Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 15

“We need to leave by ten. Your tux is pressed and ready for you. I need you to do one more walk through to make sure you are happy with the way things look,” she explained, pulling out her planner.

“Ten is so early,” he complained with his back to her. She rolls her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Your show is a cocktail hour, it starts at five. We need you at the gallery to do some paperwork with Xander too,” she added.

“What paperwork?” Evan asked around a mouthful of food.

“The paperwork for you to get paid. You’ve refused to come into the gallery since the first day. Xander needs your signature on the papers,” she explained. If they ever worked with him again, she prayed she wouldn’t have to deal with him. He’d been worse than Christoff and he spent most of the time drunk and hitting on her.

“Fine,” he sighs, and she lets out a relieved breath.

“I’ll leave you to your breakfast. You have about an hour until we need to leave.” She looked down at her watch to see a text notification from her phone pop up.

Headed to the gallery to help.-Anderson

Damn, she’d hoped he wouldn’t show up at the gallery. He wouldn’t take over for her until this show was over.

Thanks, she sent back and left to find Caroline. She found her in the main dining area feeding two older couples.

“Evelyn. Come sit down. I’ll get you something to eat,” Caroline told her. The two had become fast friends thanks to Evan Mathews being a nightmare for both of them.

“Maybe just a glass of water,” she replied, feeling a headache coming on.

“Still upset stomach?” Caroline gives her a concerned look and Evelyn plasters a fake smile on her face.

“Just stress. It will go away after this weekend,” she explained.

“Your brother’s engagement party, right?” Caroline handed her a glass of water and sat down next to her.

“Yes. I have to make five batches of brownies tomorrow.”


“Luke loves brownies and wanted me to make them for his party as a gift.”

“Sounds like a lot of work. Do you need help?”

“No. I have a double oven in my kitchen so I can do two batches at a time. I’m also going to use the time they are baking to sort through my closet. Some clothes just don’t fit right.” Recently she noticed her bras were uncomfortable and making her boobs sore.

“I did that when we moved. I got rid of all the ball gowns I owned. Donated them to an organization that gets underprivileged girls prom dresses.”

“I have a ton of dresses that I could donate. I think I might even have my prom dress still. I didn’t know what to do with it.”

“I’ll get you the information, hang on.” Caroline got up and left the room. Evelyn took the time to look over the other guests. They were both couples in their sixties with cameras around their necks.

“What are you taking pictures of?” she asked one of the ladies.

“Birds. We are part of a bird watching club. We came out here looking for birds we can’t find in Florida.” Evelyn smiled and said,

“If you go into the national park, take the red trail. I usually see a lot of birds along it on my walks.”

“Thanks honey,” the lady said and patted her hand.

“Here you go.” Caroline handed her a slip of paper with the information on it. She knew which dress she would donate first, the one her mom insisted she wear to the party. She didn’t hate the dress Roxie picked for her wedding; she just hated the color, blush pink.

If she ever had a wedding, her dresses would be wine red. She wanted a fall wedding when the leaves were changing color and the air got chilly. Her dress would fit her like a glove, she loved her body and wanted to show it off. All she needed was a mate and to get his opinion on the important parts of the wedding. Every time she had a daydream about her wedding Anderson was the groom. She couldn’t get him out of her head, and Preston Reese hadn’t been the right man to help her. She needed to talk to Roxie and get her opinion. How did she tell Preston things just would not progress further than being friends? Mulling over her dilemma, Evan came down the stairs.

“I’m ready,” he announced. She looked up to see he was in khaki shorts, a bright pink tank top and flip-flops. He had his art bag slung over one shoulder.

“Perfect, let’s go,” she said, standing up and heading to her car. Evan balked at the tiny car and she grimaced. She’d forgotten he hated small spaces.

“It is only a few minutes to Xander’s. Then we will take the SUV up to the gallery. It is about an hour long drive from here,” she explained and he nodded getting into the back of her car. Evelyn quickly got in and drove them over to Roxie and Xander’s house. Xander would drive them all to the gallery. This way everyone was there at the same time.

She parked the car and Evan dove out of the car as if he were about to throw up. She watched him take deep breaths and tried not to laugh at how silly he looked. She pulled her dress out of her trunk along with her purse and makeup bag. Walking into the house, she let Evan follow behind.

“Xander, we are here!” Evelyn called.

“Coming,” he yelled back, and she sat down on one couch. Evan sat in an armchair, looking uncomfortable.

“You okay?”

“I don’t like kids,” he replied, and she could hear one twin crying.

“Don’t worry they won’t be coming,” she assured him and then jumped when the front door opened and Anderson walked in. She stared at him and almost melted. He looked even better than the last time she ran into him. His dark hair was shaggy and his blue eyes bright. She noticed the dark circles under his eyes and his cheeks were sunken. He looked like he hadn’t slept in a week.

“Evvy,” he sighed, and a shiver went down her spine pooling in her pussy.

“Anderson,” she replied with a soft smile.

Anderson and Evelyn are finally back in the same town! Thoughts? Let me know!

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