Tempted by a Tiger (Mate Me Book 3)

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It was the middle of May and Evelyn couldn’t believe the day had come to marry Anderson. They’d chosen to have a small ceremony with friends and family at a plantation near their home. Going wedding dress shopping a month after Jonah had been born was emotional. She’d decided to do a combination of nursing and bottle feeding. Nursing Jonah had been the hardest part of becoming a mother. She thanks Roxie for sharing there was nothing wrong with using formula. It was her body and her child, her choice, and she should ignore everyone else. Only she knew what was best for her mental health and having Anderson help with the feedings was the best for her.

“Evelyn, which dress are you interested in?” Roxie asked, sitting on a large couch while Evelyn walked through the rows of dresses.

“I want something flowy but shows off my boobs. I’m not back to my normal weight yet because of Jonah, but my boobs look amazing. Anderson has been staring at them nonstop,” she replied, pulling out a dress with a lace top, thick sleeveless straps. The dress had an empire waistline and flowed around her body.

“That is pretty,” Caroline replied, pointing to the dress she was holding.

“I like it,” Evelyn agreed and set it in the try-on pile. She tried on thirty wedding dresses but chose the first one she’d pulled off the rack that had caught her eye.

“You ready?” Her mother poked her head into the bridal suite, her hair swept into an elegant updo. Roxie zipped Evelyn into her dress and turned her around.

“She is ready,” Roxie announced and Evelyn looked at herself in the mirror. Her dark hair was curled in ringlets around her face and pulled back with a clip her mother had worn at her wedding all those years ago.

“You look beautiful,” Caroline gushed. Evelyn had asked her, Jeanie, and Alexis to be her bridesmaids with Roxie, her matron of honor. All four women were wearing long dresses of burgundy with navy blue sashes. Anderson wanted to wear a suit he could get use out of, so they’d chosen navy blue suits for the men with burgundy ties.

“Thank you. How is Jonah?” she asked her mom. This had been the longest she’d been away from him and he was only three months old.

“Your Aunt Yevette is snuggling him,” her mother answered and came over to place Evelyn’s veil on her head. It was a family tradition for the mother of the bride to place the veil on the bride’s head before she walked down the aisle to get married.

“Ladies we need you in the backyard,” her dad called through the door.

“Coming Harold,” her mother replied and bustled everyone out of the room. Evelyn walked out and saw her dad waiting in his crisp suit. His eyes were watery, and he gave her a bright smile.

“You look just like your mother did on our wedding day. I can’t believe my baby girl is getting married. Anderson is an outstanding man, and you have a handsome son. I am happy for you Evelyn.” He bent down and placed a kiss to her cheek.

“Thanks, Dad. I know you weren’t happy Anderson, and I got pregnant before we got married, but I love him so much.” Evelyn blinked away her own tears. She didn’t want to smudge her makeup.

“Then let’s get you married,” her dad joked and offered her his arm. She took it and gripped her bouquet with her other hand. The flowers shook with her nerves, but she took a steadying breath and allowed her father to walk her outside. The outside of the plantation was a gravel path leading out to a large clearing with a majestic view of the mountains. Along the path were lanterns that would be lit when the sun went down. Standing at the end was Anderson under an arch with flowers winding their way around the trellis offering a slight amount of shade under the bright sun. Music started and Evelyn walked along the path with eyes on Anderson and no one else. His bright blue eyes shone with the love he had for her. Thanking her lucky stars they were mates, she did her best not to rush her father down the aisle to her mate.

“You look stunning,” Anderson whispered when her father handed her off to him. She felt a blush spread across her cheeks.

“You don’t look bad yourself,” she whispered back and turned to face their officiant. Anderson asked his friend Oliver to do their wedding. His best man was Xander, with Marcus, Peter, and Troy as his groomsmen.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to celebrate the joining of two persons, Anderson and Evelyn. Friends and Family of Evelyn and Anderson, welcome, and thank you for being here on this important day. All of us need and desire to love and to be loved.” Evelyn stopped paying attention to Oliver as Anderson drew circles on the inside of her wrist. Her insides were melting. He’d been extra careful around her and they hadn’t had sex since Jonah had been born. Her doctor cleared her for intimacy several weeks ago, and she was craving his touch.

“Now the bride and groom will exchange their vows.” Oliver broke through her thoughts, and Anderson turned to face her.

“Evvy, I know the start of our relationship wasn’t what anyone would call normal. I am thankful you never gave up on us. You’ve brought Jonah into this world and are the most amazing mate. I love you and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you and Jonah.” Anderson brought one of her hands to his lips and kissed, sending lightning racing through her body.

“Anderson, I love you. You’ve been the most amazing mate a girl could ask for. Bringing Jonah into the world was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and you were right by my side. I am so glad I never gave up on us. I cannot wait to see where life takes us.” She blinked back a tear, Anderson reached up with a handkerchief and wiped away the tear that slipped down, anyway. The entire crowd awed, and Evelyn blushed.

“Beautifully spoken you two. Now we will do the exchanging of rings,” Oliver continued the ceremony, Evelyn and Anderson exchanged rings and finally, Oliver announced.

“You may kiss your bride.”

“Finally!” Anderson cheered and grabbed Evelyn, dipping her to the cheers, hoots, and hollers from the crowd and kissed her. Evelyn opened her mouth, letting his tongue in to tangle with hers. He set her on her feet once again and it took her a few minutes to regain focus.

“I give you Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Jones!” Oliver announced and everyone broke out into cheers as Evelyn and Anderson walked back down the aisle hand in hand. When they entered the plantation Anderson pulled her into an empty room and shut the door.

“Mrs. Jones,” he purred his tiger, echoing his words.

“Mr. Jones,” she whispered feeling breathless, his eyes shone with his tiger.

“I am going to devour you,” he groaned, nipping at her neck.

“We have to take pictures.”

“Five minutes to make you feel good and then tonight I am taking you until the sun rises,” he promised. Anderson knelt at her feet and slipped his head under her dress.

“Anderson!” she screamed when he ripped her lace panties off of her. His tongue found her folds, slipping into her slit. She grabbed at the wall and tried her best not to fall down. His enormous hands gripped her thighs, and he sucked on her nub, making Evelyn groan louder.

“You are driving me insane,” she moaned and pressed her hips down onto his face. One hand released her thigh, two of his long fingers slipped into her pussy and pressed into her soft pleasure spot. Evelyn screamed as her orgasm ravaged her body, her senses going into overdrive. It heightened all sounds and colors, her orgasm rippling out in waves. Anderson slipped out from under her dress, a massive smile on his face.

“I couldn’t wait,” he admitted and kissed her lips.

“Now I have to find another pair of undies. You ruined mine,” Evelyn laughed and Anderson chuckled.

“Check your bag,” he said pointing to the bag she’d brought with her.

“I didn’t pack extra ones,” she replied, and he smiled.

“I might have snuck in an extra pair because I knew I would do this,” he shared walking over to her bag and pulling out a pair of her sexiest undies.

“You are too much,” she gushed and took the underwear from him, bending over to slip them back on her legs.

“Let me,” he offered and knelt at her feet so she could step into them.

“This is so weird, but very us,” she said letting him pull them up her legs.

“I love you, Evelyn. Thank you for being mine,” he told her, kissing her gently once her underwear was on again.

“I love you too, Anderson. Come on, let’s go dance the night away and go home with our son.”

“Your mom is keeping him tonight,” Anderson replied, and she stopped.

“She is?”

“You and I are going to a small bed-and-breakfast I booked for us in the mountains for tomorrow and Monday.”

“You did?” She didn’t think they’d get a honeymoon with Jonah being so young.

“I did. He has plenty of formula and breast milk,” he promised, kissing her gently on the lips.

“I love you even more,” she whispered and kissed him soundly on the lips.

“I was worried it would upset you,” he admitted, and she laughed.

“I am going to miss him, but I am happy to be with you. Come on,” she said, taking his hand and leading him back outside so they could get pictures taken and get to their reception.

Evelyn did exactly as she said, she danced the night away with Anderson, and snuggled Jonah. The party went until midnight, and when it was time to go she kissed Jonah goodbye and let Anderson take her into the mountains for a passionate night.

The End!

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