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Chapter 17


Waking up, my head is banging. I feel an arm slung over my stomach; I turn to see a fan of dark hair over a pillow. Looking over and I find Newbie in the bed with me. I try to slip her arm. I slip on my trousers and make my way to the kitchen I am in Marcus’ place, things got a little wild and I don’t know all the details, but apparently, I brought newbie back ... sorry, I should use her name, Billie. As I walk into the kitchen, I see two faces smiling like it’s Christmas morning.

“Welcome to the doghouse.”

I walk over holding my head.

“Is there any coffee going?”

I watch as Marcus smirks at me.

“There could be if you answer a question?”

I shake my head. “I don’t think I should answer anything Marcus.”

I watch him pout. “Oh, Mark, don’t be a spoilsport.”

Blake is smiling. “Were you a naughty boy last night?”

Marcus and Blake laugh, Marcus points at me and then upstairs.

“Mate, we already know what you were up to. We could hear, fuck me the neighbours could hear.”

Blake cuts in. “No, I think the entire city could hear. She has quite the filthy mouth on her.”

I glare at them. “You two are a right pair together, you know that? You’re loving this a bit too much, How do you look so fresh?”

Marcus tilts his head. “Well, I stopped drinking and Kandi went home hours ago, so I got a full night’s sleep.”

Blake looks at Marcus over her coffee cup. “I like her, she’s sassy!”

I follow Blake’s gaze to the wall. I look over and find Marcus’ 64 inch TV smashed to smithereens.

“How did I miss all that?”

Marcus raises his eyebrows. “As we said, you were making enough noise.”

Blake walks over to me, handing me a coffee. “He still got her in bed after she fucked his TV. You are going to have to tell me how you do it?”

Marcus shrugs. “What can I say girls love a bastard.”

We are busy chatting when we don’t realise another person is in the room until we hear.

“What happened to the TV?”

We turn around to find Billie in the outfit she wore last night. Marcus points at her.

“Your mate Kandi owes me a new one.”

Billie puts her hands on her hips. “Well, you gave her the clap.”

Marcus looks at her. “NO, NO, NO I didn’t she’s just pissed because I forgot the cake.”

I am looking at him puzzled. “What cake?”

Marcus smiles. “My Birthday cake.”

Blake gasps. “It’s your birthday you never said”

I correct her. “It’s not his birthday.”

Blake whips her head around to Marcus. “You lied about your birthday?”

Marcus, nods. “Normally it gets me anal.”

Blake spits out her coffee and coughs. “Jesus Christ over share much Marcus.”

He laughs. “What! you’re part of the circle now, you get in on all my dirty little secrets. Hell, when we get to London, you are officially my wing-woman since I am losing my three wingmen.”

Billie just stares looking at us all. “Ok, I think I am just going to go?”

Blake waves her off. “Bye, it was lovely to meet you.”

The front door closes and we all look at each other. “Well, this isn’t fucking awkward.”

I look at Blake “Why isn’t this awkward?”

Blake smiles. “Because we are just friends... So how was last night?”

I look at her. “Are we there? With our friendship?”

Blake nods and gives me a big smile. “I think so, Mark.”

I take a sip of coffee. “It was epic, great sex and well she did this amazing thing with her tongue on my balls.”

Blakes’s eyes go wide. “WOWWWW ok I don’t think I need all the details just maybe that it was a good night.”

Marcus is chuckling into his coffee cup.

“I didn’t think guys shared this type of information?”

Marcus shrugs. “They probably don’t but we do, it’s not in a bragging way. The circle is a safe place it goes no further. So how was your date?”

Blake looks at me and I give her a nod to show I am ok with it. “It was nice, Scott took me to mini-golf it was fun. We laughed he was very respectful.”

I ask her teasing. “So he didn’t make any moves?”

I look at Marcus.

“Really? Scott’s quiet on the lady front. We don’t know his dirty secrets.”

Blake smiles at us. “He doesn’t appear to have any, not that I know of. We are taking things slow.”

I pat her shoulder. “Well, you might want to speed things up you only have five days left before you go back to London.”

Marcus looks at her. “Never fear because your original OG is coming over, I have business there for the next six months and instead of going back and forth, I am just moving there for a bit.”

I look at Marcus. “Look I know I said I couldn’t go but now that I and Nicole are over I think the change would do me good, but I think I want to have a little holiday beforehand to recharge my batteries.”

“That sounds like a good plan, Mark.”

I smile at her. “Right, I think I am going to go grab a shower and go back to the house to see what state Nicole left it in.”

Blake looks at me thoughtfully. “Would you like company? You know just in case she is still there and you need some moral support?”

I know the shock is on my face. “You’re willing to put a target on your back if she’s there for me?”

Blake smiles. “What are best friends for?”

I walk over and hug her. “Thanks, Blake.”

We are sitting in the car heading to my place, it’s not awkward between us, it is exactly how it should be friendly and good banter after this morning. I thought she would give me the cold shoulder, but she showed that Blake and I are in a good place and we are friends again.

“I am glad we worked everything out, things weren’t the same without you.”

I look over at her. “All I can say is I was a fucking idiot and nothing I do or say can undo what I did.”

Blake touches my hand. “It’s in the past we are good now. All is forgiven, let it go.”

Blake really is special I would never have survived to lose her friendship.

“Thank you so much, Blake.”

I park my car and Blake comes into the house. “Holy shit, Mark, it’s practically empty.”

My clothes are in the bathtub soaked, a few things have been cut up, shaving foam all over the bed.

“Is that...” coffee grounds in the milk. “Oh my god, this poor plant.”

We laugh. “Look, I don’t care what she has done, as long as she’s fucking gone.”

I look over, and Blake has found a brush and pan. She moves to open the fridge.

“Least she didn’t fuck with the Corona’s, hair of the dog?”

She puts her hand out and hands me a beer. “It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, how about we get this place cleaned up and then we can go shopping for my new furniture.”

A few hours later the house is sparkling, and it’s empty she literally left me nothing apart from my clothes and some paintings she always hated. Blake has both her hands on her hips admiring our job well done.

“Ok, let’s go get you some furniture for this sorry-ass place.”


After a few hours of shopping with Mark and we are finally back at his place. The boys are coming over to him for a poker night. Scott has been texting me today and every time I see his name on my screen, I can’t help but smile.

“Honey, I’m home.” Marcus comes in with bags of food and beer, followed by Justin and lastly Scott as they walk past me. I feel Scott slip his hand in mine before letting me go to join everyone in the kitchen. We promised we wouldn’t rub this in Mark’s face and we won’t go back on that.

After a few hours of playing poker with the boys, I badly need the bathroom. Justin sighs.

“I can’t believe you hustled us, you’re a sneaky bitch Blake.”

I stand up and smile. “You shouldn’t have assumed I didn’t know how to play? My dad was an outstanding teacher he taught me all I know, that’s on you now.”

The boys raise their beers. “To Jack for teaching his daughter to be a wicked ass poker player.”

I smile at the memories of me and my dad. “Thank you all so much and thank you. I look around at all the boys.”

Marcus looks at me. “What for?”

I collect all my winnings and smile at them all nice and slow. “For the amazing shopping spree, you boys have allowed me to have.”

I walk away from the table I can hear Marcus grumble about getting played by a pussy and not in a fun way. As I finish washing my hands, I hear a knock at the door. I unlock and open it to find Scott.


I bite my lip. “Hi”

Scott pushes me back in and lifts me on the bathroom bench I wrap my legs around him as he presses a kiss to my lips. I am panting and needing more. I put my hands up the back of his shirt and scratch his back.

“Fuck!” Scott breaks away, and I am left feeling flustered it could be the alcohol, but I want him so badly that I completely forget where we were. Scott pushes his hand through his hair.

“Sorry, I just... I have wanted to do that all night and I know we are being respectful of Mark’s feelings.”

I nod. “No, I am sorry I was getting a bit carried away.”

Scott looks at me like it’s taking every ounce of willpower he has to stop. “Can I take you on a date tomorrow?”

I smile at him. “Well... I thought you would never ask.”

Scott crashes his lips back on mine. Pulling away with a smile on my face. “I better go before we get caught.”

I walk out the door and look back finding Scott rearranging himself I let out a giggle and he looks up and catches me staring.

“It’s all your fault, he doesn’t know how to behave around you.”

The next day I spend my hard-earned poker money on a very naughty dress and some very naughty bits from a place I like to call Victoria’s Secret. I am just hoping that tonight it won’t be too much of a secret where Scott is concerned. Mark is right, time is running out and the sexual tension is building between us. When I am around him, I am just wanting to jump him. As I look in the mirror, I take my reflection in. My red dress wraps around my side and shows an acceptable amount of cleavage the dress covers a few inches above my knees and the Jimmy Choo shoes makes my legs look like they go on for days. Hiding under my dress is the black lacey underwear. I treated myself to today. My hair is in a loose braid with strands of hair falling around my face I have smokey eyes and bright red lips to go with my dress.

As I walk into the kitchen Marcus is on his phone when he hears my heels click on the tiled floor he finally looks up and his face says it all.

“That good, huh?”

He coughs and looks back down at his phone. “Blake, I kinda feel like I need to give you the big brother speech of you’re not going out dressed like that. Go get changed right this minute.”

I scoff at him. “Oh, don’t start I saw what Kandi was wearing and I have way more clothes covering me, can’t you just be a doll and say you look very nice?”

The doorbell rings and I go to move towards the door.


I watch as Marcus puffs out his chest and goes to the door. I move closer to the doorway so I can hear what’s happening.

“Marcus, is Blake ready?” Marcus is pissed.

“Oh, she’s fucking ready alright, we may be friends but here comes your warning, you fucking behave yourself tonight, Blakes a good girl and I won’t have you tainting her in any way, GOT IT?”

“I GOT IT warning heard loud and clear.”

I hear Marcus shout and I strut up to him.


Marcus yelps.

“OUCH... What the hell, Blake?”

I grab Marcus’ ear and pull him down to my level. It’s a little awkward as he is practically facing my breasts, but I need him to hear this.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? You dare cock block me tonight and I swear in London I will make sure your dick never sees the light of pussy, capisce!”

Marcus nods, and I let go of his ear. “Ok, you kids have fun.”

I grab Scott’s hand, and he is smiling as Marcus rubs his ear. I close the door and Scott takes me downstairs to his car. We drive and eventually we park in an underground car park, Scott helps me out of the car and we walk over to an elevator, he slips a keycard and the elevator descends.

“Blake, you look so beautiful tonight.”

I smile at him. “Thank you, you look very handsome tonight.”

Scott is wearing some jeans and a very nice dress shirt. He is practically sex on legs and he is wearing the same aftershave he was wearing in San Francisco. The elevator doors open.

“After you.”

Walking in and Scott follows as the door closes. I can’t help it, something primal comes over me, I push Scott against the wall and kiss him as my life depends on it like he is my breathing source. I hear the doors open and I hear someone cough.

“Good Evening Mr Patterson.”

Scott breaks away. “Evening Mrs Edgar.”

I keep my head down and rest on Scott’s arm, I can feel him laugh.

“Oh, don’t worry dear if I was a few years younger and single. I would maul him too.”

I am so embarrassed but appreciate her good humour. “That’s good to know.”

The elevator doors open.

“This is us, enjoy the rest of your evening, Mrs Edgar.”

I turn around to her.

“So sorry about that.”

She gives me a warm smile. “It’s fine we have all been there dear.”

Scott takes my hand and leads me to his door.

“I am so sorry, Scott.”

He pulls me in for a hug. “Don’t be it’s fine it was a lot of fun just a shame that Mrs Edgar cock blocked me.”

As Scott opens the door, I take in my surroundings it’s a nice place, with lots of movie posters on the wall, exposed brick, rich wood cabinets and leather sofas very Scott.

“Would you like a drink?” I nodded, biting my lip.

“Yeah, some wine would be nice.”

I follow him into the kitchen, I can see he has been prepping dinner, he glances at me.

“It should be ready in about fifteen minutes?”

I take a seat at the island and watch him go to work. I can’t help but smile.

“You like what you see, Blair?”

I blush. “Always Patterson, as always, you are full of surprises.”

Scott looks at me. “What about you?”

I watch him with bold eyes. “What about me?”

He steps closer. “Are you full of surprises?”

I tilt my head to the side. “Wouldn’t you like to find out?”

I give him a sexy wink and he raises his glass towards me.

“To sexy surprises.” I take a slow sip of my wine while I watch him.

Scott serves out his pasta dish. “This smells amazing.”

He smiles. “It’s one of my favourites.”

I gush. “Well, thank you for cooking.”

Scott winks. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Everything with Scott is easy, the chat flows, the banter is dirty, and he just makes me smile so much that my cheeks hurt. We move into his living room and he brings the rest of the wine with him. I sit at one side of the sofa and he takes the other you can feel the air thick with need. As I finish the remaining glass of wine. Scott offers to refill my glass as I move closer so he can have my glass. Our eyes lock, neither one of us willing to break first. He pulls the wine glass from my hand and he sets it down along with his. He fills our glasses.

“Blair, I am trying to be a gentleman tonight.”

Feeling bold and knowing what I want.

“What if I don’t want you to be?”

Scott sighs. “You’re playing with fire, Blair, that’s not why I brought you here. I don’t want you thinking there was an ulterior motive.”

I stop him. “Patterson, I like to play with fire.”

I get off the sofa and walk towards him, unwrapping the dress, taking it off my body until the dress pools at my feet. Scott clears his throat.

“You don’t play fair.”

Scott pulls me into him, his chest is hard and it’s rising at a rapid rate.

“Are you sure you want this?”

I can barely get the words out. “I want this, I want you.”

Scott pulls me on the sofa, exploring my body, his kisses trailing from my lips to the valley between my breasts, dipping lower and lower. “Oh, shit.”

I can feel his fingers caress the edge of my lace panties. “More Scott, please,”

Scott smirks at me. “So greedy, I have to admit this is a delicate piece you have on. Did you always plan on showing me?”

He is driving me crazy, has hands and fingers toying with my body, teasing me.

He comes back up and pushes my bra down exposing my breasts, taking my peak in his mouth he bites down just enough to create so much pleasure I moan out his name.

“I love it when you moan my name, I wonder if I can make you scream it.”

He pushes my underwear to the side and plunges two fingers into my sex.


He bites the inside of my thigh. “Good girl.”

I look at him with sex-crazed eyes. “You’re killing me please I need more!”

Scott removes his fingers, taking them to his mouth. “You taste so sweet.”

Lifting me over his shoulders and slapping me hard on the ass, he takes me to his bedroom before he kicks the door open and throws me on the bed.

“Don’t move.”

He goes to his top drawer. I watch as I see him as he takes out a tie. “Arms above your head, Blair”

I do as he asks he gently ties my hands together before tieing me to the bed. This is too much in the best possible way I have never been teased so much. I am so aroused I feel I am about to explode. He unclasps my bra, throwing it to the floor before slowly slipping my panties down my legs and letting them join my panties on the floor.

“You are perfection.”

I can’t take much more screaming out. “Fuck me already, Patterson.”

I can feel him laugh as he kisses his way up my leg until he reaches in between my legs. Taking my clit in his mouth, he begins his assault of licks, sucks and gently bites. I am so close, yet every time he knows I’m near, he slows down before increasing his pace again. I am pulling at my hands, aching for freedom so I can wrap my hands in his hair.

“ Scc....oott I need to come.”

I can hear a wrapper thistle and the bed dip as Scott brings his body weight on me fully, lining himself at my very sensitive entrance. He slams into me, knocking the breath from my lungs. As he picks up his pace, our strides match I can feel my hands become free and in an instant, I bring my hands up his chest and around his neck bringing his mouth to mine. I feel my orgasm build I am almost at the edge.

“Fuck Scott... harder.”

That bastard slows down. Oh fuck this, I roll him over so that I am on top now. I pin his arms above his head, knowing full well he beats me in strength he doesn’t fight back.

“My turn.”

Scott nips at my bottom lip. “Do your worst”

I lift myself and bounce up and down, Scott grabs my hips with a tight grip, I know he is close but he is doing everything in his power to hold back.

“Scott, you feel so good. Please, I need to come.”

I can feel him throb inside me, he matches my movements, and I felt myself fall off the edge.

“OHHHH SCCCOOOOTTTTTT.” I fall forward on his chest as he slides in and out, milking his climax to the sweet end. Covered in a sheen of sweat and fighting to catch our breaths.

Scott brings me to his lips. “That was incredible. You are insatiable.”

We sit in silence, coming back from our climax fog state. I sit up, straddling Scott.

“You know it’s true.”

Scott looks at me, confused. “What is?”

I bite my swollen lip. “It’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.”

As he brings me down to near his lips almost touching, he smiles.

“Abso-fucking-lutely true.”

I smile back. “So?”

Scott gently nips my neck.

“So... round two?”

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