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Chapter 15


When I wake up I remember having Scott hold me and say he was bringing me coffee apparently, I fell back asleep as I find the other half of the bed is now empty, when I turn around to go to Scott’s side I find a piece of paper on the pillow, I smile when I read his words...

Good Morning, Blair, I didn’t want to wake you, thank you for letting me hold you last night, I need you to be ready for 7 pm tonight; I believe I owe you a date. See you later, Patterson XO.

My tummy is doing somersaults, before the reality hits I need to talk to Mark. My dad always told me not to hold grudges, and to be honest, I have held onto this for far too long.


When I woke up in Blake’s arms it was the most magical place to wake up, until I realised I was poking her with my cock that decided it too liked the feel of her body. There is something about Blake, I don’t want to let her go in any sense. I have grown close to her, at first, it was only being a friend because of Mark, deep down I knew I held back for him. Knowing it was wrong, but from the moment I laid eyes on her; I fell for her hard. Finding a piece of paper, I write her a note before leaving. As I walk downstairs, Marcus is having a cup of coffee.

“Good Morning Scott.” I walk over to the counter.


Marcus has a smug smirk on his face. “Sleep well?”

I take a sip of the coffee he pushes in my direction. “Surprisingly, yes.”

Marcus points at me. “How’s the face?”

I reach up and touch my bruised face. “Sore.”

Marcus nods at me. “You and Mark need to sort this.”

I look at him. “I know, look I am going to head back to my place See you later.”

“You fancy meeting for lunch today?”

I walk to the door “Yeah, just text me when and where”

I hear Marcus. “Will do.”

As I close the door and make my way back to my place. The last year replays in my head. Mark telling me about London, telling me that when he watched Blake walk away to get her flight, he knew that at that moment it was over before it ever began. I was angry at him she had just lost her dad and he was just over it like that. Feeling for the girl when after a few months of her travels; he said he loved her, he just wasn’t in love with her. I will say this: the boy has a type and its bitches. Take Blake, for example, walked out on him before the wedding, cheated on him, then told him she may have been having his baby.

Then we have Nicole at the start she was all sweet and nice, didn’t look like she cared, told him she didn’t want kids and pretty much walked away. Then suddenly she is controlling, bitchy and demanding. Marcus and I agreed to keep in contact with Blake during her travels. During the time Mark and her were exchanging video chats and such we were sometimes in the background, then we went to London for her dad’s funeral. There is no denying that Blake became not just Mark’s friends, but ours. As time went on and Mark distanced himself, we grew closer; we talked for hours, Blake and I had so much in common.

Then I did something ballsy when I found out we would be in San Francisco at the same time, I asked her did she want to hang out. When I asked her, I was only ever meeting her as a friend. Somewhere during that night, my feelings shifted there was something between us, I held her hand and this girl made me feel alive.

I know some won’t agree with what I have done, maybe I am a shitty friend but how can they think that when she was never really his, they didn’t date so it doesn’t count he has moved on; he is ... I think happy, so why can’t I be happy? Why can’t I get the girl? Just because at some point Mark promised her he would wait for her, which let’s remember he didn’t. I know Blake might be accused of jumping from friend to friend, but no one is perfect nothing in life is Black and White. There was no cheating, Mark is in love with Nicole, and Blake doesn’t feel that way for Mark. He fucked up too in all this. He didn’t handle things as he should have done.

I care too much about Blake to not give it a fair chance, regardless of what others think. I love Mark like a brother, but he can’t claim someone that isn’t his. Just wish people would realise I would be good to Blake, I would give her the world, I would love and protect her if she gave me her heart it would be mine forever. As much as I love Mark, he told her he had her heart when I think he just got caught up in it all, confusing friendship for love. As I pull my watch on and get my shoes, I am ready to meet Marcus for lunch. I grab my phone to find the message where we are meeting.

Fluffy’s Cafe on 58th Street.

Once I arrive, I notice I am the first to arrive. I get a table and wait. Eventually, I can hear Marcus. “Sorry, got held up.”

Looking up at him. “That’s ok man I haven’t ordered yet.”

Justin sits down. “I am starving.” I see another body out of the side of my eye.

“Can I sit here?” I stare up to find a shattered looking Mark.

“That depends you going to take another swing?”

Mark looks down at his feet. Marcus looks between Mark and me.

“Fuck sake boys, I am not refereeing all day, sit down Mark.”

You can cut the tension with a knife, the silence deafening until Marcus shouts. “Ok girls, seriously, I don’t have all day, so get the sand out of your vagina’s and talk!!!”

Deciding to be the bigger person and go first. “I am sorry Mark, sorry I kept it from you. I should have told you when I was talking to her I had grown to like her more than a friend. I know you feel like I have done a Justin, but it’s nothing like that. I haven’t acted on anything out of respect to you, I was going to talk to you before all this came out. But I won’t apologise for falling in love with her.”

Justin near chokes. “Holy Fuck, in his defence Mark, he didn’t do what I did.”

I look at Marcus and then at Mark. “You think you love her, Scott?”

I take myself by surprise at how raw and open my feelings are. “I know I love her, I know that over the last few months she was the one thing that made me want to wake up in the morning, I don’t want it to cost our friendship but how can you stand in my way when A) you are engaged to Nicole - congrats, by the way, found that out on Facebook this morning B) you stopped talking to her, so she wasn’t a part of your life and C) you were never in love with her, your words not mine.”

Justin slams his fists on the table “Holy shit balls you’re engaged to the battle-axe?”

Mark rubs his hands down his face. “Yeah, I proposed to Nic.”

Justin scoffs. “Congratulations I think?”

All the boys look at Mark, knowing he is making a mistake but keeping it to ourselves... for the time being, Mark looks at me. “I am sorry too, what you have said is true. I wasn’t in love with Blake the more time we spent apart, the more I realised we weren’t right for each other romantically, that is. With the whole Blake thing, I couldn’t have fucked that up harder if I tried. I lost her as a friend. Which meant more to me than anything. Recently I think it’s safe to say I haven’t been myself and I have been allowing Nicole to dictate things. It’s not something I am proud of, but I hope I can explain it to Blake.”

Justin finally says what we are all thinking. “And what you think Nicole is right for you, cause no harm you are the poster boy for pussy whipped. I think you have been hurt by Blake OG and my past fuck up and you bounced around lost. You aren’t good at being single but you... well how do I put this, you pick shitty girls except for New Blake, she’s a wee gem. Why did you hurt Blake that way?”

Mark sighs. “When I went back to Nicole we reconnected, old feelings came back, we worked back then, we dated for what 6 months while I was Blake’s friend. I thought I made a mistake I didn’t try with her the first time around. I felt she deserved a second chance this time for me giving her my all.”

Marcus scoffs. “Mate, if you think you worked back then you’re fucking dumb.” Justin nods. “Nicole couldn’t have given two shits about you, she was always about her job, then when the baby bomb dropped she left your ass.”

Marcus looks at us all. “Do you see a future with someone who has your balls, do you want the same things, has her views on having children changed?”

Mark runs his hands through his hair. “I... I don’t know?”

Justin looks sternly at Mark.

“Well then, don’t fucking marry her!”

Marcus takes his turn.

“Mark, I have known you since we were kids, you’re a mess, I think you need to step back and work on yourself.”

Mark looks at me. “Scott... I don’t want to lose you as a friend and I know you aren’t asking for my blessing with the whole Blake thing, but I get it and I won’t stand in your way it’s just going to take time.”

I nod. “I get it and I won’t throw it in your face. Can I tell you something, you need to talk to her and clear the air she is angry with you. More so about the friendship thing. Your friendship meant so much to her and you ripped it away all over something that happened when you and Nicole weren’t together.”

We sit in silence, taking in each other words of male wisdom before a soft voice breaks it.

“Hi, Everyone, do you mind if one more join’s?”

I look up and find Blake standing there. Marcus smiles... that sneaky bastard. Marcus stands up and hugs Blake.

“Well, if you will excuse me. I have work to do, as much fun as I have being your fucker’s therapist. I need to find myself some dramaless friends.”

Justin stands up, following. “Yip and I gotta go meet the girlfriend, so I will just leave you lot to it.”

Blake looks at me and Mark I decide they need this time to clear the air.

“I think I am going to head to, nice to see you, Blair. Mark, I hope we can get past this.”

Mark gives me a small smile. “We will like I said, I just need time.”

I give Blake a smile before heading for the door.


Blake shimmies into the seat in front of me. I look up at her.

“Are you ok?” she bites her lip.

“Will be, I am so angry at you for dropping me without a second thought. I can’t believe you would do that to me.”

I interrupt her. “I didn’t.”

Blake shakes her head, tears in her eyes. “Ok explain how you not talking to me for the last few months was you not dropping me.”

My voice wavers.

“Nicole went ballistic about London, she told me if we were going to work we couldn’t talk anymore.”

Blake points in my direction. “FUCKING POPPYCOCK, you could have told her that it was a mistake. It was only 4 days, we weren’t in a committed relationship and we left it open, that if we still felt the same way, we would try. What you failed to do was tell me that you didn’t feel about me that way, that you had moved on, but yet your allowed to move on and am not. I am sorry I didn’t plan on falling for Scott, it just happened. It’s different with him, it’s not what we had. I think we both just got caught up in the moment, my dad dying. My judgement was pretty clouded. I was badly wanting to be in love with you I think we both forced it. If we really were in love, we wouldn’t have taken the risk of being apart for the year, that’s not what hurt me though. You ending our friendship has killed me, you have practically thrown a nearly 2-year friendship down the drain for some psycho Daisy Mae. I don’t have romantic feelings for you, I just want to be your friend. What I said ... I was angry, I wanted to hurt you.”

I sigh, finding the courage to look into her eyes.

“It hurt, I have felt like shit for such a long time, I think you were right if we wanted to be together we would have made the plans together but we didn’t. I know you were angry your words stung, but I get why you said it. I am so sorry you deserved so much better from me.”

Blake gives me a tiny smile. “Not going to lie, you are a mammoth prick in my eyes right now, but Mark you’re not a bad person you just fucking cocked this up royally, but I will forgive and forget. I need my best friend back, I miss you.”

I smile back at her. “I miss you too.” Leaning across the table and take her hands. “Fresh start?”

Blake squeezes my hands back. “Fresh start, a clean slate, friends forever.”

I look up at her and give her a cheeky smirk. “So you and Scott?”

I watch as she fiddles with our hands. “I know it’s weird.”

I laugh. “If I am honest, as much as I was pretty pissed off at the time, Scott is perfect for you, I should have seen it sooner, emotions were heightened yesterday I acted like a complete knob end. Scott is a good guy, he cares about you, you both could be really happy together. I told him I need time but talking to you and Scott has made me realise I have been so very wrong.”

Blake tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. “Least we got the chance to talk, thank you for hearing us out, I just wanted to clear the air, nothing would have happened before I talked to you that was always the plan, I know the Blake situation hit your trust but I wouldn’t do that to you. I hate to bring it up but I don’t want to get in between you and...”

I look up to find a set of eyes on us both, pissed off and like a ticking time bomb I whisper her name. “Nicole?”

She tuts at us both. “Well, aren’t you two fucking cosy!”

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