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Seventeen and Pregnant

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Chapter Three

Over the next two weeks Johnny and I “study” twice a week and again on Saturday nights.

Charlie and Sam have been on a couple of dates but haven’t made it official which is annoying the living shit out of me.

I walk into first period on Monday feeling like shit. Ever since I woke up I feel like I’m going to throw up. I lay my head on the desk and close my eyes needing more sleep.

“You okay pumpkin?” Sam asks gently tapping my arm. “I feel like crap.” I whine. “You look like it too.” She scrunches her eyebrows and puts her hand on my forehead.

“What’s wrong pumpkin?” Charlie asks suddenly appearing next to Sam. “She’s sick dip shit.” She spits out. “Why?” He questions earning an eye roll from Sam.

“That’s what I was trying to figure out before you butted in.”

“What’s wrong?” Johnny asks joining my friends. “Pumpkins sick.” Sam answers lifting my wrist and taking my pulse. She wants to be a doctor so I just roll my eyes and let her continue.

“I’m just tired.” I mumble. Trying to lay my head back down. “Are you not sleeping well?” She demands dropping my arm. I shrug in response. “Nausea? Diarrhoea?” She crosses her arm. “Oh my god. No!” I groan hiding my reddening cheeks.

“I’m just tired.” I repeat.

During first and second period I nap, feeling worse. As Sam and I are walking to lunch I start to feel my stomach churn. “I’m going to be sick.” I say before sprinting into the bathroom.

I dry reach but nothing comes out, probably because I haven’t eaten since dinner last night. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Sam asks, her face full of concern when I stumble out of the stall. “Just tired.” I tell her for the millionth time today.

At lunch I don’t eat anything. The smell of my tuna sandwich makes my stomach churn again and I know if I eat it I will vomit.

By history I’m starting to feel better and am getting more energy. “You’re looking better pumpkin.” Charlie smiles brightly when I take my seat. “Feeling it too.” I return the smile.

When Johnny comes to class he doesn’t say anything and has his hood pulled over his head, hiding most of his face.

“You okay?” I whisper when Mrs Jones walks in. But he ignores me all class. When the bell rings I jump up and follow him as he practically runs out of the room.

“Oi!” I yell grabbing his wrist stopping him. “Hey.” I say gently pulling him to the side of the hall.

When Johnny finally turns to face me I gasp. He has a black eye. “What happened?” I whisper reaching to stroke his bruise before quickly dropping my hand.

“I got punched.” He says through gritted teeth. “What’s the other guy look like?” I ask stepping closer. Johnnys lips turn up into a small smile before disappearing.

“I’ll tell you tonight Liv.” He says before turning and walking out of the school. I quickly walk home and take a longer shower and spend a little extra time picking my underwear and putting my fluffy robe over top.

At seven Johnny comes over like normal and comes straight to my room. “Are you in your pyjamas?” He asks face full of amusement. “No. Now tell me what happened.” I demand sitting on the bed.

He sighs before sitting on the other side. “Where’s your parents?” He asks avoiding my question. “Date night. Now tell me.” I’m growing impatient.

“Honestly?” He asks quietly. I nod narrowing my eyes at him trying to read him.

“Greg was talking shit about you in Gym class so I punched him a few times. He got one hit in.” He says quickly.

“Oh.” I answer. We sit in silence for a minute before I stand up. “I’m sorry.” He mumbles standing up too. “What?” I question. “You’re pissed.” He says grabbing his bag, getting ready to leave.

I quickly swat the bag out of his hand and onto the floor before I push him back on the bed. “I’m not pissed.” I say quietly under doing my robe and letting it drop to the ground revealing my matching lace red bra and panties.

“Holy fuck.” Johnny whispers, his eyes taking in every part of my body. “Does it hurt?” I whisper taking a small step forward. “My eye?” He asks meeting his with mine. I nod taking another small step.

“No.” He says his eyes moving back to my tits. I take a step back and sigh picking my robe back up. “What are you doing?” He asks surprised.

“You said it doesn’t hurt. I was going to make it feel better.” I sigh slipping my arms into my robe. “I mean yeah, it hurts. Real bad.” Johnny says quickly.

I smile and slip my robe back off and sit on his lap so I’m straddling him. I kiss his cheek gently and move my lips past his lips to his neck. I move my hands slowly down his chest to the bottom of his shirt.

I slip my hands underneath and slowly lift it over his head. When his shirt is off I push him onto his back and smash my lips to his.

Our tongues battle before I break away and kiss down his neck and chest before stopping at his jeans. I slowly undo his button and zipper then tug gently.

Johnny quickly lifts his hips to help me pull his jeans and boxers off. As soon as his pants are off I kiss the tip of his cock before swirling my tongue around it making his moan my name.

I slowly take him into my mouth and start moving up and down. I use my hand to stroke the rest of him that I can’t fit in my mouth.

I bring my free hand up and give his balls a soft squeeze making him moan my name.

“Fuck Liv. I’m going to come.” Johnny moans wrapping his hands in my hair. I move my mouth faster and squeeze his balls gently again, encouraging him to come.

I feel his body tense first then his cock twitch in my mouth as he comes. I quickly swallow and look up at Johnny who is panting with his eyes closed.

“Feel better?” I smile climbing onto the bed and giving him a quick kiss. “Much better.” He chuckles before pulling me into a deep kiss.

“We really should do some study.” I mumble against his lips. “Not while you’re wearing that.” Johnny growls lowly, flipping me onto my back.

“I can’t decide if I want this on or not.” He says into my neck while his fingers trace the soft lace over my nipples.

He sucks gently on my lips before kissing down to my tits and sucking on my nipples through the lace making my moan his name.

Johnny kisses down my stomach until he gets to my core and kisses me through my panties before sliding them slowly down my legs.

Johnny kisses the inside of my thighs then back but to my stomach. “Johnny.” I moan. He slowly licks my sensitive bud. I moan and grab onto his dark hair and lift my hips.

“Johnny.” I moan moving my hips in sync with his tongue. Johnny groans and licks my clit faster. He slides a finger into me making me moan his name again.

Johnny pumps his finger faster into me and swirls his tongue in a way that makes my stomach twist. “I’m go-going to fuck” I moan right before I come.

Johnny slowly kisses his way back my body before reaching my lips. I kiss him back lazily while I come down from my high.

Johnny pulls me up the bed and pulls the covers over me. “Stay?” I mumble reaching for him when he moves away. Johnny doesn’t say anything but slides in next to me.

I instantly snuggle into his chest and place a kiss over his heart. “Sweet dreams Liv.” Johnny whispers before kissing my forehead.

In the morning I wake up early feeling sick again. I groan and roll out of my bed find some comfy clothes to wear. Just as I’m pulling my underwear up I hear a deep voice say “that’s a view I could get used too.” I jump and spin around seeing Johnny smirking in my bed.

“Jesus, you scared me Johnny!” I whisper hearing my mom or dad walking past my room. “Sorry.” He chuckles. “I must’ve fallen asleep.” He whispers throwing the blankets off and collecting his clothes.

“It’s okay. My parents will go soon.” I whisper sitting on my bed feeling dizzy. “You okay?” Johnny asks sitting next to me in just his jeans.

“Just tired.” I mumble. Before he can answer there’s a knock on my door. I slowly stand and make my way over.

“Morning hunny. Just wanted to make sure you’re awake before dad drops me off.” Mom says with a fake smile.

“You okay?” I ask eyeing my mother. She has dark bags under her eyes. “Of course hunny. I’ll see you tonight.” She says before quickly turning and walking off.

“We should probably finish our project this week.” Johnny says as we walk into school together. “Come around after school?” I ask throwing him a small smile.

“How about we go to the library. I’m struggling to keep my hands to myself knowing what panties you’re wearing.” He smirks sending me a wink.

I instantly blush. “How are you feeling?” He asks as we approach my locker where of course Greg and Kirsten are making out.

“Better.” I lie. “Excuse me.” I say to Greg and Kirsten. I’m in no mood for their bullshit today and I’m not carrying all my books around.

“Oh. Olivia. Didn’t see you there.” Kirsten smirks at me. When Greg turns around his smirk drops when his eyes land on Johnny next to me.

The moment I see his face I burst out laughing. He has a cut across his nose and two black eyes. “Let’s go.” Greg says grabbing Kirsten’s hand and trying to drag her away but she protests.

“Why? The skank can’t make us move.” Kirsten sneers. “Seriously Kirsten fuck off.” I snap feeling dizzy again. “God Olivia don’t be grumpy. Maybe you need to get laid.”

“Kirsten. Just leave it. Let’s go.” Greg demands tugging her hand harder managing to drag her away.

“Think I broke his nose?” Johnny smiles leaning against the lockers as I open mine. “I think you might have.” I giggle. “I should have let him hit me again for you to kiss better.” Johnny flirts making me blush again.

“Enough of that thank you!” Sam says appearing in between us. “Good morning pumpkin and pumpkins side piece.” She smiles looking at Johnny.

“Side piece?” He asks amused. “You know I’m her number one.” She laughs before dragging us both by our arms to first period.

Johnny accidentally sleeps over again on Thursday night after we stayed up until 2am actually completing our project.

Just like Monday I’ve felt sick every morning everyday this week. “Seriously you need to go to the doctors.” Sam says as we sit down in history.

“You still feeling sick?” Johnny asks taking his seat. “Yeah.” I mumble. “I’ve got a doctors appointment after school.”

“You better not die.” Charlie says looking at me with sad eyes. I give him a sympathetic smile. Charlie’s dad died when he was 14 and it hit him hard. Whenever me or Sam get a simple cold he gets so paranoid.

“You wanna come with me after school?” I ask Charlie squeezing his hand. “If you’re sure?” He asks squeezing my hand back. “Of course.” I smile pulling my hand from his grip.

“Hello class.” Mrs Jones smiles walking into the room. “Today you’ll hand in your projects then do revision for the rest of the class. You can talk amongst yourselves.” In other words she’s saying hand in your projects and do what ever the hell you want.

“Thank god that’s over.” Sam groans taking her seat after handing hers and Charlie’s project in.

“I swear if I ever see another thing about the Cold War I’m going to punch someone.” She continues. “Agreed. Although I’m going to miss the study breaks.” Charlie smirks at Sam.

“Ew.” I say feigning disgust. “So Johnny.” Sam says leaning forward in her seat and he turns slightly to face her. “I see you have another hickey. Anything you want to share? You know since we’re best friends now.” She smirks making eye contact with him.

“Nah.” He deadpans before turning back in his seat. “You suck man. Seriously just tell us one thing about her.” Charlie begs leaning forward just like Sam.

“She’s hot.” Johnny shrugs, a ghost of a smirk on his lips. “Let’s face to Charlie he’s never going to tell us.” Sam fake huffs shooting me a wink.

When the bell rings Charlie and I rush to his car and he drives me to my doctor. As I sit in the waiting room my mind begins making different scenarios of what was wrong.

Maybe my iron was low? Maybe low blood sugar? Maybe I have cancer like Charlie’s dad? I quickly shake that thought out of my head and focus back on the low iron.

When I’m called through Charlie decided to wait in the waiting room. Saying he doesn’t want to hear all the gory details. The doctor asks a few questions then does some blood tests and a piss test.

I walk back into the small room hiding my jar of wee and handing it to my doctor embarrassed.

She tells me she’s doing some standard tests like urine infection and a pregnancy test. I laugh at her. “I’m not pregnant.” I say. “You can never be to sure.” She answers pulling a small white stick out of my pee.

“Urine looks clear. No infection.” She smiles throwing the stick into the bin. She then pulls out a small dropper and fills it then drops a few drops onto a small white rectangle.

“Well, Miss Miller you are pregnant.” The doctor says throwing away my pee and handing me the rectangle. “What?” I shriek looking down at my hands.

“You’re pregnant.” She repeats. “Your blood work will tell us how far along. I should have the results middle of next week then you can come in with the father and we can discuss your options.”

I fell the tears land on my cheeks before I even knew I was crying. “Are you sure?” I whisper wiping my eyes. “We’ll know more when we get your blood work back. In the mean time keep your fluids up and rest.”

When I come back into the waiting room Charlie jumps up from his seat and runs to me. “Are you okay?” He asks pulling me into a hug. “I don’t know.” I whisper crying into his shoulder. “What happened? What’s wrong?” He asks frantically pushing my shoulders back to look at me. “I have to come back next week.” I tell him avoiding the questions.

How could I be pregnant? I can’t be 17 and pregnant. What am I going to do? Fuck, what’s Johnny going to say?

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