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Chapter 16


I look up to find a very pissed off Nicole looking at me. “So what Scotts not enough you’re trying to fuck my guy too? Sure, you may as well make it a hat trick and fuck Marcus as well.”

It’s out of my mouth before I could think. “Eww, why would you say that Marcus is like my brother.”

Mark looks at my face and starts laughing. Nicole snaps her attention to Mark.

“How fucking dare you, I warned you to stay away from HER.” She practically spits out the last word.

“Nicole SHUT UP.” I watch as the look on her face goes from rage to murderous.

“Excuse me?”

Mark glares at her. “I have bent over backwards for you, gave up so much and you want to know something if you don’t stop acting like a crazy bitch I’m done.”

Nicole swishes her hair over her shoulders. “I am sorry are you threatening to break up with me? I took you back, remember!”

“Oh, is that what happened, I thought it was what we both wanted to give this another try, Nicole.” Nicole jabs her finger at me.

“This is all your fault we never had problems till you came back, what less than 48 hours and you have him turned against me, we were fine without her Mark why can’t you see she is poisoning you against me.”

I feel the skin hurt where she was jabbing, and I am close to losing my shit.

“Ok, I have heard enough let’s get one thing clear you bunny boiling bitch from hell, I’m not here for Mark, but since he found out I was here, we cleared the air. This hasn’t been about you but us being friends, and that’s it. You don’t deserve him, you treat him like shit, poisoning him against you, please you’re doing a fanfuckintastic job all on your own, so stop projecting your shit on me.”

I rise from the table, grabbing my jacket. “It was good seeing you Mark but I can’t listen to this shit a minute longer, I hope we are ok, now if you don’t mind I have plans.”

Nicole just stands there like a blow-up doll mouth a permanent O shape I grab my bag, Mark gives me one of his killer smiles and I know we are going to be Ok as I walk out of the cafe. I feel the weight of the world is off my shoulders.

Mark and I are going to be friends again, Scott and I are having our first date and as for me and Marcus, yeah I am never fucking him, that boy is my brother from another mother. I pull out my phone to find I have a text waiting for me from Scott.

Picking you up at 7, dress casual beautiful, see you later xo.

I decide I need something nice and new to wear so I decide on a mini shopping spree it would be rude not to here in the city. As I get ready, I can’t contain my nerves my hands are shaking and instead of butterflies in my tummy, I am pretty sure some mini elephants are doing the grand parade in there. My phone goes off and I smile as I see Charlie’s name.

“Hi Blake, well????”

I laugh. “Grab yourself some wine, we are going to need it.”

As she and I drink over face time, I tell her everything, leaving no detail unmissed after a minute of silence.

“Well fuck me, I am proud of you, you handled all that brilliantly. I can’t lie I was so shocked at Mark, it has been so out of character for him, but I am glad you made up. It would be such a shame to throw away the friendship you guys found in each other.”

I nod at her, drinking the rest of my wine. “I am glad we talked it all out, I hate holding grudges.”

Charlie laughs. “Yeah, I know you big softie, I am all about burning bridges love to get me some matches and watch it burn to the mother fucking ground.”

I miss her so much. “I can’t wait to see you, I need a big catch up with my girlies.”

Charlie raises her glass to the camera. “Girl, as soon as those wheels touch the ground me and Georgie are waiting for you at the doors with wine!! we have already warned Greg and Jake they are on babysitting duties with Dillion and Daisy. Now go finish getting ready you have one hour before your date with Scott.”

I give her a big smile. “Love you, see you soon.”

“Love you to bitch.”

I opt for skinny jeans, a gold satin tie-side blouse and some heels that won’t kill my feet with walking. The wine has helped my nerves a little. Until I hear Marcus’ front door knock. Marcus thankfully has been at work today. No doubt he would have taken the piss out of my pacing. I answer the door and now it’s my turn to look like a blow-up doll. Scott is wearing ripped jeans that hang sexily low on his hips, a Black T-shirt that clings to him, boots and a distressed leather jacket, safe to say that the sight in front of me has me like a goddam slip and slide.

“Wow, Blake, you look...”

I do a little twirl. “Oh this old thing, let me just grab my jacket.”

I grab my jacket and walk towards Scott, and just like he did in San Francisco he takes my hand and my tummy goes funny. Scott leads me to his car and we drive for a little while before he parks, Scott looks nervous.

“Oh my god, Scott, are you taking me to mini-golf?”

Scott looks like he has all the worries in the world.

“Ye... yeah is that ok?”

I try to stop myself from teasing him. I sit silently for a minute before smiling.

“It’s fab come on, I am about to kick your ass.”

I haven’t laughed as hard, Scott bless him and his ball. It just wouldn’t go in the hole and with that, I teased him mercifully.

“Scott, do I need to get you a map you appear to have a problem locating the hole? Do you need a map when in the bedroom too?” And just like that, the banter bounced back and forth.

Scott came up behind me. “Blake, your grip isn’t quite hard enough if you’re having problems with your stick, how will you ever handle my...” He didn’t have time to finish as I got my first hole in one.

“Well, would you look at that I found the hole first try,” I told him I would kick his ass, and that I did? We decide to grab a bite to eat at the Pier it was such a good date. It wasn’t Scott showing off, it was him giving me a glimpse into him as a person and as suspected I liked what I was seeing. After food, we took a little walk and looked out over the Hudson River.

“Scott, this has been amazing.”

Scott softly strokes my hand. “Do you mean that?”

I smile at him. “Of course, I have no reason to lie?”

Scott gives out a little sigh. “I have been so nervous I wasn’t sure if you would like it.”

I bite my lip. “Scott, I think it’s safe to say that any time spent with you is always amazing.” Scott turns us so we are practically chest to chest.

“So do I get a second date?”

I tap my finger on my lip before sucking in my bottom lip and with no warning, Scott takes my breath away and gives me what I can only describe as the best first kiss ever... ok technically this is our second kiss but he didn’t instigate the first one, so it doesn’t count.

With his lips on mine, he has quite the talented tongue and as he slowly pulls away I am left disappointed that it ended.

“Was that ok?”

Barely able to see past the haze. “It was perfect and Scott make no mistake, I would love a second date.” I stand on my tiptoes reaching my arms around his neck, I gently pull him closer to me, I get lost in his eyes for a moment before bringing my needy lips to his. Yip still a great kisser. As we pull away, Scott doesn’t let go of my waist. Looking into my eyes, he pulls his face so his lips are at my ear.

“Blake, just so you know I don’t need a map in the bedroom, you are in accomplished hands.”


As I smile and watch Blake walk away, I brace myself for the ball busting I am about to get from Nicole.

“Don’t know why the fuck you’re smiling, Mark. You’re a piece of shit do you have any idea what you’re doing to me? I told you to stay away from her, to stop talking to her and the first chance you find here you are having a fucking cosy meal for two with that slut.”

I see red. “Firstly Blake is not a slut, secondly Marcus, Scott and Justin were all here, I have a right to lunch with my friends, friends which include Blake, I never should have listened to you. Nicole, things need to change.”

She glares at me. “To hell it does, what you want me to do just let you be around girls you fuck.”

I shake my head. “We weren’t even dating when it happened you left me, remember? We both realised it was a huge mistake, we were both in weird places. If you can’t trust me, what are we even doing?”

Nicole stands her ground. “If you can’t respect me, I won’t do this. You won’t be getting a third chance. Do you want to know something this is bullshit? It’s over...”

I just nod. “Ok!”

I can see the look on her face she wants me to beg, to grovel, nope not today. She gets up from the table, stomping off. I refuse to even look around. After a few minutes, she comes back again.

“What!! You aren’t going to fight for me?”

I turn around looking at her unimpressed. “Nicole, it’s all I have been doing since we got back together nothing is ever going to be enough for you.”

Nicole stomps. “Just stop talking to her, that’s all I ask.”

I sigh. “It’s not all you ask, I can’t see my friends on nights out, I gave up my apartment, I gave up my friend Blake who lives in London, I proposed to you knowing full well you don’t trust me. I have given you no reason to feel insecure.”

Nicole tries to explain. “Men and Women can’t just be friends, ”

“Yes, they can Nicole.” She clenches her fists.

“So you won’t stop talking to her?”

I nod. “I already did that once, it didn’t make a difference in your attitude towards me, I won’t do it again.”

“Fuck you, Mark, you can get your shit out of the house later.”

It riled me up. “No, Nicole, you can get your shit out did you forget it’s my name on it, not yours. I just realised something you never gave up your place. You always had one foot in and one foot out the door. How could we ever get married?”

Nicole came close to my face, venom oozing. “Oh, Mark, I had no intention of ever marrying you, I knew you wanted all that shit the wife, kids, white picket fence. I was happy enough to move into that lovely big house, but as for the rest. I knew you wouldn’t push it, not after what Blake did to you, You never wanted history to repeat itself and I played on that.”

As Nicole walked away. I knew this time it was for good. I had been a fool and for the first time in months. It was becoming clear that fucking cunt used me pulling out my phone.

“Hi Marcus, look I know your busy but can I swing by.”

“Yeah man, of course, you will find me at Ricks!”

“Thought you said you had work to do?”

“Decided I deserved to blow off some steam. Nothing that a pair of titties can’t fix or a couple of pairs. Mate, maybe you shouldn’t come here Nicole will cut your dick off, it would appear she is looking the full set.”

“Yeah, about that we broke up, or should I say she dumped me!”

“FUCK ok then Ricks is exactly what you need, drink and tits will be waiting.”

As I walk to meet Marcus, it all becomes clear, We never wanted the same things. I wanted to be in a relationship again I missed what Blake and I had. Little did I know she was cheating behind my back. Maybe I wasn’t fully over what happened. Blake had broken my heart, ruined my trust, but with Nicole, I wanted to keep her happy so that she wouldn’t do what Blake did. Did doing everything she asks make me look weak. Fuck yes, and it cost me dearly for a long time, but again my friends stood by me while I made piss poor decisions. Marcus for the man whore, smart mouth dick he can be, he is loyal and won’t ever hold anything against anyone. Flip sake look at him and Blake, she is practically his ride or die chick. She is the first girl he looks after without looking into her panties and wetting his dick. That is progress.

When all that’s said and done I didn’t want history to repeat itself I thought that as long as I gave Nicole everything she wanted we could be happy. Truth is, even doing everything she asked, I wasn’t happy really, and it pleased her for all of about 5 minutes. I feel happier, lighter. Maybe everyone was right instead of flinging myself into relationships, maybe I should take time for myself. An afternoon at Ricks with Marcus is exactly what I need.


What a fucking few days, seriously, why do I have all the drama even though I am the one not tied down to any chick. Well, there is some tying down but not in the commitment sense, only ever in the kinky sense. I sacked off work for a few hours, perks of being the boss, decided after my good behaviour, getting my friends back on track I deserved some playtime and New York is my adult playground with lots of things to play with. I like the finer things in life, sipping my $70 glass of Macallan 25. My phone vibrates in my pocket. I answer it to my good friend Mark, as we end the conversation, looks like I will have some company for a while. A soft new voice interrupts my thoughts I have never seen her before.

“Can I get you anything else, Mr Parker?”

I smile at her. “What time do you finish?”

Aww, this one is new. She blushes, and just as she is about to answer, I hear Kandi.

“Stay away from that one he will give you the clap.”

I clutch my chest. “Kandi you and I both know I didn’t give you the clap.”

I look at the newbie, her eyes darting between Kandi and me. “I didn’t give her the clap.”

I watch as the newbie walks away. “Fuck sake Kandi, I was just making new friends.”

Kandi stares at me. “You didn’t call!”

I give her a small smile. “Didn’t I? Are you sure?”

Kandi walks closer to me. “Very sure.”

I grip her waist. “Aww, come on, what time do you finish?”

She steps back. “No, not happening, you weren’t even that good a fuck.”

I smirk, knowing she is lying. “But baby, it’s my birthday, you know you can’t resist me, after all, what was it you were screaming. Oh, that’s right, it was Marcus, OH MARCUS ... your dick is magic.”

Fun fact, it’s not actually my birthday, but she doesn’t need to know that Kandi smiles at me.

“I finish at 9 don’t be late and bring cake.”

I give her a little ass slap. “That a girl!”

I turn around to find Mark cocking his eyebrow at me. Pretty sure he heard all that.

“Welcome to the single life, Mark.”

Mark looks at me, handing me a drink.

“You are a dirty dog.”

I accept the drink and smile.


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