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Chapter 18


I wake tangled in sheets and Scott, last night, this morning, half an hour ago, all amazing. Scott surprised me in all ways last night from cooking me dinner to going at it like rabbits. I am sore and a little tired. I look over and see Scott sleeping soundly. He is the entire package, good looking, good fun and good with his hands, tongue and dick. When it comes to Scott, he unlocks things in me. I thought I felt things for Mark, but this is different Scott blows all my senses to the wind; he consumes my thoughts and I hate to admit it he is taking ownership of my heart. I start to freak myself out.

I untangle myself from the sheets and grab my underwear and Scott’s shirt from last night and put them on before making my way into the kitchen. I find my dress and my clutch I take my phone out of my bag.

Blake - I think I made a mistake!

After a few minutes, I receive a text back. She will kill me considering its nine am here, and she’s five hours behind me.

Charlie - What happened?

Blake - Scott happened!

Charlie - You’re lucky I love you, I might be tempted to kill you when I see you. Explain?

Blake - We had sex multiple times.

Charlie - Ok, now I am jealous, I am going back to bed if you dare tell me that having sex with Scott was a mistake.

Blake - The sex was incredible, no regrets, but how do I say this.

Charlie - You like him? Like... really like him?

Blake - I like him, I like him too much.

Charlie - Oh FUCK!

Blake - Yip I leave in 3 days now what do I do?

Charlie - Don’t overthink it just enjoy it for what it is.

Blake - I shouldn’t have got attached.

Charlie - You aren’t the type of girl to do casual, normally.

Blake - I am still in his place should I just leave.

Charlie - Hold on, where is Scott?

Blake - I left him in bed.

Charlie - Don’t be that person don’t leave a note saying thanks for the dick it was fun and leave.

Blake - What do I do?

Charlie - Stay have breakfast together, shag a bit more. When you come home, it’s back to reality you are enrolling in University to do your Teaching Degree. You have Georgie and the kids missing you lots, not to mention me it’s been a long year and I need my friend back. You’re still in holiday mode don’t read too much into the Scott thing.

Blake - Ok thanks as always for the advice sorry for texting you so early.

Charlie - It’s fine I wasn’t sleeping anyway I lost myself in a book and haven’t been to bed yet oops. Let us be honest, I know you, you rarely take my advice. See you soon, bitch.

Blake - See you in a few days, xox

As I slip my phone back in my bag, maybe she’s right, this is just a holiday for me. Once I’m home this all ends, Scotts in New York and I am in London. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I walk into Scott’s Kitchen and decide to make myself some coffee. I sit on the stool and remember everything about last night. Maybe it’s just sexual? Oh, who the hell am I kidding it is more than that. I felt it in San Francisco. There is something between Scott and me. I am nearly finished with my coffee, there is still no noise coming from Scott’s direction maybe I should leave, maybe he is expecting me to not be here when he wakes. I decide to call an Uber and get dressed.

I reach for the door when a stunning woman is standing in front of me; she is wearing a skirt with thigh-high boots, a tight jumper and a little jacket, she is wearing some sunglasses and is holding two coffee’s in her hand. I stare at her, shocked. She is looking me up and down, well this doesn’t feel great. The girl practically walks around me and into Scott’s apartment. Shit, what do I do?

“Sorry, I was just leaving.”

The girl looks at me like she’s trying to work out what happened here, safe to say it’s obvious, I am in last nights clothes my makeup is still on my face and I’m pretty sure I have the just fucked look written all over me. I am mortified and angry who is this girl? Is Scott not the good guy I thought?

Technically, I can’t be pissed we aren’t exclusive.

“Before you run off, who exactly are you?”


Open my eyes to blinding daylight. I roll over, hoping to find the most beautiful girl asleep beside me. What I find is an empty and cold bed. I sit up and find her underwear gone from the floor. Was last night real? If it was a dream, it is a cruel dream, Blake has got under my skin and the fact she leaves in just a few days. Gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach. I have fallen for this girl hard and she has no clue how I feel about her? What started as a friendship has developed into so much more, and after last night, I know I can’t let her walk out of my life. The thought of not seeing her, not touching her, it’s not worth thinking about. I meant it when I said Mark was an idiot for letting her go, but that was to join her travelling. This is much more serious I have a life here and well Blake is going back to her life in London. How will we work? Blake has already told me she has enrolled to do her teaching degree, and that’s for a year full time. It’s something she has spoken so passionately about, and I won’t stop her from doing that. This is going to sound crazy, but I would go to London for her.

This is something worth leaving for, it’s crazy. It’s fast, but I have never felt this way about anyone before. The question is, how would Blake feel about that? Would it be too much too soon? Are my feelings reciprocated? If I bring this up, I risk the only time I might have with her? I get up and put my trousers on. As I walk towards the doorway, I hear a female voice that is not Blake’s voice. I make my way into my living room where I see Blake looking upset by the door.

“Blake, are you ok, are you leaving? I thought I heard someone talking?” I go to walk towards Blake but she holds up her hands up to me, fuck this is not good.

“Your coffee date is here! I thought you were different, Scott? Could you not have waited until I was at least gone?”

I stare at her, confused at what the hell has happened.

“What are you talking about?”

Blake points between us both. “Whatever this was, yeah, let’s just call it a mistake.”

I try to walk towards her. “Don’t do this Blake, I have just woken up and I do not know what’s happening.”

“I have to go, Scott.”

I beg, “Please don’t go!”

She opens the door and I rush to get to her. “I am begging you, don’t leave me.”

I can hear someone in my kitchen. What the hell is going on? If I see what’s going on, Blake will run, but I need to understand what I have missed.

“Hello, miss me?”

I turn around and see a familiar face glaring back at me, Blake slips from my grasp.

“What are you doing here? You’re early.”

Suzie, tuts at me. “You have some explaining to do?”

I hear the door shut behind me. “FUCK, you wait here, don’t you dare say another word?”

I run out of my apartment and I see Blake frantically hitting the button to close the elevator door. I am so close, but the doors are closing on me.

“BLAKE, please I can explain, this isn’t what you think.”

I see tears fall just as the door closes.


I run back into my place, trying frantically to get dressed so I can find Blake. As I come back into my living room, a voice calls out.

“Well, this is new for you, Scott?”

I yell. “What did you do?”

She smiles at me.

“I did nothing, we were just both surprised to see each other, that’s all. She is very beautiful.”

I am frustrated with what has happened. “Well, you have run her off.”

She walks closer to me. “I have come all this way to see you and I am still waiting for a warm welcome.”

I walk over and pull her into a hug. She pulls back grabbing my face kissing me on the cheek.


Standing in the elevator, Scott tries to stop me, thankfully the doors close before he can reach me. I feel such an idiot, of course, I am not the only one. Just wasn’t expecting to see someone there right after what we shared. I finally complete my walk of shame as I walk through the door both Marcus and Mark are staring at me, Marcus takes one look at me.

“What did he do?”

I struggle through tears. “There was a girl, she came to his place... I can’t talk right now.”

Rushing past him and lock myself in the bathroom. I strip off and get into the shower. I stand and let the water scald my skin. The water hides my tears I didn’t realise it would hurt me so much. As I dry off, I hear raised voices. I wrap a gown around my body and make my way downstairs, Marcus is yelling at the door.

“Fuck off, I warned you.”

Scott protests. “It’s not what you think, please let me talk to her.”

Mark clears his throat, Marcus looks around to find me there.

“Do I let him in Blake?”

I shrug. “It’s your home?”

Marcus nods. “Well then, he isn’t welcome and he can take his dirty dicking antics and take it back to whatever Ho was at his place.”

Mark gets up and walks past us both opening the door, Scott looks dishevelled and stressed. “Please, Blake, that girl who was at my place...”

Marcus loses his cool. “Oh, fucking hell no Scott GET OUT before I punch you in the face!”

Scott glares at us all and screams. “ITS SUZIE!!!!”

Mark stops dead. “Wait, Suzies back?”

Scott looks at Mark. “Don’t even!”

“Who’s Suzie?”

Scott looks at me. “My baby sister.”

Scott rushes to me, cupping my face gently with both his hands.

“It wasn’t what you think she was just surprised to see a girl at my place. Although I’m pretty pissed, she didn’t tell you who she was to save all this. Blake, I would never hurt you... I care too much. You are the only one I have been with… in... well over a year!”

“Holy fuck blue balls much.”

Scott looks at Marcus. “Really?”

Scott looks back at me with worry in his eyes. “Please say something?”

I feel my face red. “I am sorry, I just, well, she kept looking me and down and yeah, I thought the worst.”

Mark laughs. “Sorry, Blake, you had to be the one, but this is Karma mate for all those years of us scaring off her boyfriends.”

Scott has an angry look on his face. “Don’t start, she’s lucky I am still letting her crash at my place after this fucking stunt.”

Scott takes my hand and leads me to my room. “Back in a minute.”

He opens the door and I follow him in before he turns me back around and hugs me.

“I would never be stupid to do anything that would risk me losing you Blake, I am struggling to come to terms with the fact you leave me in three days. Let me make it up to you, I would like you to come back with me and have brunch with me and my pain in the arse of a sister.”

I bite my lip. “Are you sure it won’t be awkward?”

He takes my hand and brings it to his lips. “I would love for you to meet my sister, it would mean a lot to me.”

I back him up to the bed, pushing him down. I crawl on top of him, opening my gown.

“FUCK BLAKE, you have been naked this entire time?”

I just smile and nod. Scott takes my breast in his mouth and I let out a soft moan. “Oh, Scott.”

The door bangs, startling us both. “Your minute is up!”

Oh, that bastard. Scott smiles at me. “We can finish this later”

I smile. “Promise.”

I get up and pull an outfit together. I put my hair in a high ponytail and throw a little colour on my skin. As we walk out we find Marcus and Mark going over blueprints on the table, both look up and smile.

“I hope you know, Marcus, that you and Pamela are going to be best friends in London.”

Marcus looks puzzled. “Who is Pamela? Is she hot?”

I hold up my hand showing him the palm “Oh, you have known PALM-ELA and her five sisters forever. You cock block me, it’s only fair I do the same. Enjoy your day, boys.”

I walk off holding Scott’s hand. We get into his car and we make our way over to a diner. As we reach the door, he opens it for me. “Thank you, Scott”

We reach a table with the girl from this morning sitting with a big grin.

“Suzie, I would like you to meet Blake.”

Suzie gives me a grin. “Hi Blake it is lovely to meet you, sorry for earlier I was just shocked, my brother never mentioned he was seeing someone.”

I take a seat with Scott sitting beside me. Placing our order, we eat food and they both have a little catch-up. Every so often Scott gives my hand a little reassuring squeeze. As we finish up, Scott gets up to pay.

“Look about earlier I am so sorry for doing that to you. Upsetting you, I should have told you exactly who I was, instead of letting you think the worst.”

I shake my head. “It’s ok seriously, I jumped to conclusions. I just was embarrassed.”

“Understand for years Scott did that to me it wasn’t anything against you. I was more surprised when you opened the door I was shocked. Almost pinched myself to see if you were real. I have never seen him so worried and pissed off all at the same time when you ran out. Felt bad for being a dick. I didn’t realise it was serious between you both?”

I struggle with what to say. “We aren’t really dating, what I mean is it’s complicated, I don’t understand what’s going on.”

Suzie gives me a genuine smile. “Scott has never had a girl at his place like... EVER, and he certainly would never dream of introducing me. I have a good feeling about you. You make him happy. Which can only mean one thing,” I can’t help but ask.

“What’s that?”

“That my brother is in love with you.”

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