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Chapter 23



Suzie looks at me confused. “What’s wrong?”

I look at Bianca. “You answered the door?”

Bianca nods. “Yeah?”

Suzie looks at me. “SHIIITTTTTT!”

I look at Suzie. “I gotta go.”

Bianca looks upset at us both. “Did I do something wrong?”

I reassure her. “No, it just looks so very wrong yet again.”

If the universe is looking to fuck me in the ass, well done. First with Suzie and now Bianca. But this time it looks shady. I stand her up, and she turns up. Coming to tell me she has fallen for me and finds another woman in my apartment. If the shoe was on the other foot. I would know how it looked to me.

I practically speed over to Marcus’ I bang on his door. I don’t care she needs to hear this. We need to talk and sort this all out once and for all Marcus opens the door.

“Marcus, can I come in?”

He opens the door, and I look around. “Is Blake here?”

Marcus has a sad look on his face. “No one has seen or heard from her as I told you.”

I tell Marcus everything, he just stares at me like I have three heads.

“Well, you are an unlucky bastard, first with Suzie and now Bianca?”

I rub my hands done my face. “Don’t... I can’t do this. I need to explain it’s not what she thinks.”

Marcus angrily asks me, “Why the fuck did you not just go and meet her?”

Holding nothing but regret. “I couldn’t, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, but then Suzie and I talked things through and she made me see where Blake was coming from. Went and got Indian food I was going to invite her over. Shit, I was going to tell her… I love her.”

Marcus pours a drink. “SHIT!”

What happens replays in my head and I feel the hurt. “Yeah really, I told her the love her part. But she completely closed down on me. I couldn’t work out why, I just assumed she went to my place no one answered, and she was just waiting for me. I completely forgot about Bianca.”

“Scott, no harm, but you have fucked this up a few times. There are only so many chances you are going to get. How is this supposed to work with you here and her in London, anyway?”

That’s when I tell him everything I have been holding on to. As I sit in his place waiting for Blake to arrive, I put everything into this plan, Marcus pours me a whiskey and gives me a brief nod.

“I hope this works, Scott.”

I feel the adrenaline coursing through my body. “It will... it has to.”

We both wait for what seems forever. Eventually, we hear Marcus’ door open, slam and then giggle. In front of us, we have a tipsy Blake.

“What’s HE doing -hic- here?”

“I came to see you, Blake,” she points at me.

“Go back - hic - to your barbie.”

My voice comes out unyielding. “Would you please just listen!”

Blake walks away. “Nope - hic - the time for talking and liste -hic - ning is over Scott. I. AM. DONE, Finito, terminated, rendered, snufffffffffed OUT.”

“You don’t mean that, Blake.” I watch as her bottom lip trembles.


Blake slumps to the floor. “BUT WE ARE BROKEN”, she whispers.

“We broke us.”

Marcus looks at me. This is not how this was supposed to happen. Marcus walks over to Blake.

“Let us get you sobered up huh, what you say?”

Blake looks down at her top. “Yes please, I spilt beer on me.”

Marcus gentle speaks. “Ok, go get cleaned up I will have some water, coffee and Tylenol waiting for you.”

She glances at me, and I can see tears in her eyes.

“Please, Blake, talk to me” she swipes at her tears, willing me not to see them fall.

“Not right now, give me a minute.”

I watch as she staggers upstairs, Marcus has concern etched on his face.

“Well, it’s safe to say that Blake is a little emotional drunk, note to self limit her drinks in London.”

We both sit sipping another whiskey as Blake joins us. Her hair is wet and falling down her body, wearing little pyjama shorts and a tank top she’s still as sexy as ever. Marcus gives her a genuine smile and pats the seat next to him.

“Did that sober you up?”

She’s quiet for a second. “Yes, a bit thank you, Marcus.”

He sighs at her. “Here, take these it will help,” I can see her watching me.

“So you wanted to talk... TALK.”

I watch as Marcus gets up, not wanting to be here for this.

“Oh, I am just going to leave you two alone.”

Blake watches as he makes his way towards the office. “Say hi to Palm-ela for me.”

Marcus holds his middle finger up to her as he walks away and turns around looking at Blake.

“I will tell her you said hi.”

Blake laughs and I can’t help but smile that laugh is infectious. She glares at me.

“Blake.” I walk towards her and as she steps back, she’s pinned against the kitchen counter, I trap her in my arms, I lift her chin so she’s looking in my eyes.

“The girl at my place.”

Blake rocks her head, not wanting to hear this part. “Don’t, you don’t.”

“Listen! Bianca is Suzie’s best friend she was there waiting for her.”

Blake has bewilderment on her face. “But she said you were getting food.”

I tilt my head. “Did she now?”

She bites her lip, “Yeah.”

I smile. “That was for you, Blake! I went to your favourite Indian the plan was we would have a last dinner together, talk everything over and Suzie was going to apologise and clear the air. But.”

She repeats my word. “But...”

I move closer. “But 1, you wouldn’t answer your phone then 2, you ran off before I could figure out what happened.” I watch as she fiddles with her hand.

“I did, didn’t I?”

“Blake, trust me when I say you are all I ever need now and always, I love you more than I can ever say.”

She looks up to me and ever so softly whispers. “I love you too.”

I swallow hard. “Are we still done, or am I forgiven?”

She nods her head. “But there is something you need to give me.”

She looks at me, trying to work out what I am about to say. “And what’s that?”

“I need a sorry kiss and I will give you an all-forgiving kiss.”

Sweeping her up, I set her on the bench, crashing my lips onto hers. Without a doubt, Blake is my missing puzzle piece she fits me like my other half. I hear Blake let out a groan. I slip my hand up the inside of her thighs, lucky for me her shorts are loose. Reaching further until I feel the soft skin.

“FUCK ME, are you trying to kill me?”

I feel her smile against my lips. “It would be the best way to go!”

My fingers brush across her clit and she gives a little breathy sigh, I have died and gone to heaven a lucky man.

“Oh god, Blake, you feel so good.”

She grips my hair. “It feels too good.”

“Tell me what you want, Blake?”

She says one simple word, “More!”

I nip her neck. “More what?”

She glares at me. “You know!”

I smirk at her greediness. “I do, but I want to hear it.”

Blake grabs my hand and brings my fingers to her mouth, sucking on them one at a time, My dick is throbbing behind my jeans. I am about to blow my load when she twirls her tongue around the finger she currently has in her mouth.

“You should know me better than that, less talking, more action.”

I lift her over my shoulders and give her ass a hard slap.

“So it’s like that and know you’re going to get punished for this.”

She gives out a soft giggle. I give her another slap and a hard grasp. “Not laughing anymore, Blair?”

As I am walking to her room, I slide her panties to the side as she is over my shoulder and thrust my thumb inside her wet, aching core.

“So wet, Blake.”

She’s panting hard. “Just fuck me already, Patterson.”

Pushing open her door, slamming it shut with my foot. I throw her on the bed. I kiss up her thighs as she puts her hands in my hair, gripping tight.

“This won’t work for me, Blake, hands up and together.”

Blake gives me a cheeky smile. “Yes, sir”

I sit up, “Condoms?”

She tilts her head to the left. “Top drawer.”

As I open the drawer, I can hear Blake giggle. “Well, you have been prepared!”

I lift out a pair of handcuffs and blindfold. “Put it on.”

Giving her the blindfold. I tuck the cuffs around one bedpost before closing both around her delicate wrists in the cuffs. I pull down her top, exposing her naked breasts. Taking one of her stiffened nipples in my mouth, sucking hard before popping off. “You like that?”

I whimper, “I love that.”

I blow on the other before gripping her nipple with my teeth ever so slightly. I can hear Blake moan and arching her back, she is so responsive to my touch. It’s the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

“Oh, Scott, I need you.”

Unbuckling my belt and unzipping my jeans. I look up and Blake is grinning. She knows what’s coming next. Leaning over her, touching her up and down, she is the most exquisite thing I have ever seen. I spread her using my thumbs and move my tip to her opening with no hesitation I slide in long and hard. I thrust hard and relentless. Blake panting and bucking under me. I use my free hands to pinch each of her nipples hard.

“OH FUCK... fuckkkkk I am not going to last much longer.”

Blake feels too good and I can feel the beginning of her orgasm as it clenches my cock.

“Scott, I’m com... coming.”

I slow my pumps. “Wait, not yet.”

I slam into Blake so hard that the headboard is bouncing off the wall.


Blake and I both ride our orgasms together with panting breaths. I remove her blindfold as she looks ridiculously happy until she finally finds my eyes.

“I meant it when I said I love you, Blake.”

Blake’s eyes are lust-filled. “I love you too, Scott.”

I release her from the cuffs and gentle stroke her wrists that are a little red.

“Are you ok?”

She nods. “I am perfect.”

Wrapping her in my arms, never wanting to let her go. We stay up chatting for hours. Finally, watching my beautiful Blake fall asleep. As I watch her chest fall up and down, I can hear her breathing slow. I get up and get dressed, finding a piece of paper and a pen. I love her so much it needs to be this way.

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