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Seventeen and Pregnant

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Chapter Two

I wake the next morning still snuggled in Johnny’s chest. I lay there snuggling closer, trying not to wake him. I feel safe and comfortable in his arms. And he’s pretty hot if I’m being completely honest.

“Olivia?” I hear my moms voice come through the other side of my door. My eyes fly open and sit up leaving the blanket to pool around my waist.

“Holy shit.” I whisper loudly. “Morning.” Johnny mumbles opening his eyes slightly to stare at my tits. “My mom.” I whisper jumping out of bed trying to find some pyjamas. “You okay hunny?” Mom calls out through the door.

“I’m fine. Just tired.” I say back throwing clothes around before finally finding some sweatpants and a top. I walk over to Johnny and pull the blanket over his head and tell him to shush.

I walk over to my door and open it just enough for my head to stick out. “Morning mom.” I give her a small smile. “Morning hunny. How was the party?” She asks smiling sweetly at me.

“It was good. I had fun.” I smile. “Are you sure? I know it must be hard to see Greg.” She sighs. “Did you meet anyone? You need to start thinking of settling down.”

“No I didn’t. I don’t need to settle down mom. I’m 17.” I sigh leaning my head against the door. “You’re not going to young forever.” She answers giving me a pointed look. “Me and dad are going to Grove Shore for the day if you want to come? Maybe meet someone?”

“No thanks mom. I’m just going to sleep and catch up on homework.” I tell her pulling the door closer to me when I hear Johnny moving. “Okay hunny. Have a good day.” She says before walking away.

As soon as she’s out of sight I shut the door and sigh leaning against it. “You okay?” Johnny mumbles pulling the blanket off his head.

I groan wordlessly walking over to the bed and throwing myself back onto the bed. “Your mom seems to want you to settle down.” He says unjudgemently.

“Apparently finding love is the most important thing in life.” I sigh climbing back under the covers. “You don’t?” He yawns. “Nope. It’s stupid and I want no part of it.” I answer closing my eyes for a moment before speaking again. “Do you?”

“Fuck no.” Johnny chuckles. “Soooo. Should we talk about last night?” I ask feeling the blush coming to my cheeks.

“It was just a drunken hook up right?” He questions raising an eyebrow at me. “Well, yeah.” I say feeling the tension build in my shoulders. “It was fun. But I don’t want a relationship.” Johnny says in a neutral voice. “Oh thank fuck.” I sigh relaxing my shoulders.

“It was pretty fun huh?” I smile. “Very.” Johnny answers sitting up in my bed. “Wouldn’t say no to seconds.” He smirks down at me.

I sit up and throw my leg over him so I’m straddling him. “Wouldn’t you?” I whisper moving my lips just above his. Johnny doesn’t say anything, instead he answers by grabbing the back of my head and slams his mouth onto mine.

On Monday I’m walking to my locker with a smile on my face from the weekend. Johnny stayed until lunch time before heading home. Mom and dad didn’t come home until well after dinner so I didn’t have to hear any more about me settling down or dad going on about how important my grades are.

“Hey pumpkin.” Sam smiles walking up to me. “Hey.” I smile at her. “You look very happy.” She says pushing her shoulder against mine. “I am.” I tell her before stopping seeing Greg and Kirsten against my locker.

“Come on.” Sam says sadly grabbing my arm and pulling me away. But today I don’t have the usual sinking feeling in my stomach. “Sooo what happened with you and Charlie.” I tease Sam when we reach her locker.

“What? Nothing.” She says a little too quickly and blushing. “You hooked up with him didn’t you?” I say feeling my happiness grow.

My two best friends are perfect for each other but totally are in denial. I’ve been trying to get them together subtly for years.

“We just kissed a little.” She whispers eyeing the freshmen walking past. I can’t help but squeal. “You’re okay with it?” She asks in disbelief. “Of course! You two are perfect for each other.” I smile and drag her to first period and filling her in how I’ve been trying to get them together.

“Hey horn dog!” I say flopping into my seat smirking at Charlie who’s talking with Johnny. Out of the corner of my eye I see Johnnys body freeze at my words.

Oh shit. He thinks I’m talking to him!

“So I heard you were smooching my best friend Saturday night Mr. Brooks.” I continue noticing Johnnys body relax and Charlie’s stiffen.

“W-what?” He asks blushing. “I told her.” Sam throws him a small smile. “Tell me everything!” I say excitedly, needing to know everything. “Sam can.” Charlie mumbles turning back to Johnny.

“Actually I need you’re interrogation skills. Johnny hooked up with someone and won’t tell me a thing!” Charlie exclaims pointing at a giant hickey on his neck. Oops.

“Who is she? Did you have sex? Are you seeing her again? Was it good? How many hickeys did you give her?” Sam asks all at once.

Johnnys cheeks redden slightly and shakes his head. “Aw come on! At least tell me what her tits were like.” Charlie groans earning a slap on his head from both me and Sam.

The day flies by and next thing I know it’s last period, history. “Sick party Greg!” A footballer, Trey, calls out walking into the room. “Same this weekend?” He asks.

“No.” Greg mutters giving him a dirty look. “What?” Trey sits with his mouth hanging open. Looking like a fucking gold fish. Johnny gives me a quick elbow and nods in their direction.

“Some jackass stole a bottle of Jack from my parents and left it in the fucking garden shed along with some fucking panties. They flipped their shit.” Greg spits out glaring at the footballers.

“Now they’re staying home every fucking weekend and I can’t go out.” He sneers at Trey.

I bite back my laugh and glance at Johnny who is doing the same.

“Quite down class.” Mrs Jones says walking into the room. “Today is the last class you can work on your project. You’ll have to finish it in your own time. So let’s go to the library.” She smiles and leads the way to the library.

“When is this even due?” I ask Sam as we walk arm in arm. “Three weeks.” She sighs. “How am I meant to concentrate with Charlie as my partner when I just want to rip his clothes off?” She asks as we walk into the library.

“You’ll be fine.” I giggle. “Try get all the deats from Johnny about his mystery girl.” She says smacking my ass and pushes me towards him.

Johnny and I head to the back of the library browsing through books. “So who gave you the hickey?” I smile waggling my eyebrows.

Johnny chuckles quietly and pulling a book out. “Some chick.” He smirks putting the book back. “Sam said I had to get all the deats from you...then she slapped my ass.” I add as an after thought.

“Careful Liv you might give me ideas.” He winks, dropping a book into my hand. “Oh yeah? Wanna come over after school and-”

“Olivia.” I’m cut off by Greg walking up to us. “Yes?” I ask blushing at nearly getting caught asking Johnny to come over and stepping back towards him.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to come around today? You know have a catch up?” He sends me a disgusting smile that was meant to be flirty. A shiver runs down my spine realising how sleazy he actually is.

“I’m busy.” I roll my eyes and turn around and bumping into Johnny. “Sorry.” I mumble stepping back. “Just think about it yeah?” Greg asks before walking away.

“God he’s disgusting.” I shudder and push the book into Johnnys arms before handing him a couple more, making him roll his eyes.

We end up sitting at a table with Sam and Charlie. Johnny stays silent as he doodles in his note book. “Ugh. This is such a stupid topic.” I say throwing my pen onto the table.

“I’d offer to swap but I want to pass.” Sam chuckles throwing my pen back at me. I sigh and put my head on the desk.

Johnny elbows me in ribs making me jump up in surprise. He nods slightly to my notebook.

I quickly glance at it and see he’s written something at the bottom of the page.


I suppress a smile and give him a slight nod. He brushes his knee slightly against mine before pulling my note book over to him and starts drawing over his message.

“What are you drawing?” I ask peering over his arm. “Don’t be so nosey.” He mutters moving my book further away.

I lean back in my chair and huff for a moment before reaching over and grabbing his note book. I start doing my own doodles of stick men with crazy hair and a couple penises.

“Real mature.” Johnny snorts pulling his book back. “Hey! I wasn’t finished.” I pout. He rolls his eyes before shoving his book into his bag.

I look around and see everyone is packing up. “Did the bell ring?” I ask scrunching my eyebrows. “You that focused on the dick?” Charlie laughs. “Maybe you need to get laid.” He continues laughing. Sams eyes focus on mine for a moment before widening.

“Shut up. I’m going to going to walk with Olivia. I’ll see you at seven to study.” Sam says not taking her eyes off mine.

“But I need to study.” I whine throwing my shit into my bag. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Johnny will come over at seven to yours too.” She says waving her hand in a dismissive motion.

As soon as we get into my bedroom Sam jumps onto my bed. “Tell me everything!” She squeals. “About what?” I ask not making eye contact pretending to look around my room.

“You totally slept with Johnny!” She yells. “Shhh. Moms here.” I hush her. “Tell me!” She demands. I sigh and sit next to her.

“He walked me home and had sex a few times.” I mumble. “A few times?” She screeches looking like a kid on Christmas.

I tell her about finishing the bottle of Jack Daniels and hiding it and coming back here and of course about moms lecture in the morning.

“Oh that is great! So what you’re dating now?” She asks wiping tears from her eyes. “No way! It’s just sex.” I shrug.

Sam ends up staying for dinner before heading to Charlie’s place to work on their project.

At seven on the dot there is a knock on the front door. I jump off the sofa and run to the door before mom or dad could get up.

“Hey.” I say breathlessly. “Hey Liv.” Johnny smiles. “Come on.” I grab his hand and pull him towards my room.

“Who’s this?” Dad asks making me stop. “Johnny. We’re working on the history project together.” I roll my eyes. I already told my parents he was coming over.

“Leave the door open.” Dad grunts. “It’s fine hunny. You can close the door.” Mom smiles sweetly. “She needs to focus on her school work not boys.” Dad spits out.

Feeling awkward and embarrassed I pull Johnny towards my room and close the door behind us.

“Sorry.” I mumble looking at my feet. “It’s okay.” He chuckles dumping his bag on the floor and sitting down on my bed.

When I finally raise my head Johnny has pulled his note book out. I grab my laptop off the floor and sit next to him. “You have a really messy room.” He states.

“It’s not that bad. ” I state looking around my room. There’s clothes scattered everywhere and half a dozen half empty water bottles. “Okay maybe it is.” I giggle.

We spend the next two hours working on our project before my eyes start to feel like they’re starting to cross.

“I need a study break.” I whine slamming my laptop closed and putting it back on its spot on the floor. “Organised mess?” Johnny chuckles putting his note book into his bag. “Yup.” I smile widely.

“You don’t talk much at school.” I state without thinking. “Not much to say I guess.” He answers moving to lean against my headboard.

“How’d you meet Charlie?” I ask moving to sit next to him. Close enough to feel the heat from his arms but not close enough to touch.

“I live next-door to him.” He says grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers. “You do?” I gasp sitting up and facing him. I’ve gone to Charlie’s thousands of times and never seen him around. “Yeah.” He smiles.

“Enough talking.” Johnny demands before pulling my face to his.

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