The Chronicles of College

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Elizabeth has a difficult time with the people around her. She looks for creature comforts in people now, and yearns for friendship. This is an attempt to capture what it really is like for a girl looking out for herself in the fundamental college years. Who knows, maybe a happily ever after is waiting for her on the other side of her B.S.

Romance / Erotica
yo mama
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Chapter 1

He had asked her to take a nap with him, so she walked to his room and now she found herself here. Nicolas laid on his bed and looked up at her when she entered the room. Elisabeth’s voice was cheery as always: “Good morning sunshine.”

An extended groan escaped Nick’s lips as he rolled his eyes. His eyes ultimately settled on her as a smile found its way on his face. Elizabeth’s heart warmed at the sight. Nick’s lithe frame rolled out of his bed that was much too small for him. In two and a half steps he was in front of Elizabeth; his proximity made her heart beat faster. “You stole the words right out of my mouth.”

His eyes filled with mirth as a childish smile spread across his face, “Oh no, I know that look. Don’t you dare.”

“Don’t do what?”

He was met with silence and flared nostrils.

“Oh, you thought I was going to tickle you?” His chuckle filled the room briefly as he continued, “I must admit that I always wondered if you were tickle-ish, and where.” Elizabeth’s face burned fire-engine red, and Nick instantly knew. “You need a better poker face than that.”

Nick swooped down such that his shoulder met her hips and picked her up off of the ground. Elizabeth let out an ear-splitting scream, “Put me down this instant!”

“Or what?” At that moment he slapped her ass making her squeak which earned a hearty laugh.

Firstly, Elizabeth was mortified that Nick had the audacity to slap her ass; second, she was mortified that she liked it. Elizabeth began to squirm and flail on his shoulder while trying not to fall while putting up a fight. The deviant in her wanted him to slap her ass again. Elizabeth stuttered on her words, “Or… your… Mom…yeah.”

Nick loved the view of Elizabeth’s ass over his shoulder in her tight leggings. If only she knew what I wanted to do to her sweet perky ass. He resisted the urge to run his fingers up her hamstrings to the junction of her thighs and her ass. Maybe I should just give in. Better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission? Wait no, that sounds rape-y. Fuck. His mouth started to become dry when Elizabeth spewed out her usual stupid response. “Or my mom? Okay. Sounds like a plan.”

Nick began to tickle the back of her knees which gave him an excuse to touch her beautiful toned legs that always beckoned to him when she sported her denim shorts. Squeals erupted out of Elizabeth’s mouth moments after he gave the back of her knees the slightest touch. One of his hands grazed up towards the bottom of her ass, and when it did Elizabeth lifted her body and legs so that she was like a plank of wood on his shoulder. A large yelp erupted from Elizabeth.

“Ooh, I found the jackpot.”

“No, no, no, no, no. Please no more. Please I’ll do anything.”

Nick didn’t want to blackmail her into kissing her, but then again, he did. He did want her in his bed, both to nap and for less innocent purposes. Elizabeth oozed purity and it simultaneously scared him and excited him. Nick relented his assault on Elizabeth’s body.

Elizabeth reveled in the feel of his hands snaking up to her hips as he bent down to let her free. Once she was placed with her feet firmly on the ground, she crossed her arms and huffed at him. An exaggerated frown was painted on her face which made her look like a grumpy little fairy. Nick had to suppress a smile.

“Fuck you.”

“Any time sunshine,” and he released his reins on his smile, sealing his fate with a wink.

Elizabeth’s mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air. Her face sported a furious blush once again. She looked down bashfully. Nick took the initiative and stepped into her personal space, and slowly placed his hands on her hips. He was almost an entire head taller than her, and she felt so small next to Nick. Elizabeth looked up at his face.

Nick did not need any more prompting; her body language called out to him. He bent his head down to meet her lips but paused as their noses touched. Elizabeth felt Nick’s fingers flex on her waist. With her hands on his chest, she brushed her lips against his, not quite kissing him. Elizabeth’s voice was just above a whisper as she spoke: “You’re such an asshole sometimes Nick.”

“I know,” the statement was filled with ownership, but somehow it was absent of both pride and guilt. He whispered back, “Forgive me?”

The softness of his voice sent shivers down her spine and goosebumps up her arms. This was the gentle side he had kept locked away but brought out to show her at times like these. It felt genuine and struck her heart deeply; this side of Nick made her fiercely want to protect him. Before she processed what she was saying she breathed out, “Okay."

He kissed her then. He kissed her softly and he pressed her small frame against his own. He felt her chest press against his and he bit back a moan. Fuck how he had waited for this to happen for months, ever since he first laid his eyes on her he knew he had to get a taste. She looked like a fucking dream: all long blonde hair, golden tan skin, gray eyes that became bright blue in the sun, and a killer body. He swore his large hands could almost wrap around the smallest part of her waist.

Not long after that kiss did they part. Elizabeth broke the silence, “While I would like to continue this, I came here to nap because I need a fucking nap so bad right now.”

Nick’s face lit up with a smile as he let out a laugh, “Of course. You’re always so focused.” He climbed into the bed and scoot back to make room for her and she climbed in under his covers. She wiggled into the comforter and made noises to emphasize her wiggles and it brought a smile to his face.

Elizabeth did not realize the comforts that could come with lying in bed with another warm body. The thought was of pure origins because as the sun filtered into the room and kissed her face, she was comforted by the warmth of a body next to hers. She opened her eyes and looked at him: Nick was on the border of excessively tall, towering over the general population at 6’3”. He had skin the color of milky caramel, a little toasted on areas that received more love from the light. She noticed how his muscles moved in his sleep. Oh, I would like to see more of this. The chords that ran under the surface of his skin stood out and called to her. They whispered to her that he could do many things to her that she had never known the likes of before.

Elizabeth’s thoughts were interrupted when Nick groaned and rolled her closer to him in his sleep. She let out a squeak when she found herself held captive in the embrace of a sleeping giant. Fuck. There was no possible way out. Nick’s hips rolled against hers and he let out a light, almost inaudible groan. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Then she felt it. She felt his hardness pressing against her. Well this is new. Elizabeth became aware of Nick’s hot breath that caressed her skin.

Elizabeth tried to breathe deeply.

Nick woke up to a beautiful girl lying in his arms. He also woke up hard. Fuck. He suppressed a groan and rolled his eyes. Life is beautiful but also oh so cruel. Life managed to allow this beautiful, pure woman to be in his bed, but she did not give her the same lusty need that coursed through his veins. He slowly became aware of the placement of his hands – oh how they had a way to find mischief – one which was upon her supple breast and the other on the swell of her stomach. Without another thought, he pressed her closer to him and took a deep breath so that he could smell her hair. He could feel her beginning to stir from her deep sleep.

Nick pressed his hands into her and felt the soft skin beneath his fingers that he had dreamt about. Her skin was softer than he had imagined, and the feel of her warm skin set his veins on fire. He slowly started moving his fingers around her stomach, beginning with one finger slowly moving around her belly button. He begrudgingly moved his other hand away from her breast and laid it at her natural waist on the top of her hip bone. Nick caressed her skin, and he slowly gained ground. Is this creepy? God, I hope this isn’t creepy. I’m not trying to be creepy. Fuck she feels so good – so soft.

A small whimper escaped Elizabeth’s lips and she ground her hips into the warmth behind her. The warmth spoke: “Good mornin’ sunshine.”

Elizabeth mumbled back: “Good mornin.” A deep rumble echoed through her body accompanied by laughter. She became aware of the hands that slowly caressed her skin and released a sigh of content. Nick wanted to hear more noises of that nature escape her lips.

“You’re so cute,” Nick whispered, “did you know that?”

“Thank you.”

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