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Chapter 10


I spend a few hours with Kate finalising my travel plans I leave in just under four weeks; I call Georgie and tell her what dad organised. “Did you know Georgie?” she sounds surprised “No, did you know about what was in my letter, Blake?”

I honestly had no clue. “No, he never told me.” Dad cleared their mortgage they were struggling for as long as I could remember, this meant that Georgie could give up her job and spend time with the kids just like she had always longed for she had her maternity leave ripped away when Greg was made redundant she stood by her family and did what needed to be done without any hesitation even when it meant she lost precious time with my niece and nephew it broke my heart. On top of that, he has paid for them to finally go away and have their first-ever family holiday.

As for me, he has financed my entire trip and has set aside something extra for when I get home.

“I am going to miss you, but this will be good for you, Blake.” So overwhelmed with everything, I cry.

“I will miss you all so much, but it’s only a year and I will Skype and email every chance I get.”

“What about Mark?” she asks, I tried not to think about him, after all, we weren’t together like that.

“I think I need to sit down and have a proper chat with him, maybe lay all my cards down, life is too short and I think if I don’t I will regret it.” Georgie giggles down the phone. “I think that’s the smartest decision you have made, but your timing is fucking awful.” I hear Dillion in the background.

“Mummy, you said a bad word!”

I hear Georgie sigh, “Sorry Dillion mummy won’t let it happen again.” I wipe my tears away with my jumper and laugh. “You better hope he doesn’t repeat that.” Georgie laughs hard.

“Of course he is going to repeat it, he is repeating everything.” I look at my watch and realise I am cutting it fine.

“Ok gotta go I am having dinner with the boys.”

I walk into the restaurant and they are all waiting for me, Marcus gets up and hugs me.

“Hi, Gorgeous hope you don’t mind we ordered some sharing starters.”

I smile at him. “That’s fine, I’m just going to get myself a drink.”

I walk up to the bar and place my drink order as I go to turn around Mark is there. “So when do you leave?”

Taken aback by his words, I stumble over mine. “How did you know?... He told you?”

Mark nods. “Yeah, he told me what he wanted for you, so when are you going?”

I am wondering what else my dad told Mark, that I am unaware of.

“I leave in just under four weeks, I am handing in my notice tomorrow and Georgie is helping me rent my apartment out for the year I am not here.” Mark pulls me in for a hug and I can’t bring myself to let go, whispering in his ear. “I can’t live without you, Mark,” he removes himself from my hug and gives me a tight smile.

“Blake... I...”

Marcus interrupts in his typical fashion. “We are hitting a club later are you joining us just getting VIP sorted need numbers?”

Mark glares at him and says through gritted teeth. “I am going to be going back to Blakes.” Marcus places his arms up in surrender, sensing the tension.

“Yeah, of course, no worries, more ladies for me then.”

Marcus gives me a cheeky wink. “Alright, lady killer have fun.”

After we eat and have a few soft drinks, I get into my car and drive back to my place. “Thank you for everything for the last two days, it means a lot to me that you are here. I miss my dad so much you have helped distract me, Mark.”

He gently takes my hand. “I would do anything for you Blake, I hope you know that?”

I feel a blush creep up my face. “You have been amazing I feel I don’t deserve you.”

As we make our way into my apartment, I get nervous.

“Can I get you a drink?”

Mark smiles at me. “Yeah, wine would be nice.”

I pour two glasses and make my way back into my living room to find Mark comfy on my sofa.

“Look about what I said before you know I meant it in I can’t live without you as a friend.” Mark looks into my eyes, I feel as though he is trying to look for a deeper meaning.

“Do you mean that?”

I feel a lump form. “Of course Mark, you are special to me.”

Mark looks at his wine glass “Yeah...”

I lean over and touch his hand. “Are you ok?”

Mark sighs “Of course just tired.”

I take a drink. “Do you want to stay here?”

Mark finally looks at me. “Do you want me to be here?”

I giggle nervously. “Don’t be silly, I love having you here.”

We fall into the same pattern we have done since he came to London; we get into my bed; I lie on his chest and as he strokes my hair, I nearly fall asleep.

“Thank you, Mark”

Lying there in silence; I am about to drift off when I hear his voice.

“I love you, Blake.”

I freeze, does he think I am asleep? Never thought I would hear him say those words. I genuinely thought that my affection was one-sided. I doubt everything. Does he love me as a friend or does he love me as I love him? Thinking about what my dad said life is too short to waste time if you want something you should go for it, cause if you don’t you will always wonder what could have been.

“I love you too.” I turn around to find him looking at me, I can’t help myself I have wanted this for so long, Mark moves his hand around my nape and slowly draws me towards him with inches left he stops and places his forehead against mine.

“Blake, say it again.”

I look at him, trying to convey just how much he means to me, “I love you, Mark.”

Mark pulls back a little as disappointment fills my heart. “I don’t want to take advantage, you are grieving the loss of your dad, I don’t want you to wake up tomorrow and regret anything.” I struggle with the tears that threaten to spill down my cheeks.

“You don’t want me?”

Mark grabs my face. “I want you so badly but not like this.”


I watch as she walks into the restaurant she takes my breath away, Marcus gets up to hug her and I feel a pang of jealously Blake goes to the bar, I walk over to her needing a moment with her, just the two of us. I watch her face she’s thinking long and hard, I’m guessing everything got sorted today and she has a lot to do without thinking I ask her when she leaves? She looks utterly shocked to find out that I knew; we are having a heart to heart when fucking Marcus happens. I could fucking kill Marcus right now, talk about cockblocking me without actually having sex on the agenda. After dinner, Blake drives us back to her place, it’s a little strained between us, I have left so much unsaid but I fear if I open up she will put her plans on hold just like she did before.

Blake has always been there for me while I dealt with the Blake shit, while I dated Nicole she has been the one person that I have never fully appreciated and now that she’s leaving I am filled with regret for not seeing what was in front of me and doing something about it.

I get comfy on the sofa as she comes back in with the drinks in her hand. Blake is telling me she can’t live without me... as a friend, I can’t help it I look into her eyes, trying to read if she is telling me the truth. Is it just as friends? I want to get everything out in the open but something is stopping me and I’m frustrating the fuck out of myself as we get into my bed I stroke Blake’s hair as I watch her fall asleep. Lying there in silence and like always once she falls asleep; I say the words I long for her to hear.

“I love you, Blake.”

I feel her body tense... fuck; she wasn’t asleep. I lie there in silence, part of me hoping she will respond, for what feels like a lifetime I hear Blake’s voice.

“I love you too.”

Not quite believing what I hear I watch as she turns around and looks at me I feel her gaze on me never tearing away, I move my hand around to her nape and bring her within inches placing my forehead to hers, Since being in London, I have held her every night, woke up every morning with her she is my all, my everything. Refusing to hold in my feelings, I gently take her face.

“I want you so badly but not like this.” Cause when I have Blake, I will do it right, it won’t be rushed, I will worship her as she deserves.

3 weeks later...

Standing in the restaurant surrounded by Blake’s family and friends, I can’t believe she leaves in four days. I decided that I wanted to spend the last few days with her before she goes away, things have been a little off since I saw her last time I was in London, I refused to take advantage of her and I wanted to kiss her but the timing was all wrong although we slept side by side as always, she pretty much kicked me out first thing telling me she had things to do. I was gutted, but we were flying back to New York that evening we said our goodbyes and I promised her I would see her before she leaves.

We are waiting for the guest of honour to arrive. Charlie comes into the room.

“She’s here, everyone hide.”

We all take our places We can hear her and Georgie chatting, then Blake dressed in a navy blue strapless dress with gold heels walks around the corner.


Completely stunned, she takes in the room and people crowd her for hugs and well wishes. I keep my distance while I take her in; she is something special and tonight I am leaving nothing to chance. Both Georgie and Charlie know I plan to take her on a date tonight, Georgie helped me pick her dress out. Finally, Blake catches my eye. I walk over to her, seeing a free moment with her.

“You look exquisite blue is your colour.”

Blake nervously tucks her hair behind her ear. “You scrub up well yourself, special occasion?”

I smile at her. “Yeah, I have a hot date in a few hours.” I take her face in my hands... “with you!”

A few hours later, as promised, I take Blake by the hand and take her to The Shard for dinner. “I can’t believe this, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise I promised I would see you before you go.” I see a hint of sadness in her eyes.

“Stop thinking about it Blake, live in the moment, right here, right now with me.”

We have amazing food and a few drinks before I whisk her off for the next surprise. Charlie and Georgie had sneaked an overnight bag with Blake’s things. As we pull up to The Savoy, she gives me a little smile.

“What are we doing here?”

I smile at her and take her hand. “Trust me.”

I walk up to the desk as the Receptionist smiles at me. “Good Evening Mr Hart here is your key, everything is as you requested.” Blake grabs my arm.

“Trust me, Blake.” I let Blake open the door, and it is worth the look on her face, Roses are waiting for her, Rose petals everywhere and candles surrounding the room while overlooking London at night. It is the epitome of Romantic. Blake walks around taking it all in, I pour us a glass of Champagne each and find her at the window.

“You did all this?” I hand her the champagne glass.

“Blake Rose Blair, I love you so much, I would do anything for you I wanted our time together to be special I am sorry if you thought differently after the last night we had.” She sips her champagne before taking mine out of my hand and setting both on the table. Pushing me down on the sofa, she unzips her dress, allowing it to pool at her feet. My eyes near pop out of my head as I look at the women standing in front of me in nothing but a strapless black bodysuit, it’s lace and leaves nothing for my imagination to wonder.

I feel my heart hammer at my chest this is a side of Blake I never thought I would see; she oozes sexual confidence and is making her way over to me she positions herself straddling me.

Blake tugs on my earlobe with her teeth and makes her way to my lips, I can’t help myself I pull her into me exploring her as we kiss she lets out a mewl turning me on instantly, she feels so good, I can feel her grind on me trying to get friction to satisfy the throb between her thighs. All my resolve is undone by her next words.

“I love you, Mark, now, please fuck me.”

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