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Chapter 24


Waking up the next morning expecting to find Scott, instead, I find myself alone. I find the shirt he has left for me and a piece of paper. I already know what this is before I begin to read the words.

Blake, You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You mean the world to me, but I am not good with goodbyes, I can’t watch you walk away from me. I would be selfish and ask you to stay and not to leave my side. I care too much about you to stand in your way, so, for now, this is what we have. I will miss you so much.

Go to university to become an amazing teacher, and when the time is right, we can give ourselves a proper try. I will wait for you.

Love Scott

This was his goodbye to me tears fall on the page as I feel the dull ache of my heart. But I understand why deep down. I don’t want to walk away from him and having him anywhere near me right now is making leaving so much harder. I grab a shower and get dressed, packing the last of my things I glance down as I pick up the handcuffs and blindfold memories from just a few hours ago solidified in my mind. As I come downstairs, Marcus has a cup of coffee waiting for me.

“WELL… WELL… WELL thanks to you, my neighbours think I’m a sex-crazed maniac with all the wall-banging,” I laugh.

“You’re just jealous because Palm-ela wasn’t up to par last night.”

Marcus scoffs. “It was too hard to focus on anything.”

I can’t help it I start to cry and Marcus looks over at me.

“Oh, Blake, don’t cry, I still got my happy ending.”

I look up at him.

“This is about Scott?”

I just nod my head.

“You want a hug?”

I walk over to him. “Yes, please.”

Marcus pulls me in for a hug. “You will be ok Blake everything works out as it’s supposed to.”

A few hours later Mark, Marcus, Justin and Suzie are standing with me at the airport to say goodbyes. “I can’t believe he didn’t come here?”

Mark has a sad look on his face. “He will regret it, Blake.”

Justin comes to his defence. “Look, Scott hates goodbyes. He said it in his own way.”

I give them all a sad smile. “It’s ok, I get it. Now come give me a big group hug.”

As I look around at the faces in my little hug, I can’t get over how far we have all come. It has been rocky at times, but they have been with me through thick and thin. Everyone says their goodbyes to me one by one. And then there was Marcus.

“You have no idea how much I am going to miss you?”

I hug him tighter. “Oh, I think I do, but it’s only for a little while and then you and I are going to have lots of fun in London.”

“Blake, you know I don’t do the sappy shit, but for you, I make an exception. You are one of a kind and I am grateful to call you my friend.”

I lean in and whisper. “Marcus, are you crying?”

He wipes his face. “Nope”

I feel my own tear fall. “Liar, now put your big boy thong on and give me another hug.”

Marcus’ face goes a shade of red that makes my belly chuckle. “Well, it didn’t belong to me and it wasn’t girls. Now that’s a story I need to hear when you’re in London.”

Marcus pulls me in for the tightest hug known to man, before eventually letting me go. “You and I, a bottle of whiskey and I will tell you about the thong BUT it’s in the circle you hear me!”

I give him a shit-eating grin. “Promise.”

I pretend to turn the key and throw it away and give him a giggle. “Ok, well, I suppose I better go, Bye, everyone, thanks for coming to say goodbye.” I hear a chorus of Bye Blake’s as I turn around and head to departures.

Going through the motions, I pass through the airport until I find myself at the bar. I order myself a drink and scroll through my phone with pictures of Scott and me. I let the liquid burn and order another one. This sucks and I just want him here with me. As I finish my drink, I see my gate is now opening. Standing in the queue and feel numb, all I wanted was one last goodbye with Scott before I left. I find my seat and make myself comfortable. Holding Scott’s letter in my hand re-reading his words, I deeply want to believe that he will wait for me. But as time has shown me in the past, a lot can change in a year. I pull out my book to read while welcoming the distraction. Turning the page and lose myself in the world of Abigail and Flynn soaking in the words of the writer Rachel G. I faintly hear the cabin crew getting ready to seat the last passengers. I don’t really pay attention as I hear a faint voice ask.

“Hi, sorry, can I get past you?”

I am still engrossed in my book and laughing inside at Flynn being described as Tarzan and don’t look up letting them into the window seat. They sit down and I slide back into my seat thinking how lucky that Flynn and Abigail found each other and there I am thinking about Scott all over again.

“Thank you.”

I still don’t look at them, I just want to read my book and shut out the world. I then see a gigantic hand in my peripheral vision.

“Hi... I’m Scott.”

For the first time, I look up from my book and find a hunk of a man by my side.

“Hi, sweetheart.” I struggle to calm down the whirlwind of emotions and tears.

“I don’t understand...”

Scott takes my hand. “I don’t want to let go, because when you find that someone special you would be an idiot to ever let them go. I am here for you. We can make this work, but I can’t do long distance.”

Still stunned. “What? You’re crazy, Scott?”

I can’t help but cry.

“I am but it’s all taken care of, Marcus is letting me live at his place I have a job transfer in place to work in London. Blake, you mean too much to me, to not to give this a fair chance. What do you say?”

I have no words right now instead I bring his mouth to mine and kiss him like he is my lifeline Scott pulls away and smiles at me.

“Are you ok, Blake?”

“I have never been so ok in my entire life. Is this real? Cause I feel I am dreaming, I love you, Scott.” He cups my face.

“I love you too, Blake”

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Kelly and I’m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of Captain Phillips, the entire crew, welcome aboard your non-stop service from New York to London. We wish you a safe and pleasant journey, If you have any questions about our flight today, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our flight attendants. Thank you.

I can’t stop smiling, my cheeks hurt this really doesn’t feel real, I clutch Scott’s hand for pretty much the entire flight never letting go because I am convinced that this is just a dream. I pinch myself and as I open my eyes Scott is looking at me with his big eyes and cheesy grin.


Looking at my watch, seeing the time and knowing that the flight is near ready for departing. I have kept my head down and done some work on my laptop. Hearing the announcement, I watch as the line draws smaller. I grab my things and make my way over. I owe Marcus a massive favour, as I have no idea how he pulled it off. But I am about to give the women I want to spend the rest of my life with the biggest surprise. I am walking up the aisle when I spot her she is reading a book and keeping to herself. I politely ask if I could have my seat. Never speaking to me or looking at me, I am puzzled. This wasn’t the reunion I thought we were going to happen. As I sit down again ignored, I make myself comfortable hoping she would even look at me... nothing.

Accepting I would need to take this another direction, I put out my hand and introduce myself. Then the moment happened she finally looked at me and I lost myself in her beautiful eyes. That now twinkled with tears. I give her the speech that I practised a thousand times hoping this is what she wanted. That uprooting my life for her was what she wanted. Because when all was said and done, I would do anything for the love of my life.

I have never been so relieved when her reaction told me everything I needed to know. We were the real deal we both couldn’t and didn’t want to be apart. Blake clung to me the entire trip, almost not believing I was actually doing this. I watch carefully as she pinches herself, closing her eyes. I am drawn to the moment she opens them and I can’t help but smile at her.

“This is real sweetheart, It’s you and me. For Keeps.”

The End

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