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Chapter 22


I couldn’t face Blake and I felt like shit for leaving her behind like that, I had to talk to Suzie first I needed to know why she kept it from me all this time? Well, fuck, I know why. Wanted to kill Mark, but after repeating the conversation from earlier in my head, my anger and hurt were slowly subsiding. I head back to my apartment. She walks in and her eyes are red and puffy.

“I am so sorry about everything, I never planned for this to happen again. Certainly never planned on putting Blake in the middle of all this, I know you are angry, but the only person you need to be angry at is me. I am the one who lied I just pulled in everyone else around me. I like Blake I hope you sorted it all out.”

“You are my baby sister I am just disappointed but... I forgive you.”

Suzie steps back. “Ok, now you sound like dad! What did Blake say?”

I can’t look at her, “I... I… didn’t see her.”

Suzie yells. “WHAT?”

“I needed time to think?”

Suzie interrogates me again. “Did you at least tell her you weren’t meeting her?”

I shake my head. “No.”

Suzie scoffs wide-eyed. “So you stood her up?”

I spit out, “She ignored me.”

“Oh, you’re an idiot.”

I glare at her. “I’m still pissed at you!”

Suzie’s tone turns sassy. “Yeah, and what else is new, you always tried to look out for me when it was downright overbearing Scott, Just let me make my mistakes. Stop trying to control everything. Stop putting the fault on everyone else. I am the one who pursued Mark. I am the one who ran off not telling you the full story. I am the one who begged Blake to give me time to tell you. She told me when I told you about Mark she was going to tell you she knew. You big asshole, the only one in the wrong here is me. For once, stop protecting me and blaming everyone else. Mark kept it quiet because I wasn’t ready at the time, then when I was he found Blake. Blake kept it quiet because I begged her not to say anything. Let’s just tell it how it is, If Blake had told you, I would have been pissed off at her. Instant dislike, she didn’t let me tell you. I would have been cold as fuck towards her. Poor Blake was stuck with nowhere to turn why can’t you see that. It was never her place to tell you, it was mine so stop punishing her cause I’m pretty sure she is punishing herself more.”

As I let my sister’s words sink in, she is right: no matter what happened, Blake would always lose. “Ok, I see your point!”

Suzie looks stunned. “Thank you, now sort your shit out with Blake... about Mark and me. It was never a fling we both wanted more. Are you ok with the possibility of us being a couple?” she pouts.

“I am not shitting rainbows about it but with time I will be ok, but if he hurts you all bets are off.”

Suzie walks closer to me. “Can I have a hug?”

I smile. “Of course, bring it in, so what are your plans?”

Suzie beams. “Well, actually Mark and I are going to the cinema, but I won’t be out late after all the drama. You fancy picking up some food for when I get back?”

I nod. “I would love that. We haven’t had a proper catch-up, since hurricane Suzie hit the city.”

“I am sorry. Call Blake she could come too for food. I would like to get to know her and apologise again.”

I smile. “I think your right, I need to talk to her and clear all this up.”

Suzie left and I am thinking about what I want to say to Blake, I am not the best with my words so I decide to write it down instead. As I pour my heart out on paper, I hear someone at my door. I open to see an old face I haven’t seen in years.

“Bianca?” She winks.

“The one and only.”

I am surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“I am here to see my bestie now where the fuck is she?”

I tell her. “She’s out on a date.”

Bianca laughs. “OHHH look at her only back in the city and bagging herself a guy, anyone we know?”

I laugh. “Funny you say that,” I put my hand at the back of my neck.

“Oh, shit?” I look up at her.

“What you didn’t think she told me about her past with Mark, well I’m glad they sorted that shit out.” I sigh.

“Well, it has left a trail of destruction that I am working through tidying up.”

Bianca giggles. “Good old Suzie, nothing changes?”

I look at my watch. “Look, she shouldn’t be too much longer you are more than welcome to wait for her B while I go pick up some food?”

Bianca makes herself at home. “Thanks, Scotty, I appreciate that.”

Picking up my jacket and walk over to collect some food. I decide on some Indian, as I know that’s Blake’s favourite. I try to call her, but her phone keeps ringing. As I reach the front door of my place, I find Blake watching me. I am shocked to see her here. She looks good I have missed her so much. She gives me this amazing speech laying it all out and then it turns and I watch as Blakes walls go up, to maximum security style. Trying to take in her words I am frozen the only thing I can hear is my heart shatter. I snap myself back, yelling after her. Trying to run after her, but she’s gone like a ghost in the wind. I keep looking for her, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Calling both Marcus and Mark they haven’t heard or seen her. I go back up to my place. I will find her, she’s not getting away that easy. Walking into the kitchen, I find Bianca and Suzie drinking some wine. With everything with Blake, I completely forgot Bianca was here.

“Oh, someone was here looking to say goodbye to you and Suzie, but when I asked if she wanted me to tell you she called she said no, she had a nice accent.”

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