Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 2

Anderson lounged on Evelyn’s bed waiting for her to come home. He had stripped down to his boxers and was reading a book on his phone. He took a look around the room, Evelyn had added a new painting by Roxie. It was a small eight by ten painting of a waterfall from the national park. He remembered taking Evelyn on a picnic there when the leaves had started to turn colors. They had been together for almost two months when he invited her on a picnic date. He made her hike about half a mile to where he’d set up their picnic spot, the day before he’d gone scouting for the perfect place. He was going to ask her to come on his next trip to see an artist in California.

“Evvy, these past two months have been amazing,” he began, her brown eyes gave him a sad look, and he faltered.

“Do you love me?” Her question shook him to the core, he cared for her a great deal, but he could never love. He refused to allow himself to fall in love.

“I care a lot about you Evvy.”

“That isn’t the same thing Anderson. I love you and have told you on numerous occasions. You just smile and kiss me. You never say it back,” she replied, her wine glass still half full of red wine she loved so much.

“I can’t fall in love,” he explained. She gave him an angry look and huffed.


“Because I told myself long ago marriage was a sham. You saw my dad and Meredith, they married so I would have a mom. Now they are in the middle of a divorce,” he lied. He had other reasons for never getting married and never ever having children.

“Bull shit,” she spat out, this time she was glaring at him.

“You don’t get to decide how I feel,” he shot back. Even if he wasn’t telling her the whole truth, she didn’t get to discredit his feelings.

“Are we mates?” she demanded setting her glass down. The glass tipped over and spilled wine all over the ground, neither moved to pick it up.

“No,” he lied again. His tiger pushed to take over, he was yelling in his head that he was being foolish.

“Then why continue to date? If you don’t want marriage or children then I don’t want this anymore.” She stood and walked away. He didn’t go after her.

Around Christmas time he came home and texted her, she told him she didn’t want to be in a relationship with a man who wasn’t committed to marriage and children. She didn’t want to waste her life waiting on the impossible. He proposed that until she found the man, she wanted to marry, they could continue to have a physical relationship. She hadn’t turned him down and so began their friends with benefits relationship.

He loved her apartment; the place felt like home to him. When he came into town he hated being at his apartment. The place was rarely used it felt like a hotel room to him and not home. When he was with Evelyn he could relax, his tiger felt happy. When he traveled his tiger never let him be, constantly he pinned away for their mate.

This is where we belong. His tiger purred and Anderson shook his head.

No, we don’t. We cannot have a mate and you know why!

That is a human issue, tigers don’t have the same fears.

I am not having this argument with you. You are just going to have to be happy with the small amount of time we have with her. His tiger growled and metaphorically turned its back on him.

He fell asleep around midnight. When was Evvy going to come home? She’d never made him wait this long, usually she came home within twenty minutes of him texting her. He craved her touch; he needed her to survive his next business trip to Texas.

“Anderson,” her melodic voice played in his head.

“Evvy,” he mumbled and woke when he felt her hands push on his shoulder. Opening his eyes, he smiled up at his beautiful woman.

“You are home late,” he remarked, looking at the clock on the side table. It read two am. Reaching up, he grabbed her hand and yanked her into the bed. His lips crashed onto hers, he couldn’t wait for her anymore.

“Anderson,” she gasped into the kiss, he bit down on her lip and pulled. She moaned into his mouth, he plunged his tongue in to possess and devour her. His hands worked quickly to divest her of her clothing. When his hands touched her bare skin, his tiger purred.

“I missed you,” he confessed, rolling until he was on top of her. His eye connected with her dark ones and he could see desire had taken hold of her. She had changed into her tank top and capri leggings for bed. Pushing her shirt up, he captured one dusky nipple in his mouth and sucked. She jerked underneath him and he bit with his teeth, her nipple puckered and tightened into a peak. Massaging her other large breast he moaned, her skin silky soft under his hands.

“Anderson,” she moaned, he loved hearing his name on her lips. His hands quickly stripped her of her restrictive clothing. He rained kisses down her body stopping to worship her legs. Starting at her feet, he kissed and nipped until his head was settled between her thighs. Taking a deep breath he breathed in her scent, earthy with a hint of the desert after a rainstorm when the flowers bloom.

“You smell amazing,” he murmured and took a moment to admire her body. Her hips were perfect for holding her breasts were the right size for him and her pussy was his favorite place to be. Bending down, he licked her clit down to her opening. He swirled his tongue around the opening of her pussy tasting her juices. Humming his pleasure he gripped her thighs and spread her wide. Latching onto her clit he felt her jerk in his hands. Using his long tongue he fucked her pussy, his fingers pressing and pinching her clit. He knew what she liked, and she loved when he worshiped her body. He needed her to know how beautiful she was to him, the taste of her on his tongue drove him on. Moving his fingers he pushed two into her pussy and sucked on her clit. She screamed out and her hands gripped his hair. Her long nails biting into his scalp as he pleasured her body.

“Come for me baby,” he whispered and doubled his efforts to bring her to her first orgasm of the night.

“I can’t,” she moaned, her head thrashing on the pillows. He took a moment to look up and saw her eyes clouded with desire, her dark hair splayed across the pillows. She’d left it curly, which he liked best.

“Yes baby, come for me. Show me how beautiful you are when you find your release,” he said, nipping on her thigh. She groaned and lifted her hips up. He took that as a hint to go back to work. Dropping back between her legs he used his whole jaw to pleasure her pussy. His tongue darted out to press on her clit, his fingers finding her pleasure spot. Using his whole arm, he sped up his fingers until he felt the tell tale signs of her orgasm coming. Her legs tensed, her hands clenched the bed and then she let out a cry of passion. Her juices gushed onto his tongue and her pussy clenched hard on his fingers. He lapped up every drop until she was spent on the bed. Her legs went limp and her eyes closed.

“Mmm, you know how to make me come every time,” she whispered.

“I love eating you. Your peaches and cream is addicting,” he admitted.

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