Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 3

Evelyn lay on the bed spent from Anderson giving her an amazing orgasm. He still wore his boxers, but his need for her was very clear. She should make him go home, tell him this was over and she needed to move on, but then he gave her earth shattering orgasms.

“I need more,” he growled and tossed his boxers away. She sighed in appreciation for his cock. He was massive and knew how to use it.

“Then take me,” she purred, Anderson always made her feel sexy. Evelyn knew she was considered plus size in the world, but she loved her curves. They made her who she was, yes high school would have been pure hell without Roxie by her side. Evelyn knew how to dress her body and make herself feel beautiful. Anderson made her feel irresistible.

“Oh, I will. Do you have any condoms?” he asked, she reached over for her bedside table. She kept a box there just in case Anderson popped over unannounced. Taking the box out of the drawer she shook it. It was empty, they must have used the last of them last month when he was over.

“No, I’m out. Do you?” she asked, he reached for his pants and dug through the pockets. Shaking his head, he looked at her like he was being denied an ice cream.

“I am on the pill,” she offered, she was too wound up to let him go without making her orgasm at least twice more that night.

“Are you sure?” he asked, she nodded. She’d never been regular with her periods as a young woman and went on birth control to regulate them.

“Oh thank god,” he murmured and captured her mouth in a heated kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and took control. Her tongue danced with his in a mating dance all their own. His toned body pressed against her soft, supple one turned her on even more.

“Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear and was rewarded when his blue eyes darkened and shifted to the shape of a cat.

“As you command,” he murmured and reached down to stroke her pussy with one long digit. She opened her legs and pushed up with her hips, his cock brushed against her dripping pussy lips.

“Now,” she demanded and in one swift movement he was buried to the hilt inside of her. His cock filled her. Every time he entered her she felt stretched to her limit. He stayed still for a beat too long, she wrapped her legs around his waist and shifted her hips. Lightning zipped down her spine when his cock hit her pleasure spot.

“Anderson,” she moaned, her head falling back onto the pillows. Settling into a rhythm she moved her hips with his thrusts, each time his cock entered her she felt her body tighten like a spring ready to explode.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, digging her manicured nails into his arms.

“You are so tight,” Anderson moaned his hands holding her thighs tightly. He thrust once more and her body unraveled in another mind bending orgasm. She couldn’t breathe and raked her nails down his arms. Before her orgasm ended Anderson flipped her onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind. His cock slammed inside her and she screamed out her pleasure. This position pushed him deeper inside of her, her orgasm continued to ripple through her body as Anderson pushed her on to another one.

“You are perfect, I love your hips,” Anderson murmured bending down to nip at her shoulder. She felt the beginnings of a hickey form on her shoulder as Anderson’s teeth bit into her skin. She gasped and an orgasm stronger than she’d ever felt before slammed through her body. She lost all ability to hold herself up, she fell forward into the pillows. Anderson continued to slam into her body, his nails biting into the skin on her hips. She moaned and let him take full control of her body. The fact she could drive him beyond control always turned her on. Just as her orgasm subsided Anderson shouted and spilled his seed deep inside of her. She felt branded by his hot cum. Collapsing onto the bed she fought to control her breathing as Anderson lay next to her. His breathing just as ragged as her own.

“Every time you make me lose control,” he admitted and pulled her in to snuggle. Evelyn wanted to cry. Anderson treated her like a queen, but he refused to commit to her. She wanted a family, she wanted what her friends had.

“Anderson,” she began, he rolled and pinned her with his deep blue eyes. Taking a deep breath, she did the hardest thing she ever had to do.

“We can’t be friends with benefits anymore. I need to move on and find my happily ever after. I want babies and a wedding.”

“You know I don’t want to have kids or get married,” he replied, she nodded and a tear fell down her cheek.

“You’ve made that abundantly clear. I am telling you we cannot see each other anymore. It is time for us both to move on to others,” she whispered, staring at his chiseled chest. Like most male shifters Anderson was sculpted to look like a greek god. Her heart clenched as she continued,

“You have to leave.” She pulled out of his arms and began to get dressed. She couldn’t throw him out while she was naked. Her clothing back on, she felt more in control of the situation. Anderson still lay on the bed with a stunned look on his face.

“Did you find someone else?” he asked, she shook her head.

“No, I spent time with my friends tonight and I realized this will never turn into my happy ending. I need to move on and I can’t do that if you keep showing up. Please return my key and leave.” Her hands trembled at her side, she didn’t want things to end this way, but it was what was best for her.

“You are serious?” He stood and gathered his clothing, she had to advert her eyes or she would want him to make love to her again.

“Yes. I need closure Anderson,” she replied in a soft voice.

“Okay.” He walked over to her and she looked up into his eyes, they looked sad.

“If that is what you want,” he said, bending down he kissed her softly and pressed her house key in her hand. Watching him walk out the door Evelyn let herself fall apart, she dropped to the floor and broke down in body wracking sobs. Things were officially over with Anderson and she couldn’t believe how empty she felt. Anderson was her mate and now she had to somehow tell Roxie what happened. Laying on the floor she cried until she had no more tears. Pulling herself up, she crawled into bed, a large headache pounding in her head. Trying her best to fall asleep she couldn’t get Anderson out of her head, even her bed smelled like him. Laying wide awake she thought about what Josie said, she would go out with Preston Reese if he was agreeable to the idea. She needed to move on.

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