Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 38

Anderson didn’t know Roxie had been planning such a large party. His sister was too much. When he found her, he pulled her to the side.

“Roxie, how many people did you invite? I don’t think Evvy and I know this many people,” he asked, seeing Evelyn getting pulled into a conversation with her parents.

“Well, all of Evvy’s family is here. You haven’t met her brothers yet and their significant others,” Roxie answered with a big smile on her face.

“Evvy has become very popular with our girl group. Josie, Rhett and their son Eli are here. Ellie, Marcus, and Ava are here. Elizabeth, Caroline and her son Liam came too. Our dad is here. Plus, everyone from the gallery is here and all of her old work friends from the museum,” she shared pointing to each person as she said their name.

“This is too much Roxie,” he whispered, he wasn’t a very social tiger, but this was for Evvy so he would play nice.

“Anderson,” Evvy called, and he turned to see her standing with two men and women.

“I want you to meet my brothers Luke and Victor. Luke is engaged to Alexis, I went to their engagement party in July. Victor is married to Jeanie, they eloped in May and left all of us out,” Evvy told him, giving Victor a hard look. Victor and Luke both had Evvy’s dark hair and eyes but were much taller than her.

“Eloping is looking better the deeper we go into our wedding planning,” Luke grumbled and Anderson chuckled when Alexis elbowed him.

“We cannot do that, my parents and yours would have heart attacks. Victor and Jeanie already took the eloping couple name for our family anyway. Evvy’s got the baby thing wrapped up so we need to give your mom something,” Alexis announced and Anderson could feel Evelyn stiffen.

“Don’t worry baby,” he whispered in her ear wrapping an arm around her waist. He could tell she was worried people would be upset she got pregnant before she mated him.

“Thanks, Anderson,” she whispered back and he kissed her gently.

“You two are so sweet,” Jeanie said, reaching over to squeeze her arm.

“Thanks, Jeanie, Anderson has been amazing since he found out I was pregnant,” she replied looking up at Anderson. He could feel the love she had for him and he couldn’t wait to pleasure her when they got home.

“When are you doing the reveal?” Josie asked walking over holding her son Eli on her hip.

“We are going to do it now,” Evelyn replied, pulling Anderson out to the kitchen.

“Ladies and gentlemen we are going to cut the cake!” Anderson called to bring everyone into the kitchen.

“Are you ready?” he asked standing behind her.

“For anything,” she whispered and they took the knife together as if they were at a wedding. Anderson kissed Evelyn’s shoulder before they placed two cuts on the corner of the cake. Pulling the cake out the center was blue frosting.

“It’s a boy!” Evelyn announced and everyone cheered.

“Congratulations,” his dad said and Anderson could see tears in his eyes. He reached over and clapped his dad on the shoulder.

“Thanks, Dad,” he replied.

“Do you have a name?” Roxie asked and he turned to look at Evelyn. It was her choice to tell everyone the name of the baby.

“We are going to keep it to ourselves until he is born,” Evelyn shared and everyone around them groaned.

“We cannot wait to meet the little guy,” his dad said and gave her a hug.

“Thanks, now let’s pass out the cake,” Evelyn replied and started to cut the cake and pass it out. Anderson stayed by her side and helped pass out the plates as she put a piece on them.

“Evvy you have to let us throw you a baby shower,” Caroline gushed, stepping up to take a piece of cake.

“Thank you, Caroline.” Evelyn gave her a big smile and Anderson frowned, he wasn’t sure he wanted to be at the baby shower.

“We can hold it at the Clover Leaf Inn and Anderson you can come once it is over and take all the presents back to your home. Are you two house hunting?” she asked and he turned to look at Evelyn.

“Anderson and I are going to start house hunting tomorrow,” Evelyn answered and Anderson squeezed her by his side. He couldn’t wait to start looking for their forever home.

“Have you decided what you want in your home?” Roxie asked, handing him Sophia to hold. He cradled his niece and looked at Evelyn.

“Something with four bedrooms, it has to have at least two full bathrooms and I want a backyard,” Evelyn shared and he smiled. She had described his perfect home.

“I like it. We will go see a realtor tomorrow,” he promised and kissed her on the lips, not caring that everyone was watching. He loved Evelyn and would walk to the end of the Earth to make her happy.

“Come on we want to spend time with Evvy too,” Ellie called pulling Evelyn out of his arm and into the living room. Anderson stayed in the kitchen holding Sophia and watching Evelyn spend time with her friends.

“She looks happy,” his dad said, clapping him on the shoulder.

“She is amazing. I cannot believe I was such an idiot and refused to see her as my mate,” he shared and his dad laughed.

“You were being stupid, but I feel it is partly my fault since I never talked about your mom,” his dad agreed and Anderson shook his head.

“No, it was me. I should have asked and taken time to face my fear,” Anderson replied rocking back and forth when Sophia became fussy.

“Hand her over.” His dad held out his hands and he passed his niece over to her grandpa.

“I am glad you are getting a little boy. Do me one favor.” Anderson stared at his dad worried he’d want something impossible.


“Be there for Evelyn through everything. Giving birth is not for the faint of heart,” his dad said and Anderson nodded. He’d started to do some research and he and Evelyn would be attending a birthing class soon.

“I am never going to let Evelyn go. I’ve found my mate and I plan on spending the rest of my life with her,” he promised and his dad laughed.

“Good to hear, now go love on your mate,” he ordered and gave Anderson a push toward Evelyn sitting on the couch. He went over and settled next to her joining in on the conversation about the baby where he could and keeping her close.

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