Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 11

Anderson marched into Greta Bridges’ studio the next afternoon and leaned against the receptionist desk. The young lady behind the computer looked up with her dark brown eyes and smiled at him. He gave her a sweet smile and leaned forward showing his white teeth.

“Hi Tracy, I need to see Greta please,” he said in his softest voice. Her eyes widened, and he knew his presence affected her.

“She isn’t in yet,” Tracy answered.

“When?” he asked, keeping his voice calm and soft. Tracy was like any prey he encountered. You needed to keep her calm or you would get nothing.

“She said she would be in around two,” Tracy answered, giving him a shy smile and a slight giggle. He could tell her giggle confused her, she didn’t know what he was doing to her.

“Thank you. I’ll wait here,” he said and settled in a chair across from the desk. He wanted to know why Greta was dragging her feet. Last time she was eager to show her work and had a decent showing. If he remembered two years ago, she sold almost everything of her work. Greta was a photographer who specialized in going through war zones and taking pictures of those affected.

“Do you want coffee Mr. Jones?” Tracy asked coming around the desk. He had to hide his reaction to her, she was wearing a very short tight fitting wrap dress. He preferred his women curvier, with dark natural hair and expressive chocolate eyes. His brain slipped into a fantasy about Evvy and how much he wanted to sink his cock in her slick, tight pussy.

“Mr. Jones?” Tracy waved her hand in front of his face and he looked up.

“Sorry I was woolgathering. Coffee would be great thank you,” he replied. She patted his shoulder and walked off to where he suspected a kitchenette was stationed. He was pulling out his phone when the office door opened and Greta Bridges stormed in. She was wearing a pair of khaki pants, a green button up shirt and boots. Her brown hair had been swept up into a bun on the top of her head. This was the Greta he remembered from years ago, the one he’d been seeing was dressed in tight fitting dresses and wore too much makeup. He hadn’t told her he would come by today and had a sneaking suspicion why she wouldn’t show him any work.

“Hello Greta,” he greeted her, and she jumped dropping her cup of coffee. He back up so the liquid didn’t splash on his pants.


“You need to show me what work you have ready. If you have nothing to show I am headed back to Virginia tomorrow morning,” he stated in a no nonsense tone.

“I uh, um,” she sputtered.

“That is what I thought. You have nothing and only wanted me to come out here so we could date again. I am sorry to tell you, but I moved on,” he explained with a heavy heart.

“No! That isn’t it!” she demanded her blue eyes frantic.

“Then what?” he asked, keeping the irritation from his voice.

“I started on a new line of photographs. I am no longer going out into dangerous places, but traveling through the jungles taking wildlife pictures. I haven’t had time to put together a proper presentation. I’ve been busy,” she replied with a sheepish smile.

“Then why contact Xander about me coming out here and wasting my time?” he demanded.

“I thought I would be ready,” she explained.

“I think you need to explain a little more. Can we talk in your office?” he asked. He knew there would be more to the story but wasn’t sure how long it would take.

“Yes. Tracy hold all my calls,” Greta yelled and led him back to her office. He settled at a chair in front of her desk and looked around at all the photography equipment placed on all the shelves.

“Greta you need to explain everything,” he started. He watched her visibly deflate behind her desk.

“I contacted Xander a few weeks ago to tell me him about a new direction I wanted to take my art. I’ve been traveling around the Amazon River, taking photos of amazing wildlife. Then I met Gus and well I haven’t had time to work on my photos. I didn’t want you to be angry with me so I kept putting off our meetings. Every time we ran into each other I was coming back from a date with Gus,” she explained and he stared at her in surprise.

“Why couldn’t you just be honest with me? You wasted an entire week of my time when you could have just asked me to come back?” he demanded furious with the woman.

“Now that you say it aloud, I feel silly.” She had the good graces to blush and look remorseful.

“Do you have any photos to show me so I can tell Xander it is a yes or no?” he asked.

“I have about a dozen ready to be looked at. They aren’t framed or set up to hang yet,” she replied.

“If you have them printed in the size you want to show them in I can get a better idea if they will work for us,” he replied.

“Yes. They are over here,” she said standing and walking over to one of her filing cabinets. He watched her pull open one gun metal gray drawer and pull out a picture of a Hyacinth Macaw sitting in the branches of a green leafy tree.

“This one it took me several days to get. I also have one of a Spangled Cotinga along with several other birds,” she explained, handing him two other pictures both printed eleven by fourteen.

“Are all your pictures of birds or is there other wildlife?” he asked.

“I focused on birds this time,” she answered.

“They are beautiful pictures. Do you mind sending me a few photos with your watermark on it so I can show them to Xander? I think he would be very interested in showing your photos,” he replied, and her face lit up with a bright smile.

“Yes, I can do that right now!” she exclaimed, and he smiled.

“Good. I will fly out tomorrow and we will be in touch,” he said standing.

“Thank you for being understanding,” Greta said, bowing her head.

“Just know, next time I won’t be so understanding. I know what it is like to have a new love, but you cannot let it consume you and you lose sight of your art,” he warned.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she replied and settled behind her computer. He took his leave and contacted Jessica, Xander’s assistant, to book him a flight home.

“Hi Anderson,” Jessica’s perky voice greeted him.

“Hi Jessica. I need you to book me a flight home as soon as possible,” he told her waiting for his Uber to bring him back to his hotel.

“Sure thing Mr. Jones,” she replied and he could just see the smile on her face. She always had a smile on her face, something that amazed him.

“How is Evvy?” he asked, then smacked himself in the face for asking.

“She is busy with Evan Matthews. He is being harder to get along with than what she expected. He doesn’t like that she is a woman in charge,” Jessica explained, he could hear her nails clicking on her computer.

“I had heard he struggled with women being in charge. Is everything going to happen on time?” he asked getting into the Uber car.

“I think so. We have the majority of his work here and ready to be displayed. We are waiting on the one he is working on at the Clover Leaf Inn,” Jessica replied.

“Should I do anything?” he asked.

“No. Evvy has it under control,” Jessica assured him and he smiled.

“Of course she does. Evvy is always on top of everything in her world,” he replied and got a chuckle from Jessica.

“She is very organized. She is taking a long weekend right after we show Evan Matthews art. I think she deserves the break and her dating Preston has been amazing for her,” Jessica commented, and he felt a stab of jealousy take over his body. He needed to be home and take care of this situation with Evvy and Preston.

“That is good to hear,” he lied.

“Well, I have you on the next flight out, unfortunately it won’t be until Saturday morning at six am,” she announced.

“Nothing sooner?” he asked, stepping out of the car and into the hotel lobby.

“No. It seems a storm system is coming through and many of the flights are being cancelled,” she explained, and he finally looked at the sky. It was pitch black as if it were midnight.

“It looks like it is going to storm pretty bad here. Can you let Xander know when I’ll be back in town and that I will be at dinner Saturday night,” he replied.

“Will do. Have a safe flight Mr. Jones,” she said and hung up. Anderson went into his hotel room and laid down, what was he going to do until he could fly home? He didn’t like the thought of waiting to see Evvy, what if she fell for Preston and moved on from him? What if he couldn’t get her back? How was he going to survive? He needed to get home. Hoping on his computer he started to research flights to see if he could catch something and plane hop his way home.

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