The Velvet Healer : "Your tears, my territory."

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"Your tears, my territory." After experiencing sexual assault at a tender age, Priyasha mostly considered herself as used and violated. She often felt numb with the flashbacks and scared that her past would return. Although, the desperate venture to settle down in her life wasn't easy and the situation worsened with a wrong decision. Her new apartment owner wasn't someone he claimed to be. His aim abode on the collapse of a particular businessman. And she discovered eventually he was a man of many secrets. Would she be able to find his secrets? Did they really matter to her? What should be her decision standing between her past and equally terrifying present? Find out this romantic suspense in --- The Velvet Healer

Romance / Thriller
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9th March

Emotions causes weakness. And the girl on the phone screen was inciting his weakness.

He could not allow that.

A severe frown crossed his face while he stared unrelentingly on the screen. His jaws clenched visibly, sensing the illegitimacy of the demand put before him.

If a human could represent the purest form of art, the girl in the picture was exactly so. Her beautiful doe-like eyes, creamy skin, pert soft lips… were undoubtedly screaming nothing but innocent beauty. Although, there was this blend of sadness in those eyes, yet none could deny that they were the best pair representing a pure form of life.

He didn’t understand, exactly what she had to do with this ferocious man sitting in front of him.

The other person cleared his throat and said calmly, “You must realize this before we proceed with our deal, that it is completely reasonable for me to ask something in return. Besides, I don’t want unwanted attention towards me and my men just yet. I have other commitments right now. So, I need someone else, someone less suspicious, to do it for me. You seem perfect. You do it for me and I’ll present the papers that you need. A perfect businessman deal.”

He glanced up, looking dead into the older man’s eyes.

The old man then added grimly without taking off his eyes, “Do you agree?”

Even though their business meeting tended towards a more sensitive issue, he couldn’t disagree with this person. As his own motive was also demanding his consent.

He had to find her.

He gave one last glance at the phone screen then threw his resolute stare back at the old man. The single syllable of agreement left his mouth shortly, which he didn’t yet know, would turn his entire world upside-down in the time to come, “Yes.”

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