Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 36

Evelyn awoke to a knock on her door a few weeks later. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Anderson still fast asleep under the covers. Getting out of bed, Evelyn made her way to the door and peered out. Her mom and dad were standing outside. Racking her brain, she couldn’t remember them telling her they would come to visit. She knew her mom mentioned visiting, but nothing concrete was in the works. Opening the door, she stared at her parents.

“Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?” she asked, her mother put her hands on her hips and said,

“Is that how you greet your mother?”

“Sorry. Hi Mom, Dad, it’s good to see you. Now why are you here?” she asked again, letting them into her apartment.

“We came to check on you. You didn’t call me back after telling me I was going to be a grandma,” her mom replied, and Evelyn could tell she was assessing her apartment for appropriate baby things.

“I’m sorry, things have been in a bit of a whirlwind,” she replied walking into her kitchen to make coffee. It was nine-thirty in the morning and Anderson had kept her up very late making love. Not that she minded.

“Congratulations sweetpea,” her dad told her and she could sense he was trying to be supportive but was unhappy she got pregnant out of wedlock.

“Thanks, Dad. Coffee?” she asked, holding up a mug. He nodded, and she put together a cup of coffee using her new coffee maker. Anderson had bought her one when he took a look at her old school coffee pot.

“So does Anderson know?” her mom asked and Evelyn flicked her eyes towards the back of her apartment. Anderson was currently naked in her bed.

“Here is your coffee,” she announced handing each of her parents a mug. Turning her back to her parents she had to think of a way to explain she and Anderson were trying again.

“Yes I do know,” Anderson shared and Evelyn turned to see a tired looking Anderson coming out of her bedroom dressed for the day.

“And are you two together again?” her dad asked giving Anderson his best assessing look.

“Yes. Evvy is my mate and I am trying to convince her to be mine forever,” he replied coming into the kitchen and taking the cup of coffee she’d made him. He placed a kiss to her lips and Evelyn did her best not to melt.

“Good to hear it. How do you plan to do that?” her mother asked and Evelyn smacked her forehead. Leave it to her parents to interrogate him just as he woke up.

“I am doing my best to be there for Evelyn for all her appointments. We are replacing her car soon and are looking for a house,” he shared and she watched her parents narrow their eyes at him.

“Is marriage in the future?” her dad asked and Evelyn froze. She was the one putting a halt to them getting married, she knew now that Anderson finally accepted them being mates he wanted to marry her. She was the one worried he’d run again.

“Enough Dad,” she cut in and decided to invite her parents out to breakfast.

“Why don’t we go down the street and get breakfast?” she suggested.

“Good idea,” her mother replied.

“Let me shower and get dressed and then we can go,” she told them and taking Anderson’s hand she pulled him behind her. She didn’t trust her parents not to keep asking him questions if she left them alone.

“I don’t think you officially met my parents yet?” she asked him once they were back in her room.

“No. We broke up before I was able to meet them,” he answered, pulling her in and kissing her softly.

“Well just know my father is very traditional. He is unhappy I am pregnant and not engaged,” she shared.

“I told you I want us to spend the rest of our lives together. I am just waiting for the right time to propose, a time I know you won’t tell me no,” he answered and she stared at him in surprise.

“You are?” she asked and he nodded.

“I won’t ask until I know you are going to say yes. Can you be patient with me?” he asked and she nodded.

“Okay, let me shower and get dressed then we can go over to Joe’s for breakfast. I’ve been craving one of his sausage biscuits.” He laughed at her confession and gave her a push to the shower.

“Go. I’ll keep your parents company,” he told her and she gave a worried look.

“I promise they are going to love me.” He gave her a wink and she watched him walk out of her room. Taking the fastest shower she’d taken in a long time Evelyn was dressed and back out in her living room in record time.

“You like the Nationals?” she heard her dad ask and sighed. If Anderson was talking sports with her dad, then things were going okay.

“Yes Harold I do,” Anderson replied and she paused, he was calling her dad by his first name. None of her boyfriends had been given that privilege.

“I’m partial to the Orioles myself,” her dad replied and she hurried into the living room.

“Come on. I’m starving and you know what they say, don’t keep a pregnant woman away from her food,” she joked and grabbed her car keys.

“We can go in my car,” Anderson offered, plucking her keys out of her hands. He was right, she did need a new car and had her eye on an SUV.

“We’ll follow behind,” her mother replied and the four made their way over to Joe’s for breakfast.

“Once their order had been taken Evelyn saw a gleam come to her mother’s eye.

“So how far are you now Evvy?”

“I’m about sixteen weeks. We had an appointment yesterday and everything sounds great,” she replied. Anderson had been to every appointment with her refusing to miss a moment of her pregnancy.

“Do you know the gender?” her mother continued.

“Yes, we are going to host a gender reveal party in about a month’s time. I want to be twenty weeks before we share the gender,” she answered.

“That will be close to Thanksgiving,” her mother pointed out and Evelyn nodded.

“We thought maybe everyone could come to us for Thanksgiving, that way we can do the party at the same time,” she shared.

“In your small apartment?” her dad asked and Evelyn looked over at Anderson. They’d been house hunting, she knew she wanted to live with him. He had shown her how much he cared about her and was doing his best to combat his fears.

“We are still working through that,” Anderson answered and he took her hand squeezing it gently.


“We are taking things slow,” Evelyn told her parents, both nodded their understanding.

“I see, so everything is okay then?” her mother asked and Evelyn nodded. Everything was looking right and she couldn’t wait to see where the next few months took them.

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