My kind of nightmare

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Chapter 1: part 1

It was the worst day in my miserable life. The morning started quite alright. I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, watched some TV. Then it started to turn to shit.

First it was a message from Timothy. My boyfriend. We had been dating for 2 month. Nothing serious yet, but he was really cute and fun guy.

As I read the message my eyes got wide and all the good thoughts about him flew out of the window.

"Lilou, babe. These past two months have been awesome with you. You are beautiful and simply amazing." How sweet right? Ha! "It's just that I am not in love with you and I don't think I'll ever be. We should break up before you get hurt. If you want to, we can still be friends. Sorry." Yeah. That's right. He dumped me through the phone. In the fucking message. Who does that? He's 27 years old!

I cursed loudly and almost threw my phone against the wall, but then I remembered that I have no money to buy a new one.

I wanted to kill that bastard.

After an hour I still hadn't replied to him. What was I supposed to say? Hey. Yeah, don't worry. It's not your fault and I would love to be friends with you. I didn't think so.

I felt like crap. I was crying for no reason. I mean I liked the guy, but that's it. I never thought we would end up in a long term relationship. But still, it sucked to be dumped, not to mention through message.

Next thing that went wrong was with my work.

Around noon I got a call from my boss telling that I had to go down there ASAP. I cursed but went to my car anyway. This was not uncommon for her to call me and make me work extra shifts. My boss didn't really like me so she used every opportunity to mess with me. And messing with my days off was annoying.

On my way to work I almost got into a car accident. Some asshole decided that it was totally fine to drive on a red light. My car barely stopped in tome to avoid collision. I cursed some more while calming my heart. I didn't care if I got hurt or not. What I was worried about was my car. It was old as Kirk Douglas, but my precious car was still running and took me from point A to point B, which was all I could ask for.

Finally I got to the little cafe at the towns east border. Though the cafe was small, it was always busy.

"Hey princess. What are you doing here?" Andy asked as I entered. He worked there as a bartender and was a really nice guy. We both started to work there around the same time and quickly became friends. Actually everyone here was nice, except for Mrs Brooks. She was the Devil I tell you.

"Grinch called me in. Said to get here ASAP. Have any idea why?" I had to admit, that woman scared the shit out of me.

"No, but she is in a really good mood today. I mean she smiled at me when greeted and told Anna that she looked nice. That was some creepy shit" Andy shivered.

"Wow. I wonder why? I have never seen her being polite to any of us." I had worked here since I got kicked out of university when I was 21. Now, 5 years later, nothing has changed. I was still a looser and disappointment to my family. Not that they would admit it. They loved me too much.

"Yeah. Anyway, she's in her office. You should better go before her bitchiness comes back" Andy waved his hand motioning for me to move.

"Yeah. I'll talk to you later then" I winked at him and went to find my creepy boss. She was a definition of mean old lady. Except that she was around 45 years old. Her late husband owned this cafe, but after his death a month ago, she took over.

I reached her office door and knocked.

"Come in" I herd her high pitch voice and opened door.

I slowly entered manager's office that seemed more like small storage room filled with boxes, papers and other stuff. Mrs. Brooks was seated at her table writing something on her computer.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked her straight away without greeting her. I was not in a good mood and she called me here on my day off.

She looked up.

"Ah yes Lilou. Sit down please" she motioned to the chair in front of her desk. I did as she told me and waited for her to start talking again.

"Lilou. You have been working here for quite some time now. Greg was really fond of you and always praised you and your work. He couldn't stop talking about how sweet and amazing you are. It was getting on my nerves. I mean I understand that you are young and good looking though nothing special, but I was his wife. I didn't want to hear about his sick crush on you. I never liked you Lilou, that's the truth. I wanted to get rid of you long time ago, but Greg was against it. He always found a way to make you seem like a queen of this shit hole" she spoke in a cold tone. I just stared at her unable to process what she was saying.

"Don't tell me you didn't noticed his stares towards you. He couldn't keep his eyes off of you. And hands too. Always touching you, holding your hand, putting his hand on your small of the back or kissing your cheek. May seem innocent but we both know that it was far from it don't we? Tell me, did you just flirt with him or did you actually had an affair with him?" She huffed.

When she called me to come over, I definitely was not expecting to have this kind of conversation.

"I don't... What?" I was speechless at this moment.

"I mean I don't blame you. He was extremely good looking for his age. David Gandy. Yeah, he looked like Gandy. But did you really had to step so low and become his side whore? Did he gave you things in exchange for a blowjob or did you do it because you enjoyed it" Did she just called me a whore? That was it. Finally I snapped not caring that she was my boss. She had no right to accuse me of those things. I admit that Mr Brooks was a handsome man but there was nothing between us. He was always nice to me. He might have been a little too touchy, but he was like that with everyone. Even male workers.

"How dare you?! I had never slept with Greg! And we never flirted like you think we did! We were just friendly, like everyone else in this cafe! How can you talk bad about him? He was a great man who doesn't deserve your accusations. You should be ashamed of yourself" I stood up in the middle of my little outburst. I was just fuming with anger.

But what set me off even more was her audacity to laugh at me. I glared at her.

"Don't act like you are innocent. He told me about his little crush on you. But I don't care. And do you know why? He's dead, and I have everything he owned and you have nothing. Not even your job" she smirked.

"What?" I asked once more confused. First of all did Greg actually was into me? And what did she meant by the last statement?

"You are fired. Get your filthy stuff from your locker and never come here again. You are banished from this cafe" she was looking at me with a satisfied look on her caked face.

Oh, that bitch.

"You can't fire me just like that! I didn't do anything wrong!" I hissed. I couldn't afford to loose a job. I already was struggling with my bills.

"Don't worry. I bet you'll find a job real quick. All you have to do is open up your legs. Or your mouth. Whatever you prefer." Oh that bitch. I couldn't take it anymore and I launched at her over her table and punched her right into her face.

"How dare you bitch" I screamed and threw another punch. That was enough for her nose to start to bleed. With my third punch I heard a cracked noise that definitely came from her nose. It was broken. I was ready to throw yet another punch when I was forcefully pulled away from crying witch.

"Let go of me!" I yelled at the person holding me against their chest.

"Lilou calm down. What the fuck!" Andy locked my hands into his strong hold and left me unable to get at my now ex boss.

"You broke my nose! I am going to sue you fucking whore!" Mrs Brooks, aka the bitch, threatened. Her whole face covered in blood. The sight of her made me feel a lot better.

"What did you expect from me? Just sit and nod while you accused me of sucking your now dead husband's dick and calling me a whore?" I tried to launch at her again, but Andy still had a grip on me.

"Get her out of my sight before I call the cops and throw her skinny ass in the jail" the bitch snarled and I felt Andy dragging me out of her office and through the back door.

Once we were outside Andy let go of me.

"What the fuck Lilou? You just attacked our boss" Andy looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was. Maybe this was just my bitchy time of the month and I didn't mean my period. I just usually was a peaceful person. I could scream and yell at someone, but I was not one to get physical. Not since childhood when I would get an anger attack and would just kick and scream and bite and scratch. Poor kindergarten teachers. I was real pain in the ass. Now I usually could easily control myself. But in her office, something just snapped inside of me.

"That bitch accused me of sleeping with Greg! She called me a side whore and fired me for no reason and then she had the guts to tell me that it would be easy for me to get a job. According to her all I had to do was open up my legs! I just lost it" I was breathing heavily. My chest rising up and down.

"But did you have to punch her? Don't get me wrong, I bet she deserved it but you can't just beat people up for insulting you" Andy said coming closer to me.

"I know, but I couldn't help myself. And I don't regret it. It was damn satisfying to see her bleeding" I chuckled.

"Remind me to never get on your bad side" Andy joked. He pulled me into a hug.

"Don't worry. Your face is just too pretty to damage it" I smirked and he chuckled. I felt vibrations go through his chest.

"I am really sorry about your job" he said in a more serious voice.

"Yeah. I have no idea what I am going to do now. I need a job" I sighed. Where am I going to get money to pay all my bills? I am already late on my rent for fucks sake.

"I'll try to help you to find a job. Don't worry. Everything will be fine" he assured.

"Well, I better get going. I am going to relax today and start looking for a new job tomorrow. Plus I need to think how to get my revenge on Timothy" I sighed.

"What did he do?" Andy asked pushing me by my shoulders away from him so he could look into my eyes.

"He sent me a message this morning telling me that our relationship was amazing and that I was amazing and that he is breaking up with me but we still can be friends" I explained. Again I felt tears threatening to spill but I'll be damned if I let that happened.

"I am going to kill that bastard" Andy growled.

"Easy there cowboy. No need to kill him. Where's fun in that? I'll just scratch his car and glue some shit to windshield. He loves that car more that himself. I bet he's going to start crying like a baby" I smirked of the image in my head. I would pay to see that. Alright, I might have been overreacting about all of this, but today I was totally shitty day for me. So I was allowed.

"Fine. But If I see his ugly face, I'm not responsible for my actions. I mean does he still think he's in the middle school or something" he shook his head in disappointment.

"We should go out tonight. Just the two of us I need a break from my roommate and you need a break from reality. I'll pick you up at 9 and we'll go get wasted and have fun. What do you say?" Andy offer did seem appealing, though I was not quite in the mood to party. But it was better than staying home, watching some sad movie, crying and pitying myself.

"Sounds great. I'll see you tonight" I gave him one last hug and went back to my car. Wen I sat in I didn't start it immediately. I just put my head in my hands and tried not to break down. How could my life suddenly be so fucked up?

"Get yourself together, for fucks sake. Tonight you are going to forget everything. Even if it's only for a few hours. Tomorrow you can come back to reality and freak out about what you're going to do" I told myself. Wiping off tears on my face I finally started my car and headed back home to get ready for the night out with Andy.

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