Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 33

Walking into Roxie’s house, Ellie instantly grabbed her and pulled out onto the patio. Evelyn laughed when she saw all her friends sitting with glasses filled with sparkling apple cider or champagne.

“What is this?” she asked, taking the glass of apple cider.

“We want to know everything!” Roxie demanded, pushing her into a patio chair. Evelyn shook her head and couldn’t help smiling. She loved her friends and knew they only wanted the best for her.

“Well, Anderson broke into my apartment last Friday. I came home from the ultrasound and he was there playing a Dan and Shay song waiting for me in a button-up shirt and slacks. He looked almost the way he did at the art show for Evan,” she explained, and all the women oohed.

“And?” Roxie prompted.

“He told me he had been an idiot and was in love with me and it wasn’t just his tiger that wanted me. It was him, too. He explained he spoke with his dad about his fear of having children. He made me chicken parmesan that he’d been practicing all week,” she shared and could tell that wasn’t all they wanted to hear.

“He and I are going to try dating before I let him mate me. I want to be able to trust he isn’t going to run off,” she continued.

“Did you tell him about the baby?” Caroline wanted to know.


“And?” Josie demanded, Evelyn smiled seeing all of her friends at the edge of their seats.

“He was excited and made love to me.” She purposefully left if vague and the women all glared at her. Laughing hard, she continued,

“He says he is still nervous, but it isn’t the paralyzing fear he’d felt before talking with his dad. We are going to take it slow,” she finished.

“That is wonderful, Evelyn. We were very worried about you,” Caroline told her, taking her hand in hers and giving it a squeeze.

“Do you know the sex of the baby?” Roxie asked, and Evelyn knew she was chomping at the bit to know if the baby was a boy or girl.

“Anderson and I know, but I was thinking of having a gender reveal party,” she shared and the women all clapped.

“When?” Roxie asked.

“Not sure, I need to talk to Anderson about it. Speaking of that, I should tell him not to say anything about the sex of the baby.” She pulls out her phone and shoots a text to Anderson.

Don’t say anything about the sex of the baby to anyone. I want to do a gender reveal party.

She didn’t have to wait long before she got a response.

I promise not to say anything. I’ve started the process of looking for a house. I won’t do anything without you. I only spoke with my realtor friend Victor about the process. She smiled at his response, loving that he was taking the next step in making their lives together a reality.

“I see a smile, he must have said something you liked,” Ellie joked and Evelyn blushed.

“He went to see a realtor about house hunting. I haven’t agreed to move in with him yet, but nine months is a long time,” she explained.

“You don’t want to live with him?” Josie asked, giving her a horrified look. Evelyn liked Josie, but she wasn’t someone she felt she could share her life with, without earning some judgment.

“Well, after his track record she has every right to be cautious,” Caroline said coming to her defense.

“Very true. I say make my brother work for it!” Roxie declared and Evelyn laughed.

“What’s for dinner?” she asked, getting them off her and Anderson.

“I ordered pizza. The twins wore me out today and I only got in a few hours of painting today,” Roxie replied.

“I feel you, Eli is teething, and it is killing me,” Josie complained the conversation switched over to talking about their kids.

“Caroline, is Liam still not talking?” Evelyn asked her friend, and Caroline shook her head.

“He only speaks in a whisper, and that is only to select people. One of my triplet sisters is moving into the old house by the national park. She’s an author and wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of living around D.C. He will talk to Georgia, still in a soft voice, but he will talk to her and to me,” she shared.

“You’re a triplet?” Ellie asked with a look of awe on her face.

“We were a surprise to my parents. Virginia is married to a gorilla shifter and they live in Maryland. Georgia has never been married and writes the popular kids series, Bethany and Felix. We have three older brothers are in their forties,” she explained, and all the women smiled.

“So Georgia will need a mate?” Josie asked and Caroline shook her head.

“She says writing takes up all her time. We are thirty, which means we have plenty of time to find her a mate. I’ll suggest she go to a mate me event, but I won’t push her into anything. Georgia does things at her own pace and you know how writers are,” Caroline trailed off and Evelyn could tell she was very protective of her sister.

“Who is the oldest?” she asked.

“I am and then Virginia and Georgia is the baby,” Caroline replied.

“Is it fun being a triplet? I worry Sophia and Bentley won’t enjoy being twins,” Roxie asked and Evelyn sat back to listen to her friends talk while thinking about getting back home to Anderson. The pizza arrived, and the women enjoyed a night talking about their first times with clumsy boys. By the end, Evelyn was exhausted and ready to get home.

Headed home now. She sent a text to Anderson and climbed into her car to drive home.

I’ll be over soon. She saw the text and sped up to get home in record time. She hadn’t realized how much she missed Anderson until she pulled into her parking spot and saw his car waiting for her. She would bet he’d been waiting here all night. Stepping out of her car, a wave of nausea swept over her. Suddenly Anderson was at her side, picking her up and carrying her into her apartment. How he knew she was sick she would ask later, right now being in his arms. She tucked her head underneath his chin and enjoyed his pampering.

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