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Chapter 21


I am sitting in a booth and tracing circles on my coffee cup to calm my nerves, Scott should have been here twenty minutes ago I look at my phone and nothing, maybe he didn’t get my message. I try to call, but the phone goes straight to voicemail. The realisation that he might not show up sinks in.

“Hi, sweetheart, would you like a refill?” I look up to find the server gives me a small smile.

“Yes, please.” I sip my coffee and decide to call Marcus a while later. Maybe he has heard from Scott.


Marcus sounds relieved to hear my voice. “Blake, are you ok?”

My tears slid down my cheeks. “Not really, have you heard from Scott?”

Marcus goes quiet. “Oh, Blake, he didn’t show up?”

I choke out my words. “How ... how did you know?”

“He called me. He is angry at the minute he feels betrayed by us all.”

I struggle to breathe. “Oh god!”

Marcus sighs. “Sorry, Suzie and Mark told him and well he thinks you picked Mark over him!”

I wipe my tears away. “I knew they were going to tell him I just thought he would give me a chance, you know it wasn’t like that.”

“I know that but at the minute there is no talking to him, leave him a while and then we can try again later.”

I keep my head down. “Oo... okay Marcus.”

I hear the reassurance in his voice. “It will be ok, Blake.”

“I am not so sure.” I look at my watch it’s been nearly an hour and still no show. Scott knows everything. He was on his way to meet me. Don’t blame him for not meeting me. I have hurt him and betrayed his trust. I should have just been open with him. He deserved better, and I made it worse by hiding away because I know that if I had to look him in the face, I would break down and ruin everything. If I told Scott, Mark would have been angry with me for not doing as he asked and not giving him and Suzie a chance to talk to Scott first to explain their side. Suzie would have every reason to dislike me and make it hard to be around her. Scott and I probably wouldn’t stand a chance in a relationship as he adores his sister and will forgive her no matter how angry he is. I lose everyone with this one. I didn’t tell Scott, The cat’s out of the bag Scott is hurt at me hiding from him and keeping secrets. Mark and I keep our friendship and well Suzie has no reason to dislike me. It turns out I lose Scott, the guy I am madly in love with. One stupid secret that wasn’t even my secret has cost me, Scott.

I wipe a tear as it falls down my cheek. I feel a set of eyes on me. “May I offer you a tissue?”

I nod. “Oh, thank you.”

The lady looks at me with compassion in her eyes. “Bad day?”

“How did you guess?”

She asks again. “Relationship trouble?”

I nod, “Yeah.”

She smiles. “I remember that sad look. I lost my husband last year, he was the love of my life, but we had our ups and downs. Most things can be worked out if you want it badly enough.”

I tell the stranger. “I don’t think he will listen to me, I hurt him.”

She imparts some wisdom to me. “Well, if you don’t fight for him, you will always regret it. At least this way you can say you did everything, and it was him that didn’t want it, not you.”

I smile back at her, “Thank you.”

“Not at all dear, you looked like you needed a friendly face to talk to.”

The server comes over to my table. “Would you like anything else?”

I smile, “Actually, could I have two pieces of Pecan pie. One for my friend here and one to take away.”

The lady smiles with a tear glistening in her eye. “How did you know?”

“I overheard you tell the server you would like a piece saved over. It’s my treat to you for being so nice.”

The tear falls. “Well, aren’t you a sweetheart? It was my husband’s favourite place and no matter what, he couldn’t resist a slice. I have fallen into that habit, it would appear. So what’s your plan then?”

“Well, I figure a piece of his favourite pie is a good start and then I plan to fight hard for him. I am not walking away without a fight.”

The lady walks over, hugging me. “Well, then good luck I hope you get your happy ending.”

The server comes back with the pie. I make my way out of the coffee shop with a fight in my step. I make my way into a shop where I pick up Scotts favourite ice cream for the pie. As I make my way over to Scott’s place. I get nervous as the fight in me started to leave and replaced with fear. This could be the last time he ever speaks to me. Standing in front of his door gaining the confidence to prepare for battle. I knock on the door and wait for someone to open it. Hearing the handle rustle and as the door opens. I am face to face with a stunning blonde, I can’t find my words.

“Can I help you?”

I stammer out my words. “Is Scott here?”

She sweetly smiles at me. “He just popped out to get food.”

I try my next question. “Is Suzie here?”

She shakes her head. “No, she’s on a date.”

Suzie is on a date, probably with Mark and Scotts got a blonde over and there having food together. My eyes well with tears. “Will I tell them you called?”

I shake my head. “No, it’s alright I just came to say goodbye.”

I turn to make my way back to the elevator beyond hurt and annoyed at myself, I practically pushed him into the arms of a leggy stunning blonde. Standing in the elevator I see my reflection, cursing myself up and down that’s what you get! He thinks you picked Mark over him and now karma is a bitch as this is Scott picking someone over you.

The elevator reaches the bottom floor and the doors open. I walk out with my head held high. Operation “home truths,” begins. I stand in the foyer of Scott’s building pacing back and forth I will have my say. I won’t chase after him, considering who he has upstairs. Hearing the front door open, I look over to find Scott looking surprised to see me.

“Blake, what...”

I put my hands up. “No, shut up and listen to me! I am sorry that I never told you about Mark and Suzie. I was in shock, I am sorry that I have ignored you, but I knew that if I looked you in the face. You would know that I was keeping something from you and I would have to lie directly to your face, which I wasn’t willing to do. I am sorry for ever making you feel like I picked Mark over you, I told them to tell you, they promised they would tell you and when they did. I was always planning on telling you the truth, I never got the chance and today I sat and waited for you at the coffee shop but you knew that as you stood me up. You had every right to be angry at me, but I had a right to explain myself. I am sorry Scott, but I won’t beg for your forgiveness for a secret that wasn’t mine to share.”

Scott is staring at me. “You have nothing to say to me?”

Scott looks me directly into my eyes. “I love you,” I laugh.

“You don’t love me, Scott.”

He steps closer. “Yes, Blake Blair, I am so in love with you, that you drive me crazy you are everything I was looking for without even knowing it.”

Scott closes the gap between us as he reaches me I push his chest away. “I can’t... I thought when I came here I would give you this.”

I hold out the pie and ice cream. “I would explain my side and I would finally tell you I had fallen for you and that my heart was yours. But...”

I stand in silence.

“But what..?”

I shake my head. “But not now. This is goodbye, Scott.”

I walk past him, I can hear him yell after me. I have to do some serious damage control with my heart. After all, he has already moved on. The nerve to tell me he loved me when he has Barbie upstairs what does he take me for.

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