Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 14

Evelyn woke up the morning of Evan’s show and ran to the bathroom to throw up. She chalked it up to nerves and went about her morning routine. Unfortunately, she had to stop several times getting ready for the day to breathe through her nausea. It had never been this bad before any of the other shows she’d help run. Maybe it had to do with her going up to Philly Friday to be around all of Luke and Alexis’s friends. Tomorrow she needed to make five batches of brownies for the party and Anderson had texted her every day this week. Lauren had suggested blocking his number, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. They still communicated through email and Xander had told her on Monday Anderson would take the position as Artist Liaison and starting with their next show he would be in charge of dealing with the artist. She would be in charge of setting up the art and dealing with the buyers. It didn’t make her feel much better, and now she would be around Anderson more and it would make it harder for her to move on.

Ding! She looked down at her phone and saw a text from Preston.

Hello Beautiful. Good luck today, and I will be at the show tonight looking for a new piece for my office.

Good morning handsome. Can’t wait to see you tonight. She sent back her text and finished getting dressed. She had hidden her stomach issues from Preston, but worried about bringing him with her to meet her family. She liked Preston, but it was as a friend. Her date with him last week had been anticlimactic. She had hoped he would try to take things further, but he didn’t. He only gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and told her to let him know if she wanted him to come with her to the engagement party.

Honestly, she didn’t. She did not see her and Preston going further than maybe a few more dates, then going their separate ways. He was a very nice man once he stopped trying to impress her. She would like to keep him as a friend, but she didn’t want a high-powered businessman as a mate. He was always busy, when they went on dates he still had his phone out and once he took a call and left her at their table for half an hour dealing with an issue.


Evvy, please talk to me. I’ll be at the show tonight. She read the text from Anderson and ignored it. She was tired of his constant pushing. He didn’t want a mate; he didn’t want children. Why did he keep bothering her? Shaking her head, she poured herself coffee into a travel mug Roxie got her saying, Best Auntie!. Putting in her customary cream and sugar she grabbed an apple and left her apartment.

Ring, ring. She looked down at her phone and saw it was Evan calling.

“Hello Evan. I am leaving my apartment now. What do you need me to pick up for breakfast?” she asked getting into her car and turning it on. She pulled out of her apartment complex as he answered.

“I want a peach scone from that bakery you brought to me yesterday. I need a hot chai tea latte and I need a ripe banana.”

“I’ll be at the inn in twenty minutes,” she told him and drove over to Mia’s for Evan’s pastry and banana. She would need to go to the local coffee shop for his latte. Parking the car, she walked into Mia’s hearing Mia shout.

“Evvy! Two days in a row?”

“Evan really liked your peach scones. Please tell me you have two that I can get from you?” she begged leaning against the counter.

“I just happen to have a fresh batch from the oven,” Mia told her and without missing a beat placed two in a bag for her.

“I also need a banana,” she added. Mia reached over and grabbed a ripe banana placing it in the bag with the scones. Evelyn paid her and then felt sick to her stomach when she got a whiff of the banana. Normally they didn’t bother her, they were not a fruit she liked, but they weren’t the worst either. Blinking and breathing steadily through her nose and out of her mouth she waited for the feeling to go away.

“You okay hun?” Mia asked her and Evelyn nodded unable to speak.

“You look a little green.” Mia came around and helped her sit down, then got her a glass of water.

“I’m fine,” she lied taking a sip of the water.

“Are you sure?” Mia gave her a worried look.

“Yes, I always feel sick when I’m stressed. I have the big art show tonight and my brother’s engagement party this weekend,” she explained.

“Maybe you should talk to someone about it,” Mia suggested.

“I’m fine,” Evelyn snapped and then sighed.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been more emotional lately, too. I appreciate your concern, Mia. I better get going Mr. Matthews is a temperamental artist.” She stood and took her bag out to the car. Driving with the window open, she swung through the drive through of the coffee place and sped over to the inn. She pulled in the see Caroline pacing the porch.

“Thank goodness you are here!” Caroline grabbed her and dragged her into the inn. She could hear Evan whining loudly over her being late.

“I’m sorry. I felt sick at Mia’s and needed to take a moment,” she explained to Caroline.

“Are you okay?” Caroline asked, and she nodded heading up to the current room Evan deemed satisfactory at the moment.

“You are late!” Evan yelled when she walked in. One more day Evelyn. You can do this. She plastered on a smile and handed him his breakfast and latte. He took the items without so much as a thank you.

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