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Chapter 19


I couldn’t quite believe the words Suzie had said to me during lunch. There was no way Scott was in love with me. I liked him. We had a connection, but was I in love with Scott? Scott and Suzie were heading back to his place. I went back to Marcus’ as I had a date tonight and I wanted to look amazing for it. I get back to Marcus’ grab a book and a glass of wine.

Deciding to enjoy the last of my free time before I go home to London. I look up at the clock.


Scott will be here in an hour. Rushing, I grab a shower, washing and shaving every inch of my body. I decide to wear my LBD it’s a skater style dress so easy access if you get my drift. Putting the last touches together when I hear the door knock. I answer the door and find Mark standing there.

“Mark, what are you doing back in the city?”

Mark walks in closer.

“Marcus told me to throw off these amended blueprints for the London project.”

I wave him in. “Oh, ok!”

Mark looks at me. “You look very nice, a hot date?”

I just give him a laugh. After Marcus’ cock block from earlier, he promised he would make it up to me. I was so turned on as he whispered all the dirty things he was going to do to me tonight, who knew I could be turned on so much by a tie, there was something about having Scott tie me to his bed and having his way with me that just made me want to take him there and then at brunch this morning. I was about five seconds from demanding he meets me in the toilets.

Suzie bumped into an old friend, so we had a few minutes.

“So I believe you met Suzie over brunch?”

I played along. “I did.”

I know neither Marcus nor Mark knew that we were having brunch together. Maybe Scott called them and mentioned it in passing. The door knocks again. I walk over and this time I find Scott. The guy that causes my heart to beat triple time. How he can make a pair of jeans and dress shirt look so good I will never know it always clings in the right places showing off his hard body, and having been over and under that body, I craved it more with each passing minute. I am starving, but not for food right now.

“Hi,” Scott kisses my cheek. “You look incredible.”

Mark comes between us both. “Don’t mind me, I am just leaving.”

Scott looks at Mark. “I didn’t know you would be in the city tonight?”

“Just leaving blueprints off for Marcus. You two have a nice night.”

We both watch as Mark leaves and my mind drifts off into a sexy world where right now Scott pins me against the wall, lifting my dress, sliding my panties to the side and sliding his hard thick ... Scott breaks my daydream.

“Blake... you ok? Where did you drift off to?”

I blush hard. “Yeah, I would like that very much.”

Scott looks at me, smiling. “You didn’t really answer my last question, I lost you for a little bit there.”

I suck my bottom lip. “I was just thinking about all those dirty promises you made earlier.”

Scott looks at me with devilment in his eyes. “If we don’t leave now, we won’t be leaving at all, and I really want to show you off in that pretty fucking dress of yours.”

I give him a sly little smile as I grab his hand and lead him out of Marcus. We arrive at the restaurant, candle lights and red booths with low lighting very romantic. “This place could be fun for a lot of dirty deeds in the dark.”

Scott laughs. “I think you are spending too much time with Marcus.”

I tease. “This has nothing to do with Marcus, this is all about you and how much you turn me on.”

“Good Evening can I take your drinks order?”

I give Scott a dirty little grin as I move my foot up his leg near his... HELLO someone’s happy to see me.

Scott smiles. “I missed you today.”

Teasing some more. “I can tell.”

“Behave, Miss Blair, don’t you worry we have all night long.”

I take a sip of my drink. “I missed you too, so Suzie seems nice?”

Scott nods. “She’s a handful always has been since we were kids.”

“Are you two close?”

Scott smiles. “I protect her with my life but she is a risk-taker, I am quiet she’s loud and demanding attention. I work hard and she just coasts through life. I like stability and being home. She gets restless legs and needs to see the world. She’s my baby sister and I would do anything for her.”

“My sister and I are pretty much the same, she just has more the trusting, marriage and kids trait that I don’t, but she is my best friend as well as my sister. I would do anything for her. I miss her and the kids.”

Scott shifts in his seat. “So you don’t see marriage and kids in your future?”

I shrug. “I haven’t really given it too much thought I sometimes find it hard to trust people I don’t think that makes for a good marriage basis.”

Scott nods. “I would have to agree with that,”

I ask. “What about you?”

“I want marriage and kids in my future, but like you and the whole trust thing. Two things I can’t stand and won’t accept is lies and secrets. If I am to share my life with someone, that can’t be part of the equation. I like things to be open and honest!”

“What about San Francisco?”

Scott sighs. “I see what you did there. Knowing I sound a hypocrite but we were just friends nothing happened, yes I was attracted to you, but I never acted on it and we were never flirting it was just friendship I wasn’t lying to anyone, well maybe myself as I wanted more.”

I bite my lip. “Can I ask you something?”

Scott smiles. “Always.”

“Did you tell the boys about our Brunch?”

Scott shakes his head. “No, I haven’t spoken to the boys all day, Why?”

I had a lot to think about something was off. “No reason, just curious.”

As always, the night just flowed we ate, drank and talk about everything and anything.

“Should we get out of here? How about some Ben and Jerrys and a movie on my sofa? Suzie is out with friends tonight.”

I feel so content. “That sounds perfect.”

We are just outside Scott’s place when he stops dead in his tracks, stopping me with him.


Scott pulls something from his pocket. “Here take my key let yourself into my place I just need to run to the shop I forgot Suzie ate the last of the ice cream this afternoon.”

I laugh. “Ok, I will see you in a few minutes.”

Walking into Scotts building getting in the elevator. I push the floor to his place. I reach the door and turn the key. The place is dark except for a flicker of candles, and there is soft music playing.

Then I hear moaning. “Oh, don’t stop, right there.”

What the fuck is going on, what do I do? Suzie has a guy back here and her brother is coming back any minute. I bang the wall and Suzie looks over like a meerkat from the sofa.

“Scott will be here any minute, you need to get whoever that is hidden or out of here.”

That’s when I see who it is.


Suzie grabs her clothes walking towards me. “Please don’t say anything Blake, I am begging you, he will be so hurt and angry if he finds out.”


Tonight has been amazing, I cannot get enough of Blake physically, mentally and emotionally. Being with her feels right, I feel like I can’t live without her. Blake feels like the other half of me, the perfect puzzle piece. I pay for the ice cream and walk back to my place, envisioning everything I plan to do with her body, and this ice cream is going to help me accomplish a few things. I walk back up to my apartment and knock on the door I can hear feet shuffle behind the door.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind but I got Peanut Butter Cup, Are you ok, you seem flustered.”

Blake barely makes eye contact with me. “I don’t feel so well, would you mind if we cut this short I am so sorry?”

I want to beg her to stay, but if she doesn’t want to, I can’t force her.

“Yeah, Ok.”

I can’t hide my disappointment, I had this night planned in my head and the space of ten minutes. It has all went tits up. I wanted to talk to her about what I wanted out of this, us. I also wanted to fuck her into tomorrow, I wanted to worship her body before making love to her in the early morning light.

“Come on, let me get you back to Marcus.”

Blake shakes her head. “I am so sorry, Scott.”

I give her a small smile. “Don’t be, is there anything I can get you?”

Blake has tears in her eyes. “No, think just some sleep might help.”

“As long as your sure?”

I can’t help it, something feels off about this. As I drop her off, I ask if she wants me to come up, but she insists on going alone. What the hell I thought we had a nice date. She flirted, I flirted, she was coming back to my place then BOOM she 180d the night. I thought we had a connection maybe it was just sex and the fact with it out of her system she’s done? Maybe our talk about marriage and children spooked her. Blake leaves in two days now. Maybe my feelings have been one-sided, maybe all we had was physical.

Deep down I am not buying for a second she’s sick at all. So what the hell happened? Watching as she enters Marcus’ building, I can’t help feel that I am about to have my heart shattered. I drive home as I open my door and fling my keys on the table. I see Suzie come out of the kitchen.

“Wheres Blake?”

I sit on the sofa. “She wasn’t feeling well she went home.”

Suzie puts her head down. “I hope she is ok?”

I nod. “Yeah, me too. I thought you were out tonight?”

Suzie is acting off too. “Change of plans, anyway I am going to bed. See you in the morning.”

“Yeah, see ya.”

Going to my bedroom and lie on my bed looking at my ceiling. I am gutted about how things turned out tonight. I am running out of time with Blake I wanted to spend every free minute we had together. What if our time was ending early, what if Blake has already decided that we will never have a future together and tonight’s date made her see that? I plan to get to the bottom of everything tomorrow.

Marcus’ POV

I am sitting watching porn in my office enjoying PALM-ELA as Blake called it when I hear my front door crash open.


I am trying to put my cock back in my boxers when Blake barges into the room.


“Jesus Blake, keep your panties on.”

Blake cries. “No, I won’t.”

Well, there goes my hard-on, she is a cockblocker and I am not even in London. I walk out and find Blake pouring vodka and downing the contents in one sitting. “Ok, talk Blake”

She looks up at me with nothing, with guilt on her face.

“What would you do if you walked in on two people having sex? That really shouldn’t be having sex?”

My mind flashes through a million options right now. “What position are we talking about?”


I joke. “I am being serious, I want to know?”

Blake is properly red with rage.

“Ok, breathe, who have you caught?”

I watch as Blake paces the floor. “I walked in on Suzie fucking... Mark on Scotts sofa.”

I walk over to Blake and remove the Vodka bottle from her hand and take a large swig before handing it back to Blake. “Tell me everything!”

“Marcus, I am not telling you what position they were in.”

“Are you sure you won’t tell me?”

I give her my best puppy dog look. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, it was her on top riding him like it was a fucking rodeo, Happy?”

I beam. “Ecstatic, Ok first and foremost what did Scott do? Does he require bail money?”

Blake shakes her head. “Nothing, he wasn’t there.”

I take the vodka bottle again. “Well, that’s a good thing cause Suzie is off-limits and Scott will kill him. Even I’m not stupid enough to go there.”

“Marcus, I fucked up.”

I cock my eyebrow. “What did you join in? Was it a threesome?”

Blake cries and I feel shit, this is not a time for joking, I walk over and pull her into an embrace.

“Ok, what happened?”

Blake sobs. “Suzie begged me not to say anything, but I won’t say anything because Mark is my friend. Then I helped cover for them by lying to Scott that I didn’t feel well and asking to cut our date short.”

“Oh, Blake, why would you do that? Suzie and Mark are adults, actions have consequence, it’s not your duty to help people be deceitful. Friends or not!”

I pull her tighter.

“I know but I feel bad cause Scott and I had a really honest chat about who we are as people and he told me he doesn’t like secrets and lies and within the hour, here I am in the middle of a fucking web full of them. Marcus I... I am going to lose him... it’s a deal-breaker to him. One more thing I...”

I tilt her face to look at me. “What?”

“I am in love with Scott and it’s over before it began.”

I give her a little smile. “Oh, Blake, it’s not over. Scotts a good guy he will understand when you explain things.” There is a knock at the door and I give her a brief smile, I walk over and open the door.

“Can I come in?” I hold the door cracked.

“One question, what the hell are you playing at?”

Suzie glares at me. “Look, I can explain everything, please let me in.”

I open the door, allowing her in. “Start talking now Suzie.”

“Look, I care about Mark, I didn’t mean to ask Blake to lie on my behalf. I just need time to tell Scott about it. You know he is going to blow a fucking fuse when he hears this. What I have with Mark...”

Blake walks in, cutting in. “This wasn’t the first time, was it?”

I turn around and find Blake standing in the kitchen’s doorway, Suzie shakes her head.

“No, Mark and I have been fooling around for years, I wanted more but he dumped me and was in a relationship not long after with Blake, he broke my heart I have been in love with him forever, I thought when I came to the city we would make a go of it but that never happened.”

“That’s why you left to go travelling?”

Suzie looks at her feet. “It was, I couldn’t watch him be with someone else, love someone else, so I bailed. Every time I am around him... I can’t help it, I have been infatuated with him since I was a kid.”

I let out a breath “Well you always followed us around like a little lost puppy.”

Suzie corrects me. “I followed Mark around like a little lost puppy.”

I rub my hand through my hair. “Scott is going to go mental, you are off-limits Suzie.”

“Please, I will tell Scott I just need the right time to tell him. I am not a child anymore, he can’t tell me who I can and can’t be with.”

Blake hugs Suzie. “Ok, I won’t say anything I give you my word, but you have to tell him. When you tell him, I have to tell him I knew and I don’t know if he will forgive me.”

Suzie cries. “Of course, he will he loves you, I can tell.”

Blake gives us a sad look. “Sometimes love isn’t enough.”

I watch as both Suzie and Blake cry. Why me, why couldn’t I just have a wank in peace watching my naughty teacher porn. No, instead here I am between two girls and not in a good way handing out tissues for tears, not my jizz.

“There, there it will all be ok.” The girls settle down and I give them a gentle pat on the back each... Fuck this drama.

Marcus - Hi Kandi, you fancy coming over and fucking me and my new TV up again?

Kandi - Be there in 20

“Ok girls, as much as I enjoyed this little pow-wow you need to make yourself scarce, I have pussy incoming.”

Suzie scoffs at me. “Still the dirty dick I see?”

I smile at her. “Always baby, never going to change.”

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