Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 34

“You spoil me,” she told him as he laid her down on her bed.

“I like spoiling you. You are my mate and should feel loved every day of your life. I love you Evelyn and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you what loving you means.” He captured her lips in a soft kiss. He didn’t want to push her into making love if she was feeling ill. He remembered Roxie having bad morning sickness. He kept the kiss light until her hands slipped under his shirt and started tugging it up. He reached back with one hand and pulled the shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the side.

“Mmm, I like looking at you,” she murmured and kissed his heart. Anderson almost lost control of his tiger when she kissed his left peck. His cock hardened instantly, and he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he sank hip-deep, spilling his seed deep within her. He took her shirt and bra off but left her bottoms. He wanted to savor the time he had with Evvy. He started at her ear, sucking on the lobe before tugging it in his teeth. Her moan spurred him on and he kissed down her neck and watched as goosebumps spread down her arm. He would remember that spot for later. Kissing down her shoulder, he jumped to one of her breasts and flicked the dusty nipple with his tongue. Her nipple tightened into a little bud, tempting him to suck it into his mouth. He cupped her breasts and sucked her into his mouth, using his tongue and teeth to bring her pleasure. His free hand rolled her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, tugging gently to bring a new sensation crashing across her body.

Her hands slipped down his abs and into his pants, undoing his belt and pants button. She pushed his pants down until they pooled at his knees because he was kneeling over her.

“I want,” she begged, and he obliged, divesting himself of all his clothing. He saw her brown eyes darken with desire and he knew he couldn’t wait much longer. She reached out with one hand and grabbed his cock. He watched her small fingers wrap around his thick corded cock and begin to stroke. Laying back on the bed he let her take control, his hands securely tucked behind his head.

“I want to see how long you can go without touching me,” she challenged and he smirked. He loved it when she took charge.

“Whatever you want princess,” he replied and she gave him a frown.

“No princess?” he asked and she shook her head.

“I prefer Evvy or my love,” she answered and he nodded. Her hand began to move and he moaned. Her hand moved up and down with the perfect amount of pressure, her free hand fondling his balls. Anderson linked his fingers together already tempted to touch her. Then her mouth was on him and he groaned shifting his hips to make her take him deeper.

“No moving,” she ordered and his hips stilled using a considerable amount of self-control Anderson let her take him. With each pass of her warm wet mouth, he felt his orgasm building within him. On her last pass, she pushed him until he touched the back of her throat and he hissed.

“Shit Evvy.” He caught her eye and saw the pleasure and delight knowing she was pushing him to the edge of his control.

“I need to touch you,” he begged and she shook her head taking him into her mouth again. Their eyes never broke contact and he watched as she took him almost fully in her mouth. Her perfect pink lips wrapped around his engorged cock had him grabbing at the sheets his claws slipping out.

“Evvy,” he moaned and closed his eyes, her dainty hand cupped his balls and rolled them between her fingers.

“Enough!” He groaned and pulled her up against his body he sunk his cock deep within her tight pussy. The walls of her heat wrapped around him like a glove and he sighed. Without thinking he lifted her up and dropped her back down on his cock making her ride him. Her head fell back, her hair cascading down and around her shoulders, her breasts bouncing as she moved up and down on him. Anderson reached down with his hand and touched her clit, it was peeking out each time she went up. Her eyes closed and she let out the sweetest moan as he entered her again. Flipping them so Evelyn was on her back he pushed her legs up and put her ankles on his shoulders pounding into her. He tried to be gentle but when her nails dug into his arms he knew she was on the edge.

“Harder,” Evvy demanded and he bent to kiss her hard on the lips slamming into her hips brought them both to their orgasm. She screamed into his mouth and her pussy walls wrapped around him sucking his cum out of him until he was wrung out.

Collapsing next to her he pulled her in tight against his chest. Her contented sigh had his tiger purring against his chest. He kissed her shoulder and she hummed her pleasure.

“I love you, Evvy,” he whispered, pulling her even closer.

“I love you too Anderson,” she replied.

“So tell me about gender reveal parties,” he coaxed rubbing a hand up and down her bareback.

“They are a fun way for couples to share the gender of the baby. I wanted to have one once I made it to twenty weeks. I want the scan to come back healthy before I share we are having a boy,” she shared and he smiled.

“I like it. Have you thought of names?” he asked, nuzzling her neck.

“A few, but I wanted your input,” she replied.

“Which names did you like? Maybe we have some of the same,” he suggested and she gave him a smile.

“I was thinking Michael, Benjamin, or Jonah for names,” she shared and he thought about it.

“I like Michael and Jonah. I don’t know many of them,” he replied.

“Jonah Michael Jones?” she offered and he hmm’d.

“I like it. Jonah Michael Jones, it is.” She beamed at him and he knew it was the right thing to do. He wanted her to feel excited about having this child with him. The feeling of panic was still there but in a much smaller capacity. Nothing could erase it completely until she gave birth to their child safely. Kissing her temple he pulled her close and they fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, him dreaming about making her his.

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