Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 50

It took three hours for the doctor to finally come into their room. Anderson watched Evelyn wince every time a contraction came. He timed them, and they were not consistently spaced out or for the same length.

“Good evening Evelyn, how are you?” Dr. Young asked, walking into the room. She had been one of the doctors they’d seen for their appointments.

“Hello, Dr. Young.” Evelyn struggled to sit up and Anderson jumped from his seat to help her sit up.

“I’m sorry for the delay. We had an emergency c-section I had to handle. The nurses have been monitoring your contractions, and they haven’t been consistent. I will check and see if you have dilated. If you haven’t, I will have you take a medication that stops your labor and put you on bed rest. We like for babies to make it to their thirty-six weeks because of lung development,” Dr. Young explained, and Anderson helped Evelyn lay back. Anderson stayed focused on her face as the doctor checked her.

“About a centimeter, not enough to be in active labor. I’ll have the nurse give you a medicine to stop your labor. You will have to take this medication regularly to delay your labor until the baby is ready. Bed rest means just that, Evelyn. No more work, no grocery shopping, no fixing up the house. You stay in the bed and don’t get up unless you come to see me or go to the bathroom,” Dr. Young explained. Anderson could sense she was unhappy, Evelyn was someone who needed to be doing and moving. She didn’t do slow, very well.

“Mr. Jones you are going to have to make sure she stays in her bed. If you cannot guarantee it, she will need to be checked into the hospital.” Dr. Young turned to look at him and Anderson nodded.

“I’ll do my best. Is the medication safe for the baby?” he asked, if the medication was a threat to his son, he and Evelyn would have to talk about it.

“There is some risk, but I would never recommend a medication that could harm the baby,” Dr. Young replied.

“So I need to be on bed rest for the next two weeks and then we can take me off the medication and let nature have its way?” Evelyn clarified and Anderson could see she was trying to wrap her head around being stuck in bed.


“Okay. How long until I can go home?” she asked, her eyes half-lidded.

“Probably thirty minutes,” Dr. Young answered, checking her watch.

“Thank you, doctor,” Anderson said, squeezing Evelyn’s hand lending her his support.

“I’ll send in the nurse and she will fill out your discharge papers. I’ll see you next week for a check-up.” Dr. Young bid them goodbye and left. Anderson turned to look at Evelyn and saw a tear slip down her face.

“Hey, hey.” He settled on the edge of the bed facing her and wiped away the tears.

“This is scary,” Evelyn whispered, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“I know, but we are going to do everything we can to keep Jonah safe and healthy.” Anderson kissed her forehead and sighed.

“Knock, knock,” a nurse announced coming into the room. Anderson shifted back int the chair he’d been sitting in and let the nurse run them through their instructions. It took about an hour, but they were discharged and Anderson drove them home. Evelyn was silent the entire ride home, he knew she needed the time to process everything. Pulling into the driveway of their new home he climbed out of the car and rushed around to the other side. He picked up Evelyn and carried her into their bedroom.

“I can walk,” she complained exhaustion lacing her voice.

“Let me care for you,” he ordered in a soft tone.

“Fine,” she acquiesced and he smirked. She was exhausted and he knew the true fight would begin tomorrow keeping her in bed. Once he settled her in bed he stepped out of the bedroom and called Roxie. She had been sending texts to them regularly getting updates.

“Anderson! How is she?” Roxie demanded she’d picked up after one ring.

“She is okay. The doctor has put her on bed rest for the next two weeks. She was in early labor and given medication to stop her labor. The baby needs to make it to thirty-six weeks because of his lungs,” Anderson explained pacing up and down the hallway.

“Oh, that is going to be fun for her. She is never going to sit still,” Roxie laughed at him and Anderson groaned.

“I know. Would you be willing to come by and keep her company? I need to finish with Greta and I know if I leave her by herself she is going to get up and do something around the house,” Anderson shared.

“Sure. Koraline will watch the twins for me,” Roxie agreed and Anderson relaxed.

“Thanks, Roxie. I’ll see you in the morning. Will you let Xander know?”

“Yes. Goodnight Anderson and everyone will be fine,” Roxie promised and she gave a wry smile.

“Goodnight Roxie.” He hung up and sent his dad a text to call in the morning. He wouldn’t wake his dad with their news tonight. Anderson went back into the bedroom and stripped down to crawl into bed and cuddle his mate.

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