercontrol so he can't find me.

He walks past the alley and I take that as my cue to run the other way. As I run I spot a young man stumbing out of one of the bars. He's obviously drunk, but he's a good target. From the looks of him, he's a rich guy. I can already see a nice Rolex watch on his wrist, he's talking rapidly on one of the latest cellphones and he's holding his wallet, and it seems he's got a good amount in it. Perfect.

I haven't eaten in over a week, so this guy should be able to help me. As I begin to approach him I start to hear his conversation with the other person over the phone.

"Yes love, I'm still working...You're my wife, why would I lie to you? Yes I'll be home when I can. Alright, goodnight, love you too." He hangs up and slips his phone into his back pocket.

I sneek closer but stop as someone else walks out the bar. Its a woman this time and by the way she looks I can tell that she's drunk as well, maybe not as bad as him. She walks up to him and wraps her arms around his neck and smashes her lips with his. She moans as he picks her up and pushes her against the wall, still eating her face off.

I grimace as I watch these two dry hump each other. Don't they have any dignity? Some husband he is, and by that diamond ring on her finger, she's cheating as well. I will definitely not regret this.

I approach the couple slowly, withdrawing my knife. I stand behind him as he moves his hand up her dress. She opens her eyes and immediately screams. He lets go of her and turns to face me but before he can say anything, I punch him in the face and he immediately hits the pavement. I do the same to her and they're both out cold.

I grab all of their things and pull their bodies to a safe spot by the bar. I'm not that cruel to let them just lay here. There are way worse people out here than me, I would know.

Once they're taken care off, I run away. I run for a couple of blocks before I reach the alley I'm staying in. I turn the corner and see the box I've been sleeping in for over a week. I'll have to move tomorrow, off to the next city.

I don't believe I have a hard life, I know I'm more privileged than other people. Why complain about my life when there's people out there who are in way worse situations than me.

I climb into my box and wrap my dirty blancket around my small body and open up my bag to check everything I got today. It was a very good day today. I managed to get over 200 in cash, the Rolex watch, a phone and the diamond ring. I smirk and take out the phone I stole. Going through the pictures I took of that couple I look for the man's wife's number. After finding them, I send her all the photos and send a quick message, informing her of her husbands dirty deeds.

I smile and put everything back into the bag then place it under the blanket. Last time I left it in plain sight, I was the one being mugged. I sigh and lay down, starring up at the sky. I don't completely fit in the box so my head sticks out.

It's another cold night tonight but I've had worse.

"It's a very nice tonight, oh look theres a couple stars." I say speaking to myself as I point at the stars. My heart clenches in pain but the happy memories still cross my mind. I sigh and lay on my side, getting comfortable.

I close my eyes and dream of nothing, I haven't dreamed in a very long time.

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