Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 35

At her next appointment, she and Anderson went together. She was twelve weeks along and finally in her second trimester.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Jones,” the doctor said shaking his hand. Evvy watched Anderson take a steadying breath. The office was making him nervous.

“Nice to meet you, Doctor, will you be the one delivering the baby?” he asked, the doctor shook her head.

“It depends on who is on duty at the hospital to deliver babies,” she answered.

“Meaning?” he asked, Evelyn took his hand and leaned into his body.

“Meaning, there are seven doctors in the office and we rotate whose day it is to be on call for the hospital. When Evelyn goes into labor, she is to call our office and they will let the on call doctor know she is coming in,” the doctor explained and Anderson nodded his understanding.

“So you are twelve weeks along, let’s check to see how your baby is doing,” the doctor said motioning for Evelyn to get on the table. Before seeing the doctor, the nurse had taken her blood pressure, weighed her and asked if anything was new. She’d given a pee sample and was only waiting to hear about her results.

“It looks like everything is going well with your pregnancy. Lay back and we can listen to the baby’s heartbeat,” the doctor said, Evelyn lay back and Anderson took her hand. He was standing next to the table, not comfortable sitting in the chair.

“This is going to feel cold,” she told her and pressed a monitor with cold gel to her abdomen. It was cold but the sound she heard after a minute of the wand being pressed to her was the most amazing sound.

“That is your baby,” the doctor said and Evelyn looked over to see Anderson blink back some tears. This was the first time he’d heard their baby’s heartbeat and she could see he was in awe.

“He sounds healthy,” she said and Anderson nodded. Pressing a kiss to his hand she caught his eye and could see a look of pride take over. This gave her all the confidence in the world to know Anderson wasn’t going to run.

“Healthy indeed, very strong. All your tests came back perfect, so you are free to go.” The doctor wiped her off and Anderson helped her sit up.

“See you in a month.” The doctor gave them a wave and left the small room.

“That was amazing,” Anderson whispered holding her hand as they left the room.

“I am always in awe knowing I am growing a baby in me,” she replied and walked over to the receptionist.

“You need to come in next month for your next check up,” Leita said and Evelyn nodded. Leita remembered her from her last appointment with Roxie along with her.

“Let’s see that will take us into October,” Leita answered and pulled up her schedule.

“Do you want to do it in the morning like today?” she asked and Evelyn turned to look at Anderson. He was the one taking on more at the gallery to help her.

“Mornings are fine, we can go into work after the appointment. I know we have today off, but in the future, we won’t need the whole day for the appointment,” he replied and Evelyn nodded.

“Early morning works,” she told Leita.

“Okay, we have an eight am on October sixteenth,” Leita answered.

“Perfect, we will see you then,” Evelyn told her and pulled out her phone to put it in.

“What should we do with our day?” Anderson asked once they were out of the office.

“Can we start a baby registry? I’ve been asked by all the girls to get one put together,” she asked, nervous he wouldn’t want to look at baby things.

“Sounds like a good idea. We need to get a carseat for my car,” he answered leaning down to place a small kiss to her lips. Evelyn stared at him in surprise, he was willing to shop with her. They stopped at her car and Anderson frowned at it.

“Can I say something and you promise not to get mad?” he asked. She nodded having a fairly good idea what he’d want to say.

“You need a new car. This thing is not safe for our son,” he said.

“I agree, I’ve been thinking of replacing my car before the baby gets here,” she answered and laughed at his surprised look.

“You agree with me?”

“I do, I don’t want our son in my car when I know it is going to break down any minute now,” she replied and he wrapped her in a tight hug.

“That makes me feel a lot better. We can go looking for the car whenever you are ready,” he promised and they drove off to the local baby store.

“What car seat did you get again? I saw you had one picked out in the apartment,” he asked walking through the car seat aisle.

“I got this one,” she told him pointing to the baby carrier.

“All you need is the base because the top part can go in either of our cars. We will need to replace it when he gets too big for the carrier. I haven’t picked those out yet,” she answered looking at the three-in-one seats that grew with the child.

“Then let me buy the bigger one,” he offered, she was about to refuse when she thought better of it. She wanted to let him be a part of this too.

“Do you need help?” A young lady came over to them with a smile.

“We want to start a registry,” Evelyn replied.

“Perfect, follow me,” she said and they walked over to a small table and two chairs. They took the chairs and the young lady proceeded to walk them through how to set up a registry and what to do online when they wanted to add to it. It took about a half-hour and at the end, Evelyn’s head was spinning. There was so much she needed to put together for this baby and they would have to get two of everything because Anderson lived in his own apartment. It would be so much easier if she had just agreed in the beginning to live together.

“Thanks for your help. We will walk around the store and start putting things on our list,” Anderson told her and took Evelyn’s hand to walk around the store.

“I can see the concern on your face, what is it?” he asked once they were away from the store employee.

“We are going to need so much and double because we live apart,” she shared her concern and he gave her a soft smile.

“You said we would revisit living together later. Let’s just put one of everything we need and if it comes down to it, I will purchase everything I need at my place,” he assured her. Evelyn looked up in his eyes and saw the love he had for her shining.

“We’ve been back together a month, let’s revisit at twenty weeks,” he offered and she nodded. Anderson took her hand bringing it up to kiss her knuckles.

“Thank you, Anderson,” she whispered and he bent his head kissing her lips.

“I love you Evvy and will do anything I can to help you know I am not going anywhere,” he told her and she sighed. They spent the day walking around the store looking up reviews on everything and deciding what they’d need.

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