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Chapter 13


I finally land in NYC and I am waiting for my suitcase, I am excited to see Marcus and I am nervous about seeing Scott, maybe it was just in my head the whole San Francisco electric jolt, but I don’t know just the way he said Please, he would love to see me again. I got butterflies in my tummy. As I walk out to the arrivals area, there, they are as promised. Marcus and Scott with my coffee and doughnuts. Marcus runs over to me, picking me up and spinning me around.

“Looking good, Blake, you look, well-rested and tanned.”

I give him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Yeah, the sun agrees with my skin don’t look like a milk bottle now.” I then turn around to see Scott watching me.

I get the impression he doesn’t know what to do or say. Deciding to make it easy for him; I walk over standing on my tippee toes and kiss him on the cheek.

“Patterson, good to see you again.” Scott smiles, looking hot as ever.

“Likewise, Blair”

Scott started calling me by my surname, so I started to do the same. It kind of just stuck, sort of like a pet name. Less all the cutesy shit. He hands me my coffee and opens the box he is carrying.

“As promised Boston Creme just for you.”

I smile up at him, “Aww thank you so much.”

Marcus hooks his arm around mine.

“Ok, so I am sure you are tired, so how about we get you back to my place, get you all settled in, then we can head out to dinner together later?”

I sigh. “That sounds like a dream I could do with a hot shower.”

Scott catches my eye and gives me a little smile. We get in the car making our way to Marcus’ I don’t know how it happened but Scott ended up in the back with me I can’t help but get nervous around him. At some point, Scott takes my hand and holds it until Marcus parks, as he unlocks the door I am hit with the ultimate Single Lads pad.

“Holy shit Marcus is there any girly touches in here I am about to grow a cock.”

Marcus sips the whiskey he poured himself. “Fuck no and that’s the way it’s staying”

I grin at him. “Oh, come on you never on the lookout for the future Mrs Parker?”

Marcus cocks his eyebrow, “Nope, I am only ever looking for Mrs Parker of the night.”

I tease. “Oh, Marcus, one of these days you’re going to meet a nice girl who is going to make you work hard for it.”

Marcus knocks his drink back. “Challenge accepted know anyone?”

I tap my finger at my lip, “I like my friends too much.”

Marcus pulls his hands to his heart, “Ouch Blake, that hurt.”

I put my hands on my hip.

“Ok enough chit chat lover boy where am I heading?”

Marcus points to me. “Upstairs 3rd door on the left.”

I smile at him while I grab my cases, “Thank you.”

I feel a jolt as Scott moves my hand. “Here, let me help you with your cases.”

I smile at Scott and walk up the stairs. I open the door to the room I am staying in, taking in what I see, I shout down the hall. “Aww, Marcus, you do care?”

Marcus tilts his head around the door. “Don’t you go telling on me, I don’t do girly shit, but I had my assistant get me a few things for you.”

Marcus was a sweetheart he made sure I had some girl toiletries for the bath and shower, a big fluffy robe and some fresh-cut flowers. Who knew the man whore could care, I still maintain it’s all for show and he just hasn’t met the right girl yet. Scott sets my suitcases at the foot of the bed, I take off my coat and slip my feet out of my shoes. I let out a sigh I am exhausted from the travelling as I rub my neck for comfort; I feel a set of hands rub my shoulders.

“Here, let me.”

I sink under the feel of his hands; I feel a warmth wrap my body. “Oh, Patterson, that feels nice.”

I can hear him clear his throat when I let out a slight moan, as I turn around I see the moan gained a reaction. “Hm, I am just going to go.” Scott practically bolts from the bedroom I smile and shout after him.


Slipping out of my clothes, I run the shower getting the travel ick off me. I dry myself off and get into some clean clothes. I select a pair of Jeans with my ballet flats and a tank top that clings to my curves, it’s quite warm in Marcus’ apartment so I will grab a jacket later. As I walk down the hall, I hear Marcus talk to Scott. I can’t help but stop when I hear my name.

“After the whole Justin thing, be careful with Mark about Blake.”

I hear Scott’s voice, “It’s nothing like that, Mark and Blake weren’t a couple, not really,”

“Mark won’t see it that way, after all, he loved her,” Marcus says.

I shouldn’t listen, but my feet won’t allow me to move.

“If he loved her, he would never have let her go. Blake is amazing she is funny, smart and stunning.”

Marcus asks the one question I have been dying to understand myself.

“What the hell happened in San Francisco?”

“Nothing happened, Marcus.” I step closer hearing Marcus, “But you wanted something to happen?”

I can hear my heartbeat in my ears needing to know what he says.

“All I know is we happened to be in the same place at the same time. We met up and I don’t know I just started liking her more than I should have considering Mark is my friend, but we just clicked. Blakes special she deserves more!”

Marcus finally asks. “And what? Do you think you can give that to her? Tell me this: what would you have done if you were in Mark’s shoes?”

“The truth Marcus?”

“Always Scott.”

Hearing his words, my world stands still. “I would have gone with her, I wouldn’t have held her back allowing her the freedom to do what she needed but I would have wanted to do it together because when I love someone whatever they need I will be there no matter what! I would have stood by her side and travelled the world with her, I would go where she needed to be no hesitations. Fuck New York, I can work anywhere so could Mark, sure he is going to London with you now. He had means to travel with her for the year, but deep down he made excuses and a piss poor ones.”

“Holy shit Scott, you’re in love with her!”

Scott sighs, “I don’t know man, since I started talking to Blake over the last few months, I can’t help it, there is something there, I can’t ignore it. I won’t ignore it.”

“Look you and Mark are like brothers to me, promise me you talk to Mark first about any of this.”

Backtracking back into my room. What the hell, Scott cares about me? I am surprised, genuinely thought it was in my head. I like Scott but I need closure with Mark I need to tell him everything when I am ready. Waiting a few minutes before heading back downstairs when I look around, I see the boys now standing out on the balcony drinking a beer. When I hear the door knock so making my way over to the door I open it; I feel like I have seen a ghost; Standing silently, taking in the figure before me.


I waited months to hear from him. Months I planned to meet up with him and see what our future together could be like. At that moment I had no words for him, but the rage that seeped through my body gave me enough strength to show him exactly what I thought of him. With all my might, I slammed the door in his face. Storming off as Marcus and Scott both rushed in to see what had happened.

“Who’s at the door?”

I can’t say anything instead I turn on my heels and rush upstairs to my room. As I get to the door, a hand grabs my wrist.

“Talk to me, Blair!”

I turn around and look up at Scott his eyes are emerald green with a few gold specks.

“Marks at the door.”

I walk into the room, and Scott follows me. “Blake, it’s going to be ok, no matter what you have got us. I promise we never told him you were here.”

I sit on the edge of the bed while Scott kneels in front of me.

“I am so angry with him, our friendship meant nothing to him, he just treated me like I didn’t exist.”

Scott reaches up and rubs his thumbs on my cheekbones.

“I know I have to talk to him. I just don’t want to do it right now.”

Scott nods at me. “That’s ok, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to when you are ready, you can talk to Mark.”

I look up at him “Thank you, Scott.”

Scott smiles at me and teases. “Oh, first name basis?”

I bite my lip, “I like it better Scott.”

He smiles and gently takes my hand. “I enjoy hearing it, give yourself a few days and then you and Mark can talk.”

Scott takes his hands away and walks towards the door.

I don’t want him to go; I run towards the door as he is opening it; close it shut; he turns and looks at me, surprised. “Blair?”

My heart is going too fast I feel it’s going to burst from my chest.

“I just have to know Scott?”

He looks down at me, “Know what?”

I take his lips with mine; the kiss is soft and sweet as I wrap my arms around his neck. Scott wraps his arms around my waist melting into each other like puzzle pieces but there it was, the answer I was looking for, it wasn’t just San Francisco. That spark that made me feel alive, the tingles all over my body, the butterflies doing major somersaults in my tummy. Scott made me feel all these. As I slowly pull away, Scott leans his forehead on mine.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, I just...”

Scott looks at me, pleading with his eyes. “You just what?”

“I wanted to make sure that what I felt in San Francisco was real,” I whisper.

“And?” Scott asks.

“I have butterflies and tingles.”

Scott bites his bottom lip, cupping my face with his hands.

“It’s real for me too, Blake”


I stare at the front of Marcus’ door before it opens again.

“Why didn’t you or Scott tell me?”

He opens the door further to let me in.

“Mark, she asked us not to say anything and I’m pretty sure her slamming the door in your face has told you exactly what she has to say to you, give her time,”

I scream. “Fuck you, I had a right to know.”

Marcus closes the space and comes inches to my face. “Did you fuck, just remember you cut her out, for months, you have not spoken to her, for someone so in love you let her go real easy?”

I scoff. “What the hell you’re supposed to be my best friend?”

Marcus just stares at me. “I am your best friend but you went about this all wrong and you are now standing in my home screaming at me like this is my fault. I haven’t lied to you, you knew we were all in contact with her, while you ditched her, you stopped asking about her so at what point, did you earn the right to know where and how she was?”

I look at my feet cause he is right I lost that right when I chose Nicole over Blake.

“Please, can I just have 5 minutes with her and then I will leave?”

Marcus shakes his head. “That is entirely up to her, but I can guarantee you she won’t want that.”

I look up at the stairs as I hear footsteps come down seeing Scott.

“Mark, you need to leave.”

I close the gap between him. “Like hell I do. Were you up there with her? What the fuck is going on? What aren’t you telling me?”

Scott glares at me. “The only thing I have kept from you is that when I was in San Francisco, so was Blake. We agreed to catch up, and we went to dinner.” I feel the anger rise.

“That weekend of our housewarming, you prick. Did you organise being in San Francisco to be with her, did you sleep with my girl?”

I stop as I hear her voice echo. “I AM NOT YOUR GIRL!”

My heart stops as I see Blake at the top of the stairs, making her way down to me.

“Blake, I can explain...” she puts her hand up.

“No, you can’t, let me tell you something for months I waited for you to talk to me. For months I planned this trip would be the one where I told you I was all in, then I find out all about Nicole.”

I stutter, “Who told you? You bastard, it was you? A good way to worm your way into her panties, right?”

Scott fists his hands to his sides. “I am only going to say this once. It hasn’t been like that Mark, just because that has been what you were doing with Nicole keeping her a dirty little secret. I have no secrets! I haven’t slept with Blake. Have tried nothing with her.”

Blake cuts in. “Stop assuming the worst of Scott he hasn’t tried to sleep with me, he has been a really good friend someone who has been there for me, along with Marcus. So what am I fucking them both? I’m not thick everywhere I looked there you both were happy together, didn’t take me long to piece it all together Blake out, Nicole in.”

I try to cut in, “It’s not...”

Blake stands her ground. “IM NOT FINISHED, I’m not going to lie it stung when I realised you weren’t in love with me that it was one-sided, but I got over that part real quick, it was when you decided that I wasn’t even worth being a friend. After everything, you just cast me aside. Well, if anything has taught me this last year is that I know my worth, I know what I want and to put this as clear as day,”

I never thought it would come to this, I thought once I explained she would understand, but she’s not even letting me say anything. Blake walks over to the front door, leaving a box on the table, a box I know all too well. “Goodbye, Mark.”

I try to reach out to her, but she moves her body away from me.


I stand there in disbelief. Watching as she makes her way up the stairs again, both Marcus and Scott are standing in silence, not sure what to say or do.

“I had no choice. At the start, yes, I cut off talking to you when I kept seeing the photos of the guy you were travelling with”

She stops in her tracks and starts laughing. “My gay best friend, the one that if you had a shred of decency and took the time to read my emails you would have known from the start.”

“You were going back to study, we wouldn’t work out,” I try to explain.

Blake laughs, “So what that meant we couldn’t even be friends? Sounds to me that during my time away you have very much made assumptions out of bullshit. Instead of talking to me and letting me explain, you just stopped talking to me like I was dead to you.”

I shout. “It was one of Nicole’s conditions”

Marcus storms across to me. “WHAT DID YOU DO MARK?”

I look around at the three faces looking at me. “Once she found out about those last days in London ...”

Blake raises her voice. “Stop talking I have heard enough, Nicole told you to cut contact with me and you did, is that right?”

I beg. “PLEASE WAIT!!”

Blake looks at me with a calmness I never saw before. “Go back to Nicole, we wouldn’t want to upset her knowing you are anywhere near me and breaking your conditions. This right here is our closure don’t contact me ever again. You mean nothing to me.”

Blake walks away leaving the room silent all that’s left to be heard is the click of a door. Marcus puts his hand on my shoulder and gives a slight tap. As I walk over to the door, I pick up the box. I open it and see the ring I gave Blake to remind her of me. My heart feels heavy and I feel ashamed.

As I open the door of Marcus’ place I turn around seeing Scott after hearing about him in San Francisco with Blake my anger grows. “This isn’t over Scott, you and I will have a chat.”

Scott straightens out. “I have done nothing wrong, so you and I can talk when you’re being less of a dick, you didn’t want her, you let her go, don’t blame me for your guilt, you can’t have Nicole and Blake like last time. You made your choice. One that I suspect sinking in was the wrong one. I won’t make any apologies for liking Blake, I never abandoned her and make no mistakes that I won’t be asking your permission to get to know her.”

I grit my teeth. “You pursue her romantically, we are done!”

Marcus comes between us both. “Don’t do this, Mark!”

Scott comes face to face with me. “Well, if that’s how you feel, that’s easy cause I choose her!”

I just see red, and in a flash, Scott is holding his jaw on the floor. I slam the door, leaving my friendships in tatters.

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