Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 52

Internally Anderson was freaking out. What did the nurse need to get the doctor for? Was Evelyn okay? What about the baby? His head spun a million miles a minute, waiting for the doctor to come back into the room. The only thing that helped him was being the partner Evelyn needed as she breathed through her contractions. The doctor was taking too long, and he was getting impatient to hear what was wrong with his son. The urge to get up and pace around pushed, but he needed to stay close to Evelyn. She needed him and that was the only reason he stayed instead of going in search of the doctor.

“Anderson you are growling,” Evelyn wheezed out. He looked up to see her brow covered in sweat, her dark hair drenched in it.

“Sorry, do you want me to help pull your hair out of your face?” he asked, he wasn’t good at doing hair, never had a reason to know, but he would help his love.

“If you can find me a hair tie, I can braid it out of my face,” she replied and then squeezed her eyes shut groaning as another contraction rocked her body. Anderson held on to her and let her dig her nails into his arms as she breathed through her contraction. They were getting closer together, and he knew that meant the baby would come soon.

“Okay baby. You are doing great, my love. Keep breathing,” he whispered, encouraging her. Once the contraction passed, and she lay back on the bed in exhaustion, he dug through her bag and found a hair tie. He handed it to her and watched as she quickly braided her long hair and tossed it over her shoulder. Cocking his head to the side, he’d never seen her with it braided before.

“What?” she asked, giving him an exhausted stare.

“I like your hair braided. I’ve never seen it that way before,” he commented, reaching out to brush a cloth over her face, soaking up the sweat.

“Knock, knock!” Dr. Young called, coming into the room just as another contraction hit. Anderson stepped in and rubbed her back, breathing with her. Another minute passed, and the contraction ended.

“Evelyn Nurse Milly told me you are almost fully dilated. I wanted to check for myself and see how your baby is doing,” Dr. Young announced once Evelyn could hear her.

“The contractions are coming about every two minutes, so be quick,” Evelyn warned and Anderson had to hide a smile. Even in labor, she was giving orders.

“I’ll be quick,” she promised and checked to see how far along Evelyn was. Then she ran her hands around Evelyn’s tummy, frowning just like Milly had. Anderson didn’t like the look on her face and knew something was wrong.

“Well Evelyn, your baby is the wrong way. He must have turned and is now feet first. You are fully dilated, and your body is going to want you to push soon. The problem is, breech babies are dangerous to deliver vaginally. I am going to prep you for a c-section, I don’t want to chance the baby going into distress if we try to rotate him,” Dr. Young announced and Anderson felt an icy chill spread down his spine. C-sections were major surgery. Fear gripped him, and he couldn’t breathe.

“Is that my only option?”

“It is the safest option. C-sections are very routine these days. There is very little risk,” Dr. Young assured both of them.

“What do you want to do?” Evelyn asked him, and Anderson stared in surprise.


“Oh please, I can sense the fear coursing through your body.”

“I want you and Jonah safe,” he replied and looked up at Dr. Young.

“Then we do the c-section,” Evelyn decided, and then things went into a whirlwind. An anesthesiologist was called and Evelyn was pushed to the front of the line for an emergency c-section. Once her epidural was in place Anderson watched Evelyn visibly relax and close her eyes.

“Feel better?” he asked, kissing her forehead.

“Much. Are you okay?” she asked him and he took a minute to think about everything.

“I am still scared, but we picked Dr. Young because she is the best. I’m not going anywhere, I promise,” he assured her and settled next to her until they were ready to take her into surgery.

“Dad, you are coming with us. We will have you scrub and put on protective coverings. You’ll sit and be on the other side of the curtain with Evelyn and comfort her,” Milly explained when they came to get Evelyn. Anderson let go of her hand only when they walked down the hall and had to be separated so he could get covered in protective gear. This is when the nerves took over, he was excited to see Jonah finally, but wouldn’t feel better until both the baby and Evelyn were back in their room resting and recovering.

“Do you want to let anyone know what is going on before you go in with Evelyn?” a nurse asked him. He shook his head, he couldn’t talk to anyone or his nerves would get the best of him. They would let everyone know after Jonah had arrived and everyone was okay.

“No, I want to be with Evelyn,” he replied and suited up. Every minute that passed made him feel even more nervous. He needed to know Evelyn was okay and wanted to see her.

“How much longer until I can be with Evelyn?” he asked a nurse who was helping him.

“She is ready, we just need to get your sterilized and then you can join her.” Anderson took a deep breath and let them help him through getting ready.

“Let’s go,” she told him and he followed her into an operating room. There was Evelyn settled on the table and a curtain blocking his view from her neck down. His heart stopped. Her eyes were closed and all the machines were beeping.

“Evelyn,” he called softly and her eyes opened, her mouth curving into a soft smile.

“Not how we planned, but we are getting our baby,” she sighed. He settled in the chair placed near her and held her free hand.

“Not long now,” Dr. Young announced and began to work. Anderson made sure to keep his eyes on Evelyn, he needed to make sure she was doing fine while they operated. It was surreal, but within a half-hour, he could hear the cries of the baby.

“It is a boy!” Dr. Young announced, holding the baby up so they could see him over the partition. Anderson laughed when the baby gave a huge cry and wiped the tears slipping down his face.

“You did it, Evvy. Our son is here,” he said looking down to see her smiling and tears streaming down her face. He did his best to wipe them away, and then they waited for the doctors to finish. He could see the nurses weighing Jonah and taking his vitals.

“We will take you into recovery, once you can feel your legs then we will bring Jonah into your room,” Dr. Young explained once she was finished taking care of Evelyn.

“Thank you, doctor,” Anderson rasped, his voice tight with emotion. His mate and son were both okay. They had made it through and in a few days, he would be allowed to take them both home to begin their lives together.

Baby Jonah is here! The book is closing in on the end. Only a few more chapters and an epilogue to go. Don’t forget to let me know what you think.

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