Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 32

The week went by in a blink of an eye and Evelyn found every night Anderson was waiting for her to go home. He would have dinner with her, make love to her and then go home giving her her space. She wasn’t sure she liked him going home, but she told him she wasn’t ready to move in together yet. After a week of being doted on, she wasn’t sure she made the right choice in telling him no to move in together. She loved Anderson, and he loved her, what was holding her back? Tonight she would hang out with Roxie, the first time she saw her after getting back with Anderson.

“Are you up for dinner out tonight?” Anderson asked walking into her office.

“I have dinner with Roxie tonight. It is girls’ night,” she replied looking up at her devastatingly handsome boyfriend.

“Oh,” he replied, and the smile fell from his face.

“Can I come over after?” he asked, and she smirked, every night he went home she knew he didn’t want to but was trying to show her he respected her decisions.

“I’ll text you to let you know when I am on my way home,” she answered, and he gave her the brightest smile like a child on Christmas day.

“I love you,” he told her and to prove his point he walked over to her and spun her chair until she was facing him. He bent his head and placed a heated kiss on her lips. Before she could open her lips to let in his tongue he pulled back.

“Have fun and I hope to see you tonight,” he whispered in her ear and shivers raced down her spine. She almost lost her resolve to see Roxie, but she knew her friend was chomping at the bit to hear what was happening with her and Anderson.

“Thanks, babe,” she replied and leaned back in her chair as a wave of nausea swept over her. She closed her eyes and willed herself no to puke again. She felt Anderson’s cool hands touch her neck and relief from her nausea came swiftly. Looking up into his eyes he smiled and pressed his forehead against hers. She sighed and felt her body relax.

“How did you do that?” she asked and he smirked.

“Part of being mates and you carrying my child. I cannot help physically carry the baby so I am able to help relieve some of the symptoms. Shifter babies are harder on humans because our DNA is more complex. Hasn’t Ellie talked about it at all?” She shook her head and then thought about it.

“She might have, but I was in a bit of a self-pity party while she was basking in the glow of being a mother. Just so you know, if you weren’t able to get over your fear of me giving birth we could have found other ways to have children. There are plenty of children in the world who need a family and there is nothing stopping us from adopting another child after this baby boy is born,” she shared and could see the surprise on his face.

“You would do that for me?”

“I’d do anything for you. I’ve only ever wanted to be with you Anderson and I am glad we talked things through. I know you are not over your fear but are willing to face it and I think you are the bravest man I’ve met,” she announced and moaned into the fiery kiss he placed on her lips. Too soon he released her lips and strode over to her office door. He shut and locked the door stalking back over to her sitting in her office chair. She felt the desire for her man swell and shoot through her body settling in her core.

“I don’t think I can wait until tonight,” he admitted and bent down to capture her mouth in a lust-fueled kiss. Evelyn opened her mouth and let his tongue in to mate with hers. Moaning into his mouth she dueled her tongue with his, his hands gripping her chair hard enough she could hear the leather creak.

“Evvy you smell delicious,” Anderson moaned into her mouth, she smiled and using her free hands she began to unbutton his shirt. Slowly one button at a time she revealed his chiseled chest. Something she would never get used to was his amazing body. He could give any model a run for their money and he wanted her. Pausing when his shirt was half undone she leaned forward and nipped at his exposed skin. He sucked in his stomach when her teeth bit gently one of his nipples.

“Evvy,” he groaned and his hands found their way to her blouse. He tugged and it slipped over her head with ease. Anderson’s hands continued to disrobe her until she was bare from the waist up. Not wanting to be the only one shirtless Evelyn ripped open his shirt sending the last few buttons flying.

“That was sexy as hell,” he whispered and knelt to suck one sensitive nipple into his mouth. She moaned and gripped his dark hair in her hands holding him to her breast. His mouth left her breast leaving her feeling cold, his mouth kissed down to her navel, his tongue dipping into her belly button. She gasped as tingles spread through her body making her pussy gush.

“I want you,” he whispered and slipped his head underneath her skirt. His hands tore her panties off and his tongue found her clit. Evelyn had to bite down onto her arm to keep a scream from echoing in her office.

“Hush baby or people are going to know what we are doing in here.” His chuckle vibrates through her pussy and she can feel her lust for him grow.

“Stop talking and make love to me,” she demanded and felt him chuckle once more before finding her clit again with his tongue. His fingers enter her and she moans softly and shifts until her ass is hanging off the chair. Anderson’s arms move around her until his forearms are supporting her weight and his teeth bite her clit. Instantly her orgasm crashes down on her pussy clenching onto his fingers so hard it hurt.

“Anderson,” she moaned and reached for his pants. She made quick work of his belt, button, and zipper shoving them to his ankles. He grabbed her and lifted her, her legs wrapping around his waist. He slid home, she sighed in relief as his thick corded cock slammed into her slick pussy. His mouth found hers and she let him swallow her moans. Wrapping her arms around his neck she bounced on his cock, feeling sexier than she had in a long time. His hands gripped her ass, she wanted him to lose control. Squeezing her legs around his waist she bounced harder contracting her pussy muscles around his massive manhood.

“You feel perfect for me, you fit me like a glove,” Anderson moaned into her shoulder and she laughed feeling powerful.

“Your cock fills me to the brink, Anderson. I am so close to my orgasm,” she replied, capturing his mouth in a kiss that sent her closer to the edge. He pinned her against the wall and moved his hands to fondle her breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples and she groaned as another bolt of lust pooled in her very core.

“Evvy I am so close,” he growled and she looked up to see his eyes were golden and his tiger was trying to push through.

“Me too,” she gasped when his cock practically thickened inside of her. Two more thrusts and she couldn’t contain her scream as another mind-clearing orgasm. Following behind her Anderson grunted and spilled his seed deep within her. Evelyn wrapped her arms tighter around his neck afraid her thighs would give out. His hands held her until he could set her down gently on her chair. Leaning back she huffed trying to catch her breath. Looking up she saw the look of satisfaction on his face and shook her head.

“I cannot believe we just did that in my office,” she replied and Anderson let out a laugh that had her lusting after him again.

“It was bound to happen, I for a fact know Roxie and Xander had sex in his office,” Anderson replied and she gaped at him.

“What?” She couldn’t believe what he just said.

“I heard them. Shifter hearing is much better than an average human’s hearing and well they weren’t trying to be quiet either,” he answered with a shrug and then it hit her. If he could hear Roxie and Xander, then Xander must’ve heard them.

“How am I to look him in the eye?” she groaned dropping her head onto her desk.

“I think he expected it. We work together Evvy and I don’t like being away from you. My tiger and I just got you back and are not yet secure enough to let you out of our sight,” he admitted and Evelyn stared at him. If it were possible she fell more in love with him for sharing his insecurity with her.

“You have me, Anderson,” she promised and reached out to take his hand. He pulled her up and kissed her once more before fixing his pants and adjusting his shirt. She realized his shirt was gone just as her panties were toast.

“I need to go home and shower before heading over to Roxie’s. I’d like you to spend the night, will you?” She wanted to know after her time with her friends he would be waiting for her.

“I’d be happy to baby. You tell me when you are done at Roxie’s and I will drive over to meet you at your apartment,” he replied, placing a gentle kiss on her temple. Evelyn smiled and straightened out her clothing before grabbing her phone and purse. Taking Anderson’s hand they walked out of her office to see Xander standing off to the side with his arms crossed and eyebrow raised.

“Don’t make it a habit,” he announced and walked back into his office shutting the door with a firm click. Evelyn looked up to see Anderson trying to hold back his laughter and could feel her cheeks blazing with a blush.

“Anderson,” she warned but it was too late he broke out in a rich laugh as they exited the gallery offices.

“I’m sorry baby, but you have to admit it was pretty funny,” he replied wrapping an arm around her shoulders and holding her close. She found herself smiling and then finally a small giggle escaped her lips.

“Fine, it was a little,” she admitted and he placed a quick kiss to the top of her head.

“Have fun tonight and remember you are growing a baby, don’t stay out too late,” he told her and she laughed again.

“I know, baby. I won’t push myself, I promise,” she answered, and he bent to capture her lips in one final kiss.

“I love you, Evvy, let me know when you are coming home and I’ll meet you there,” he promised and helped her into her car. She closed the door to her beat-up car and saw him grimace. She couldn’t agree more. This car was a death trap for a baby and she would need to replace it soon. Maybe she could take him car shopping with her and help her find the perfect new car? Deciding she would ask him tonight, she drove home to quickly change and head over to Roxie’s getting ready to share everything that had happened this past week.

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