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Chapter 24

Evelyn dropped into a chair at Roxie’s for a girls’ night and sighed. All the women in the room turned to stare at her. Evelyn looked around and noticed Ellie had popped even more since the last time she’d seen her. Josie and Roxie looked happy, Caroline looked relaxed for the first time since Evan had graced her inn and Elizabeth had a large glass of wine in her hands.

“Are you okay Evvy?” Caroline asked she had become a regular to their girl nights.

“No,” she replied and pinched the bridge of her nose. She didn’t know what to do. She bought the pregnancy test as her mother wanted, but she hadn’t had the guts to try it. It was sitting in her purse, waiting to be used.

“Spill,” Roxie ordered, handing Evelyn a glass of water. Evelyn raised an eyebrow, did Roxie know?

“You know all the stomach problems I’ve been having?” she began, everyone nodded.

“They haven’t gone away. I was at lunch with Alexis’ family and my family. Alexis asked me to be her bridesmaid, and when I agreed she hugged me. Her perfume set me off, I ran into the bathroom and threw up everything I’d eaten in the morning. My mom followed me and mentioned she noticed I wasn’t feeling well the night before at our own family dinner. We went to a seafood restaurant. Anyway, she asked me when my last period was,” she explained and watched as everyone’s eyes except for Josie and Roxie’s widened.

“And?” Elizabeth prompted her to continue.

“And she told me to take a pregnancy test and find out if I’m pregnant. Then I am to call her with the news.” She finished her story and sipped her water.

“Did you take it?” Caroline wanted to know.

“No,” she admitted in a small voice. She was afraid to know the answer.

“Where is it?” Roxie asked, giving her a shrewd look. Roxie knew her better than anyone.

“In my purse,” she answered.

“Go into the bathroom and take it now,” Roxie ordered, pointing to the small powder room around the corner.

“I don’t want to,” she shot back and crossed her arms.

“Evvy, if you are pregnant you need to get on a prenatal vitamin and start seeing your OBGYN. If you are, your baby deserves the best care,” Elizabeth reasoned. Evelyn groaned and grabbed her purse, making her way into the bathroom. Pulling the test out of her bag, she stared at it. This little thing was going to tell her whether she was pregnant with Anderson’s child or not. Reading the package carefully, she followed each step. Setting the test on the counter, she stepped out of the bathroom to wait the three minutes the test needed to change her life. Pacing the hallway, she noticed Roxie standing at the end of the hall with a small smile on her lips.

“What Rox? You are my best friend and I know you aren’t surprised by my announcement,” Evelyn said, turning to look at her best friend.

“Its Anderson’s isn’t it?” she asked. Evelyn nodded.

“That is wonderful news!” Roxie wrapped her arms around Evelyn, giving her a hug.

“We don’t know if I’m pregnant,” Evelyn mumbled, but Roxie hugged her tighter. The timer on her phone went off, and she took a deep breath. Turning the doorknob to the bathroom slowly, she picked up the test with shaky hands. Clear as day on the display window was the word PREGNANT. Dropping the test, she sank to the floor. What was she going to do? Anderson and she were over, he didn’t want children or marriage. How would she tell him that he was going to become a father?

“Evvy.” Roxie wrapped her arms around her and Evelyn turned her head into her best friend’s shoulder and balled. She was thrilled and terrified at the same time. Her dream of becoming a mother was coming true, but she was without the mate she wanted.

“Everything is going to be okay. We are all here for you,” Roxie consoled her, rubbing her back gently.

“What was the result?” Josie asked Evelyn, looked up and saw all her friends standing in the hallway. She removed herself from Roxie’s arms and dried her eyes.

“I’m pregnant,” she answered.

“And you feel how?” Ellie asked and Evelyn knew they were trying to gauge her reaction.

“I don’t know,” she gave an honest answer and walked back into the living room. The pregnancy test clutched tight in her hand.

“It is Anderson’s right?” Josie asked, and she nodded.

“Preston and I never went past a few kisses. The last time I had sex with Anderson, we weren’t careful. I knew the risk but was too deep in the throes of having sex with him that I didn’t care. Now I am pregnant with a baby, I have no boyfriend and the man I do want is being a complete wuss.” She huffed and crossed her arms, angry at herself and Anderson.

“It isn’t all your fault. Anderson helped make the baby too,” Caroline pointed out and Evelyn nodded her agreement.

“How are you going to tell him?” Roxie asked, and she shook her head.

“I’m not. I won’t tell him until a doctor has confirmed I’m pregnant and I know I am not going to miscarry. I don’t want him to think because of this baby he needs to be with me. I want him with me because he wants to be, not because he has to,” she answered.

“But it is his child,” Josie pointed out. None of them asked if Evelyn was going to keep the baby. They all knew her views and any child she gets pregnant with will be hers. She has wanted to be a mother for a long time now. This baby was going to make her a mother, and it was a part of the man she loved.

“So. He didn’t seem to want me before I got pregnant. I don’t want him to do it now,” she answered.

“I think you are being smart. Get all the tests done and then deal with Anderson,” Ellie replied and Evelyn smiled. She was glad to see her friend agree with her. Ellie was due to have a baby girl in October.

“When would be your due date?” Roxie asked.

“I think sometime in February or March,” she answered and all the women gave her a shocked look.

“Do you not know when your last period was?” Josie asked, pulling out her phone.

“Um...” she pulled out her phone and continued.

“June tenth.”

“Then you are due around the middle of March,” Josie replied, showing her a pregnancy calculator on her phone.

“When do you see your doctor?” Roxie wanted to know.

“Next Monday,” Evelyn answered, leaning back in her chair. She knew the news hadn’t sunk in yet. She was pregnant with Anderson’s child, and he never wanted one. Now she had to figure out a way to explain she was pregnant, and the child belonged to him. She only hoped Anderson would step up and be the dad she knew he could be. It would be the icing on the cake if Anderson wanted to be a whole family.

“Good. Then you get the test done and get blood work done. The blood work can tell you if you are having a boy or a girl,” Elizabeth explained, and Evelyn turned to her former roommate.

“Anything else?”

“Buy a prenatal vitamin now, make sure it has folic acid in it. You need to be drinking a lot of water and get plenty of rest,” Elizabeth continued.

“If things make you feel ill, don’t use them or eat them. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients. You are eating for two, but that doesn’t mean you can eat everything. They do not allow lunch meat from the deli, don’t eat a lot of fish because it has mercury in it. Obviously no wine,” Elizabeth explained.

“I remember from when Roxie and Josie were pregnant,” she replied with a soft smile. She loved how her friends were taking care of her. None of them were freaking out about her being pregnant and were taking it in stride. Now she had to call her mom and tell her.

“Let us know if we can do anything. If you want someone to come with you to your first ultrasound, let one of us know. We will come with you,” Roxie said. Evelyn felt tears prick the corners of her eyes. She loved these women.

“Thank you. Now I have to call my mom and tell her the news,” she announced, and Roxie gave her a sympathetic look.

“Good luck,” Roxie told her and Evelyn sighed.

“I’ll be right back.” She stood and pulled out her phone, walking into another room to call her mom. Her mom answered on the second ring.


“You were right, Mom,” she announced, and a moment of silence met her on the other side of the phone.


“You are pregnant?”


“What is this? Is it drop bombshells on Mom day?” she asked and Evelyn had to pause and think about who else might have told her surprising news.

“Victor and Jeanie?” she asked and her mother gasped.

“You knew?”

“I saw the wedding rings,” she answered.

“That boy, I swear!” her mother grumbled and Evelyn had a smile spread across her face. She and Victor must have been on the same wavelength to tell their mother their surprising news on the same day.

“Is Anderson the dad?” her mother asked.


“Are you going to get back together?”


“Okay then. Let me know if you need anything,” her mother replied in a soft tone.

“That’s it? No yelling? No telling me how irresponsible I was?”

“What good would that do now? You are pregnant, and I am going to be a grandma. Dad and I will come to visit next month and check on you,” she told her.

“Thanks, Mom. I love you,” Evelyn replied, surprised her mother was being so calm about everything.

“Love you too, Evvy. Keep me posted.”

“I will.” She hung up the phone and walked back into the other room.

“How did it go?” Roxie asked, handing Evelyn a glass of water.

“She didn’t yell,” Evelyn answered, sitting back down and shaking her head. Her mother surprised her tonight.

“She didn’t? I remember her shouting out the door to make good choices. I don’t want to be a grandmother on our prom night,” Roxie shared, and all the women laughed.

“Seriously?” Caroline asked, and Evelyn nodded.

“She loved to yell embarrassing things out the door when I went on dates. My prom date wouldn’t even hold my hand that night,” Evelyn shared.

“Sounds like any well-meaning mother,” Josie replied. This started the women talking about their embarrassing moms and what happened when they went on dates. Evelyn spent the evening enjoying her friends and trying not to worry about her pregnancy and Anderson.

And now you know. Evelyn is pregnant with Anderson’s baby. I want to take a moment to let you know that everything always works out in my stories. I am a true believer in happy endings. Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and vote on the chapter!

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