Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 28

Tuesday morning, Evelyn walked into her doctor’s office dreading her appointment. After her night over at Roxie’s, she took four more pregnancy tests just to be certain she hadn’t gotten a false positive. She wanted them to be wrong, Anderson had shown her he didn’t want her personally. His tiger wanted her, he never once told her he loved her. She signed in and took a seat in the waiting room. All around her, she noticed the pregnant women or newborn babies sitting with their mothers for a checkup.

“Miss Tate,” a nurse called. Evelyn stood on shaky legs and followed the nurse back to the exam room.

“I am going to take your blood pressure and weight before we go into the room. You can set your things there,” the nurse said, pointing to a chair. Evelyn placed her things down and took off her shoes. She stepped up on the scale and looked away. She didn’t want to know what she weighed. She’d come to terms with her plus-sized body and didn’t need the scale making her insecure.

“Now your blood pressure,” the nurse motioned for her to sit in the chair with her things and hold out her arm. Evelyn did her best to relax and not pay attention to the blood pressure cuff, cutting off her circulation. She hated this part, it always made her worry that the cuff wouldn’t stop squeezing and she would lose all circulation in her arm.

“What brings you here today?” the nurse asked. Evelyn sighed and answered,

“I am here for a routine checkup and to see if I am pregnant.” The nurse gave her a curious glance. Evelyn noted her looking at her ring finger. Tucking her left hand under her right, she ignored the nurse.

“Then I am going to need you to pee into a cup,” the nurse continued and handed her a small paper cup with a sharpie.

“Write your first and last name on the cup. There are lids and wipes in the bathroom for you to use. When you are done, place the cup in the small cabinet and meet me in exam room two.” Evelyn took the cup and wrote her name cleanly on the outside, handing the marker back to the nurse. Walking into the bathroom, Evelyn took a steadying breath and proceeded to fill the cup. Being careful with the lid, she placed the cup in the small cabinet. Staring at the cup she gave a soft laugh, it was the most important cup of pee she’d ever given in her life. This cup would let her know if she were pregnant or not, oh she knew she would have to give blood, but they’d test her pee too. Shaking her head over her silly thoughts, she stepped out and went to exam room number two. There the nurse was waiting with those awful robes they make people change into.

“Take everything off and put this on facing front. I need to ask you a series of normal questions before you change,” the nurse stated. Evelyn nodded and answered every question she was asked. Finally, the nurse left, and the doctor came in ten minutes later.

“Hello, Evelyn, nice to see you again. I hear you think you might be pregnant,” Dr. Labaff said, walking over to the sink to wash her hands.

“I took several home pregnancy tests, and they all came back positive. I’ve also had pretty severe stomach problems. Usually, I would have ignored them because I was working with a very stressful client, but even after the event ended I was still feeling ill,” she explained.

“I see, well let’s give you a checkup to make sure nothing else is going on. We can do an ultrasound to check and make sure your ovaries are doing what they are supposed to. I’ll order a blood test for you and we can check to see if you have the pregnancy hormone. How long has it been since your last period?” she asked, and Evelyn paused to think about it.

“June tenth,” she replied, and the doctor raised an eyebrow. It was now July twentieth, and Evelyn was very late for her period.

“That would put your due date around March seventeenth,′ Dr. Labaff replied, looking at her calendar.

“We don’t even know if I am pregnant yet,” Evelyn countered, and the doctor smiled.

“Let’s get you looked at then. The nurse is currently testing your urine to see if you carry the pregnancy hormone. If that test comes back positive then I’ll send you to our lab to get blood work done. You’ll want to know the sex right?” she asked, putting on gloves.

“Yes.” Evelyn nodded and laid back to let the doctor examine her. Twenty minutes later, and the nurse was walking in with a paper to hand to the doctor.

“Congratulations Ms. Tate, you indeed are pregnant. Let’s get you to the lab for some blood work. Do you want to see the baby?” Dr. Labaff asked, and Evelyn shook her head. This couldn’t be happening; she was hoping it was all a bad dream.

“Then let’s set up an ultrasound appointment and by next week you’ll know boy or girl. I can have the information sealed in an envelope waiting for you at the ultrasound place.” Evelyn nodded feeling numb, she needed to think through everything. Inside she was a mess of emotions, happy, scared, angry, amazed a small life was growing inside of her.

“Thank you Dr. Labaff,” she said softly and sat up.

“Get dressed and we can get you an ultrasound appointment set up for Friday of next week. If my estimates are correct, you are about six weeks along. The ultrasound will know more next week,” her doctor explained and stepped out of the room. Evelyn quickly shot a text to Roxie, letting her know she would be getting the blood test and ultrasound in about two weeks. Getting dressed in record time, she went out to meet up with the nurse again. The nurse walked her over to one of the front desk assistants and announced,

“She needs an appointment with the ultrasound tech for Friday of next week.”

“Wonderful, do you have a time preference?” the assistant asked, and the nurse walked away so Evelyn could schedule her appointment.

“In the afternoon. I need to be at work in the morning,” she replied.

“Does four o’clock sound okay? That is the last one we have for the day.”

“Yes, four o’clock is fine,” Evelyn replied, pulling out her phone to put in the appointment.

“Perfect, have a seat and the lab tech will come and get you to take your blood,” the assistant told her pointing to a chair. Evelyn sat and waited about five minutes before she was taken back to get her blood drawn. It was quick in and out, although she worried about the number of vials they needed to fill.

“There are a lot of tests that need to happen,” the tech told her and Evelyn nodded looking away from the needle in her arm.

“All done. Have a wonderful afternoon.”

“Thank you, you too.” Evelyn walked out of the office and down to her car. All the way she thought about what she was going to tell Anderson. She prayed he would be happy and not freak out. His irrational fear concerned her, he would do one of two things. He would either run for the hills and never be seen again or he would face his fear with her and be the mate she knew he was capable of being.

Good luck with the ultrasound next week. Do you want me to come with you? Roxie’s text came through as she stepped into her car.

Yes. It is at four o’clock in our OBGYN office. She sent back a text and started her car to head home and eat a pint of ice cream.

I’ll meet you there. Love you and don’t stress out. I know everything is going to work out in the end.

Thanks, Rox.

Evelyn put her phone away and went home.

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