Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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Chapter 53

Several hours later Evelyn was laying in her hospital bed nursing Jonah with Anderson by her side. The c-section had been scary, but Anderson never once wavered in his support for her. She couldn’t wait to marry him.

“Thank you,” he said, she looked up from watching Jonah.

“What for?” she asked, connecting with his brilliant blue gaze.

“Bringing Jonah into the world. Going through major surgery,” he answered, coming over to sit on the edge of the bed and run a finger over the black hair covering Jonah’s head.

“You were amazing too. I know this was your worst nightmare come true. I had to have major surgery as you put it. Never once did you waver on me. I love you Anderson and cannot wait for the day we marry,” she replied looking up to meet his lips for a kiss. He didn’t disappoint; he bent his head and captured her lips for a sweet kiss.

“How are you two doing?” a new nurse asked as she came into the room.

“We are doing okay, but Evelyn is in pain,” Anderson replied squeezing her hand. She had said nothing, but being mates Anderson always picked up on how she was feeling.

“I’m Nurse Yolanda, I’ll be your afternoon shift nurse. It’s been about six hours since you gave birth. How are you feeling?” Yolanda continued walking over to check her pulse and temperature. Evelyn looked at Anderson and wondered if the nurse had heard him at all.

“I’m starting to hurt,” she admitted, the epidural had worn off and her incision was starting to ache badly.

“I’ll get you on baby safe pain medication,” Yolanda replied jotting down her findings on Evelyn’s chart.

“The pediatric nurse will be in soon to do a few more tests on Jonah. While she does that I suggest you get some sleep,” Yolanda explained, walking around the room with an authoritarian air.

“How long will he be gone?” Anderson asked Evelyn sensed his unease with Jonah being out of sight.

“Not long. We try not to take the baby too much while they are brand new. We allow you to have visitors once he comes back to you,” Yolanda replied and Evelyn relaxed. She was exhausted from giving birth and could use a brief nap.

“Thank you.” Anderson took Jonah from her once she removed him from her breast and snuggled him. Evelyn lay back in her bed and closed her eyes, letting sleep take her. When she next awoke it was Anderson gently shaking her awake. Jonah was in his arms fussing, and a nurse was sharing Jonah’s results.

“He is healthy, and you two can go home in three days. We keep mothers who’ve had c-sections longer in case infection sets in,” the nurse explained, setting Jonah’s chart back in his rolling crib.

“Infection?” Anderson asked as his head popped up. Evelyn rolled her eyes. There was always a chance of infection after surgery.

“Don’t worry, she is on plenty of medications to make sure that doesn’t happen,” the nurse said trying to assure him everything would be fine.

“Anderson,” Evelyn sighed and Anderson relaxed next to her. She took Jonah and began to feed him again.

“Thank you, nurse,” she said as the pediatric nurse walked out.

“My dad is here and so are your parents,” Anderson announced and her eyes widened. She hadn’t expected her parents to come up so soon.

“Do you want them in here?” she asked, she didn’t care but knew Anderson was fighting with his tiger over being their protector while Evelyn and Jonah were in such a vulnerable state.

“The doctor and nurses said it was safe for adults to visit. It is flu season so children under thirteen aren’t allowed in the hospital,” Anderson replied and Evelyn chuckled.

“None of our friends will bring their kids to the hospital. Knowing my friends, they will use it as an excuse to leave their children for a short time.” She watched as he laughed at her comment and pulled his phone out.

“I’m hungry,” she complained as her stomach rumbled.

“We are supposed to call down for our meals,” Anderson explained, handing her a menu and the room phone. Evelyn looked it over after handing Jonah back to Anderson.

“Our parents should be here in twenty minutes,” he told her after his phone dinged.

“Perfect, I’ll order lunch,” she replied and called down to the cafeteria and order them each a deli sandwich, chips, drinks, and a chocolate chip cookie. The same time their meals arrived, her parents and Anderson’s dad Ben walked in. Her parents were carrying a bouquet of flowers and balloons. Ben had a teddy bear in his hands and an enormous smile on his face.

“Where is my grandbaby!” her mom cried reaching for Jonah from Anderson’s arms. Evelyn laughed at his surprised expression as her mother cooed over the baby.

“Come eat, let our parents love on their grandson,” she coaxed waving him over. They settled next to each other and watched their parents love on Jonah while they ate mediocre sandwiches.

“Evvy, Anderson, he is a perfect mix of you two. Jonah is beautiful,” her mother gushed, cradling Jonah and walking around the room.

“Thanks, Mom,” she replied, leaning her head against Anderson’s shoulder.

“What’s his middle name?” Ben asked, taking Jonah away from her mom and looking down at him.

“Michael, he is Jonah Michael Jones,” Anderson answered.

“He is perfect. How much did he weigh?” her dad asked, taking Jonah from Ben.

“He was seven pounds eight ounces and twenty-two inches long,” Evelyn replied, watching the awe on everyone’s faces as they loved him. She was tired and wanted another nap.

“Rest sweetheart, we will watch over Jonah,” her mother told her, and Evelyn laid back leaving her half-eaten lunch. She had always heard about hospital food was bad, but her sandwich was unappealing.

“Sleep. I’ll grab something better for us for dinner,” Anderson promised, pressing a kiss to her lips. Evelyn fell asleep dreaming about her family.

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