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"I don't like your name." His eyes bore into mine, eyes darker than the night sky too intense for them to be kind. They held promises of pain, held secrets I dared not ask. He brought a calloused hand up to grasp my chin. Roughly he tilted my head and moved it side to side, inspecting me with an amused gaze. A smirk graced his lips and he slowly leaned toward my ear. "Bambi," his lips brushed against me and his hot breath fanned across my neck as he spoke my new name forcing a shiver to course throughout my body. "Now, suck my dick." He stood to his full height and released me as I sank gracefully down to my knees. I ignored the many people surrounding us. He had the right to demand anything of me. I was his now. This was my master, and I was merely his slave.

Romance / Drama
Morgan Johnson
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Chapter 1

“May you be a slave to the prey and a master to the mind.”

“Line them up!” A loud, rough voice rang out, and our shackles pulled us onto the stage. We were to be auctioned off today. We had been bred and trained for this life, it was not one of choice, but this was the life we lived.

A few men came up behind us and started spacing us out as much as our chained ankles allowed. Once adjusted to their liking a paper with a number and our name was slung around our necks. I was V201, name, Sage.

The auction house wasn’t the grandest of places, but it did well enough for its purpose. It was dusty and dim. The stage was grand and raised. Ugly velvet maroon curtains kept us hidden from the prying eyes of the audience.

We stood lined up; there were only twenty of us. Ten girls and ten guys. We were all 20 years old, the prime age for a slave of our category. We all shared specific characteristics. Our heights were mostly the same; we were all pleasant to look at, each of us coming from selected couplings to ensure certain traits would be passed down. It’s never a guarantee what a child will look like, but that’s why versatile’s aren’t selected until a certain age. I, however, wasn’t entirely like my peers. Many called me the exception.

Slaves were broken up into categories, and with those categories contained laws extended to protect us. If a child was to be sold, their only function and use were as a house-hand. Their selling age ranged from 6-10 yrs, depending on what they intended to do with them. Their master/mistress educated these slaves. They were taught what they needed to know when they got to their new homes. House-hands were a jack of all trades, minus the sexual aspect. Contracts ensured that masters and mistresses knew the laws and followed them. Slaves were required to have semi-annual health checks, and at these checks, if it looked like a house-hand was being used for other purposes than they were removed. It protected the children, and the very delicate balance our society was made up of.

The next category was the breeders. These slaves were picked based on characteristics they displayed as infants and toddlers and their parentage. From looks to temperament, the breeders were handpicked by the council, which ran the society we lived in. To be picked, you had to have particular hair color, specific bone structure, certain eye color, medical history had to be cleaned of any disabilities, no birthing defects, etc. They were then paired with a partner to live and reproduce. As slaves, we looked at the breeders with envious eyes since they were the ones that lived in luxury compared to the rest of us. But their lifespan only lasted until they no longer could reproduce quality offspring. Though their life was short, it was filled with a type of luxury other slaves could only dream of.

The third category was made up of sex slaves. They were sold primarily for the pleasure of their Master. They were often sterilized before being sold so that they couldn’t reproduce. Sex slaves started their training around 16 yrs of age, and they were very specialized in their trade. Their selling age was 18. Mostly it was unfavorable offspring that ended up as a sex slave. Being unruly, not catching onto lessons quick enough, and being favorable sufficient to look at but not pretty enough to be considered for breeding or being versatile, were just a few examples of how a slave ended up as a sexual object.

The last category was where I fell. However, I was different for all the wrong reasons. I was beautiful, but my looks were unique, and not very many buyers sought after me. I was often called a “required” taste. I was much smaller than my peers, and my skin was ivory in color. My eyes were doe shape and a very vibrant blue. My hair was a dark brown and disqualified me from being apart of the breeders. I was born early, and because of that, I lacked the same growth rate as other children my age. This disqualified me from being sold early on as a house-hand. The probability that my Master could want to breed me for my unique traits took me off the sex slave option. So now I was in this category. We are labeled as Versatile slaves. We are trained in housekeeping, in pleasuring, in obedience, and even have some education to ensure we could mentally stimulate our buyers. We are supposed to be a higher class slave, but more are treated less than a sex slave.

I have seen others like me come back beaten and broken. We were the most returned category of slaves. A returned slave was a damaged slave and was put into factories or sex houses to work. Since we were the most returned, we were also the smallest category. This was the biggest group of versatile’s in the last 6 yrs. It was rare to have more than ten being auctioned off, and this year there were twenty.

Even though there weren’t many, what made us the most returned seemed to be an effect of our sellers. Our sellers’ over-exaggeration of us made buyers see something that wasn’t really there. You know what is expected if you are a house-hand and sex slave. Your masters know what to do with you. However, Versatile’s are too much like a regular person; it shocked inexperienced and young buyers.

In training, versatile’s are chosen around age 10. We are taught how to be a good house-hand. We get a thorough education on inner workings of a household, and given educational classes so that we understood the world, we were taught the art of conversing, and when we turn 18, we are taught the delicate roles of the bedroom. Our chastises never touched because the purer a versatile is, the higher the price tag. I was taught very minimal things. They focused more on keeping my body presentable and clean over how to have sex and how to please my Master. My trainer told me that whoever purchased me would be the one to teach me.

Not all versatile’s were like me; I was the exception. There was something about my birth that made things different for me. The reason’s behind my looks, but it wasn’t my place to question. I was there to please and make my Master or mistress happy—my only role in life.

I was always curious about the things I wasn’t taught. I heard whispers of what the others learned. How to please a man and woman, they learned those things. I was just different. I only learned how sex worked between two men, a man and woman, or two women. They never went into detail. Other versatile’s would call me naive, and some would tell me I’d be returned because my innocence was too high for a master or mistress to handle. Their word’s always frightened me; my trainers always reassured me that I would be chosen because of my innocence. It was a thought that both soothed me and made my anxiety skyrocket.

When versatile’s turn 17, we are made to get treatments to remove our body hair. The hair on our head would be the only hair that would ever grow. The understanding was that our masters wouldn’t want to spend extra money on us to keep us hairless or groomed. Unless there was a special request made, Versatile’s were made to look flawless. We were the arm candy to be seen, not the bedroom slave or house-hand’s only to be seen when needed.

The lot of us stood naked; only a small cloth hid our genitals from view. Only potential masters who paid an early access fee would be allowed 60 seconds to inspect us all. If they wished to see our genitals, our trainers would be the one to remove the cloths; the potential masters weren’t allowed to touch, only look. If they felt what they hadn’t purchased, they would be banned for a year. It was to keep the illusion that we were innocent, though only I could say I indeed was. I had only an idea from the whispers around me about what to do and what to expect. Other than that, I was ignorant. My peers were much more knowledgeable in particular areas than I.

The stage was closed off to the rest of the crowd. I could hear the murmur of various voices behind the red drapes and couldn’t stop the flutter of anxiety that swelled in my stomach. With twenty of us, there would easily be at least one to two hundred masters and mistresses awaiting to see the showcase.

Versatile’s were always the first to be shown since we fetched a far higher price than the sex slaves and house-hands. The breeders weren’t ever auctioned. They lived in designated areas away from others to focus primarily on breeding. Their offspring stayed with them for the first two years before moving into the slave quarters, where they started their evaluations. I have no memories of my parents, and just the thought made my heartache. I’d gotten glimpses of the young toddlers first arriving, and it was unbelievably sad. They all seemed to have been so loved, an emotion that they would probably never feel again.

“Alright! Keep your legs spread and eyes to the floor!” The auctioneer shouted at us. We were trained on this; the VIPs would be entering the stage soon. “Remember your training!”

I quickly glanced at the girl beside me. She was fidgeting too much. If she didn’t calm down, they would start her price low. A low price meant she would be less likely to be purchased by someone with an esteemed background. Slave’s worth only went as far as their masters. If a Versatile is auctioned off at a low price point, it usually indicates a flaw, making more prospective buyers think twice, and the scum of the crowd jump on a “deal.”

“Calm.” I harshly whispered to her, after a glance to make sure I wouldn’t be heard.

She gave a quick nod to me and took a few deep breathes in. I didn’t want to see any of us be under-priced. I was just as nervous, but our training taught us to rein in these emotions.

“How many we got Stephen?” Our trainer, Thomas, had gone up to the auctioneer and asked. Thomas had been with us for the last eight years. He was a short and fat man, but he had a silly personality that had made training pleasant. There were many times when he got mean, but I had thankfully never seen his wrath.

“We’ve got about 50 coming through. Only a few of them are looking for females, though. We might have to lower the price of the girls if we want them to sell quickly today.” Stephen, the auctioneer, said while putting his glasses on and looking through his papers.

“No. Master Hemming won’t be satisfied with that. This is the best-trained group we’ve had in a while.” Thomas gestured to us, and I could feel a few eyes side glancing the two men. It was very high praise that none of us had heard before, and it was an honor. “If they don’t sell today, we will advertise on the website.” The auctioneer just grunted in response before glancing at his watch.

“The VIPs should be here; I’ll go lead them in.” With that, Stephen left Thomas at the podium. He then made his way to the side door where we had come in. Butterflies were fluttering rampant in my stomach. I knew that the likelihood of getting a kind master or mistress was very slim, but I was hoping for the best.

I chanced another glance at the girl beside me. She had visibly calmed down. Good. I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble tonight. It would only set a negative mood.

“Alright! It’s time, be good!” Thomas roared at us. Voices were announcing the entrance of the VIPs. My stomach churned with anxiety, but I steeled my nerves. They were just looking at the goods before purchasing us.

Breath Sage, you got this.′ I had to give myself a pep talk. The need to look up and see who the men and women were in was so strong. I couldn’t, though, and I started to count, hoping to distract my mind from my anxiety.

“Welcome! As you can see, we have quite the selection for you all to enjoy.” The auctioneer’s voice rang out. “You will have 60 seconds to get a look at the versatile’s; after that, you’ll be asked to go back out and wait. The actual action will begin 10 minutes after you leave.”

With that, he told them all to begin. None of the VIPs spoke. Their footsteps seemed to echo off the walls and roar over the voices from behind the curtains. My heart hammered in my chest, but I kept myself outwardly calm. I was in the middle of our group, so it took a few moments until the first set of shoes caught my eye.

“Sage...” A deep voice called out my name; it rang beautifully off his voice. My heart skipped a beat. My hands shook with nerves, but I kept them plastered to my side, hoping the man in front of me didn’t take notice.

“Alarik, this one looks like fun.” A new voice rang out, not as masculine as the first. The other male grunted before walking off. “Yo, move the cloth, let me see that the kid has under there!” The man called out, and within moments Thomas was in front of me pulling my cloth to the side. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. I had never been THIS exposed before and in front of so many eyes. The urge to curl up was intense. I knew this could happen, but I had hoped it wouldn’t. “Alright.” Was the last word that came from the questioning man before his shoes disappeared from my sight. Thomas patted my shoulder and returned to where he began.

The remaining time went quickly, with only a few others asking to see the other versatile’s private parts. The entire ordeal felt like it lasted hours, but it truly was only 60 seconds. Once the masters and mistresses were sent back out into the crowd, the tension built up within all of us seemed to dissipate. It would be back, but for the moment, we all could breathe easy having finished the VIP inspection.

“Looks like Goodwin’s taken an interest in the odd one.” Stephen voiced from the podium to Thomas. I wasn’t sure who they were referring to, but I couldn’t help but listen.

“Hemming will be happy if he sells to him, but I don’t think it’ll be easy for the kid. The man is known to make a show of his sex slaves, so I’m sure he’ll extract the same form of dominance on the kid if he buys him.” Thomas’s words didn’t make me feel too good, but as they continued to talk about what he’d done prior, I tuned the two men out, hoping Goodwin wasn’t interested in me. I didn’t want a difficult master.

I didn’t realize I sighed a little too loudly until the girl next to me nudged me slightly. I glanced at her, and she gave me large eyes, trying to let me know I was too evident in my gestures. I quickly looked around, hoping the auctioneer hadn’t noticed, and thankfully, the man was still too engrossed in his conversation to see my slip-up. I straightened my back and regained my composure, giving the girl a tiny smile in thanks. I wasn’t aware of her name, during our stay in the training house, I hadn’t made many friends with my peers and only knew a few of their names. This girl beside me was familiar, but her name eluded me.

The next ten minutes went by slowly. Auction workers came up to adjust us and fix our hair and signs. A few of us were moved around as Stephen called out. They would be starting the bidding with the males first. I was to go 6th. A few people were shouting out orders as the time began to come to a close. The auction would be underway soon. Excitement, fear, panic, anxiety, and anticipation for what was to come were filling me. This moment was all any of us has ever dreamed of. The dreams weren’t pleasant, nor were our hopes of a bright future with our new owners, but a small candle of excitement was there. We all wanted to get this part over with, so we could experience firsthand if the rumors and stories were true. We all wondered what our life was to be like beyond the walls of our training quarters.

“Alright, people! It’s about to start!” Thomas called out to us. “Make me proud; if you aren’t sold here today, your picture will be posted online to be sold. So don’t worry too much if today isn’t your day. ” I wasn’t sure if his words were meant to be comforting or not because a sense of dread filled the room. None of us wanted to be skipped over; it would feel like a red mark to not be sold at the first showing.

I glanced up as the fat man walked to the auctioneer and shook hands. Thomas and the auctioneer walked to the center stage with a nod to him and disappeared behind the curtains. This was it; this was the moment. Those red curtains would soon be pulled back, and the bidding war would start. My heart was back in my throat, thundering like a herd of beasts.

Stephen’s voice rang out and silenced the crowd. He spoke too fast for me to understand, but he was explaining the rules of the auction from what I caught. Payment for the winning bid would be due the moment the sale was over. They had the option of having their winnings go home with them or be sent to them later. To bid, one would only have to hold up a sign given to them upon entry; if you failed to pay for your winnings, you would be banned for six months.

There were more rules, but the quickness of his experienced voice made it hard for me to make it all out. My legs felt numb. We had all been standing for hours that day, and we were given nothing to eat or drink. It was a regular occurrence, but it felt harder to deal with since the adrenaline in my body wouldn’t stop pumping.

“Let’s get started, Master’s and Mistresses allow me to present to you, your future Versatile’s! This is the largest group I’ve seen in years, and the best looking group as well.” As he spoke, slower this time, the curtains drew back. All of our heads lifted to look straight ahead. Lights blinded us from being able to see the face’s within the crowd. The lighting was purposefully done so that eye contact wouldn’t be possible for us to make while giving the buyers a full view of just what they could bid on.

“First up, we have V298 Danny..” Stephen’s voice picked up in speed as the auction finally begun. The starting bid for him was $1500.00, and rose to $3500.00 and topped off at $3750.00. It seemed like a good start, and just like that, he went down the line. The bids were coming in fast, and each versatile was being sold to fast for my liking, my turn was next, and I felt the impact of the moment hit me like a freight truck. Laken, who had been my only friend during my time in the training quarters, was sold for the highest bid of $9000.00. He was a beautiful figure, almost worthy of being apart of the breeders. He sported red curly hair and beautiful green eyes. He was slim, and his face was perfectly rounded. The only flaw that ruled him out from being a breeder was his freckles. If he hadn’t had them, he would have been chosen as a breeder; instead, he was a Versatile. His large eyes gleamed with happiness at his high price tag, and I could tell he barely contained the thrilling smile that wanted to spread across his face. He had been so excited about today, the only one of us who had high hopes for his future as a pet to his Master.

“Now, this versatile is quite unique.” Hands grasped my shoulders while others unclasped the chains around my ankles. I steeled my reaction, utterly unaware of what they were doing to me. None of the other slaves had been moved from the line until they had been sold. I tried to keep my fear at bay as I was moved up closer to the crowd.

“As you can all see, he’s smaller than the rest, his eyes larger, he hasn’t been taught the inner workings of a bedroom. He’s innocent to the touch of another. He is a blank slate. There is no return on this slave. If you wish to keep him no longer, euthanizing him is the only option.” Fear and confusion swept me away. I had never been told this before. I had been taught that if we are unwanted, we could be returned, and to hear that I am so different from the rest wasn’t news to me, but the cruelty that I would be killed if my Master or mistress no longer wanted me was condemning.

Murmurs rang throughout the crowd. Would they hesitate to bid for me now? I wanted so badly not to be overlooked; I didn’t want them not to bid. I wanted Thomas to take me back to the slave house.

“The bid will start at $2500.00.” My price was higher, but as the bidding started, my purchase conditions hadn’t seemed to sway some of the buyers as a bidding war started to play out.

“I’ve got $5000, do I hear 6?” The bids kept increasing, and as the numbers rose, so did my heart rate. What if the winner hated me? What if I wasn’t good enough? It was taboo to kill off a versatile without reason; we were always returned before that happened. Had I done something wrong? Why was it acceptable for me to be killed?

Stephen was fully engrossed in the bidding war. His excited voice became faster as the bids now only focused on two people.

“$18,000!” My head almost snapped to the auctioneer’s voice as it rang out the current number. I had been lost in my thoughts and hadn’t paid attention to the bid. Now though, my mouth was dry, and I felt faint. The bidding had barely slowed as the war between the two people in the crowd continued.

“$30,000!” The familiar deep voice from earlier rang out clearly over the quiet crowd, increasing the bid by ten thousand.

The room fell eerily silent as if they heard something outrageous. Which it was entirely ridiculous. Never has a versatile sold for such a high price. $17,000 was the record.

“Going once, going twice,” There was a pregnant pause as the auctioneers’ excited voice waited an extra second in hopes of someone else bidding but then a loud and booming, “SOLD!” Rang out, followed by applause.

Shock. It was an emotion I wasn’t too familiar with. I couldn’t believe I had brought out such a bidding war. The auction workers hurried back to my side and took me off the stage where my peers looked at me in awe. I knew they were both mad at my selling price and fearful of my outcome.

I was shuffled into a corner behind the stage where the already sold versatile’s stood. They didn’t look to me as Thomas spoke to them while slaves in training cleaned their bodies with water and soap-buckets. We would be washed here in case our masters wished to bring us home with them tonight. As I came closer, Thomas turned to me, but I couldn’t meet his smiling chubby face like usual. I felt betrayed by him.

“Alright, Sage, let’s get you cleaned up nicely. Mr. Goodwin tends to take his slaves with him the same day, and after what he just paid, I’m sure you’ll be going home tonight.” I didn’t move to respond, just stood in my place while he spoke and allowed the slaves to scrub me. Goodwin? Wasn’t that the same man they had been talking about earlier? Dread continued to fill me.

I refused to look at Laken, though I could feel his eyes heavy on me. I didn’t wish to see their pity. I knew he would feel sorry for my grim future, a future he had promised me would be grand and full of happiness. His optimistic attitude had made us connect quickly, but now I didn’t want false hopes.

As the auction continued, we were finally fed a small portion of food and allowed to sit in chairs. The sale continued well into the night as they went through each category of slave. It was hours later when our masters and mistresses slowly came around to pick us up or schedule our delivery. One by one, my peers and other slaves were swept away. None of us being allowed to say farewells to each other.

I was anxious for my Master to come to collect me. I was torn from being discouraged about my future to being curious about what my conditions meant. I wanted to look at my new Master and see for myself just who this man was.

Finally, when only a handful of versatile’s was left, I heard Thomas call out to the man who purchased me. “Mr. Goodwin!” Thomas greeted him with a huge smile and an over-enthusiastic voice. It made me want to cringe. Thomas was no longer the kind man I had always seen him as but as a seller. He was someone who simply raised their profitable merchandise and sold it without a care as to what could happen. It was only ever about the money. “It’s a pleasure to have you purchase from us once again!”

“Mr. Dewer.” My new Master’s reply was curt. He barely looked at Thomas as his eyes focused solely on me. I hadn’t expected him to look at me so directly and failed to look away.

“Sage!” Thomas yelled at me, noticing my unwavering eyes locked with my Masters.

My Master came closer to me; eyes never wavering, allowing me to entirely take in the intensity of him. He didn’t try to correct me as our eyes continued to hold each other.

“I don’t like your name.” His eyes bore into mine, eyes darker than the night sky too intense for them to be kind. They held promises of pain, held secrets I dared not ask.

He brought a calloused hand up to grasp my chin. Roughly he tilted my head and moved it side to side, inspecting me with an amused gaze. A smirk graced his lips, and he slowly leaned toward my ear. “Bambi,” his lips brushed against me, and his hot breath fanned across my neck as he spoke my new name, forcing a shiver to course throughout my body.

“Now, suck my dick.” He stood to his full height and released me as I sank gracefully down to my knees. I ignored the many people surrounding us. He had the right to demand anything of me. I was his now.

This was my Master, and I was merely his slave. I was told never to disobey no matter what the order was. A few of the sex slaves had been taken forcibly by their masters and mistresses right before my eyes, but it was more familiar with them. It was the way of the auction house, a claim to what they purchased, and to test out their product before returning home. If they didn’t like what they just bought, they would refuse to bring them home and send them back to be used within the whore houses. For many the masters and mistresses who did this, money was merely a plaything to them.

“Mr. Goodwin, Sage isn’t practiced in this sort of thing.” Thomas looked at me as I shakily reached for the belt of my Master’s pants. “He’s much too innocent for such an act in public!”

I looked up at my Master from beneath my long eyelashes, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, and I wanted to gauge his reaction that I was doing good. I didn’t want to let him down and have our first interaction be bad. I wanted to impress him, show him I was a good slave, and meet all of his needs.

“I will not be swindled.” My Master spoke roughly, eyes never leaving mine. “I’ve renamed him as well, make it reflect my ownership papers.” Clumsily, I worked on undoing the belt and buttons of my Masters’s pants, pausing every once in a while to look up at him. His face was perfection; a strong angular jawline, skin a beautiful sun-kiss tan, broad shoulders encased in a three-piece black suit that delicately showed off the muscles they hid. His light brown hair was cut short and slicked back, only a few strands in the front having found their way out of the ideally kept masterpiece. He was a gorgeous man, but even though his looks took my breath away, the arched eyebrows and intense eyes gave him such an intimidating look that I was shaken to my very core. He was a man that when he said to jump, you jumped, and if he told you to kill yourself, you did without question as to why. He screamed power, and his full lips smirked at me as if he had heard something amusing. He was genuinely predatory.

Thomas fell into the background of the moment; as my hands continued to try and work past the pants’ front, trying to get to their destination. To others, I probably looked comical. I had never done anything like this before. I knew my peers had been taught these simple skills, how to undress your Master skillfully, what parts are most pleasurable. I hadn’t been taught any of it.

I felt the bulge grow as I finally made my way to the underwear. From the look of the prominent bulge and the feel of his length, fear gripped me. I was in over my head, and suddenly I felt tears spring to my eyes. I tried to breathe in as I worked the waistband of the pants and underwear down his hips, hoping to reign in my emotions, but taking a glance up to ensure I was doing it correctly, I couldn’t prevent the few tears from escaping. My vision was blurry as my eyes continued to fill, and I bit my tongue to keep myself from sobbing. The smirk only grew on my Master’s lips.

“Oh, Bambi, how I’m going to enjoy you.” His words were dark and deep, filled with a promise. Swiftly he reached down and fully released himself. I had no time to react as his thumb shoved itself inside my mouth, forcing it open, and his other hand gripped my hair and pushed my head forward, sheathing his huge cock into my mouth and down my throat. The tears fully released as I choked around his thick and lengthy member. He grunted as he face fucked me, I tried to open my jaw wider, but it was painful. I felt myself gag as he struck the back of my throat over and over until I was forced to pull away and vomit to the side.

I had no time to recover as he shoved his massive member right back in with a grunt. I was lightheaded, I couldn’t breathe, my nose was runny, my eyes were shut tight, and I did everything I could to not throw up for a second time. It was horrible. Finally, with a push that had my stomach coiling for another upheaval, I felt hot liquid shoot out and slide sickeningly down my throat.

“Swallow it!” I did my best to rein in the gag that was trying to work its way up along with whatever was left in my stomach and swallow, but my throat screamed at the intrusion, and I could barely breathe much less swallow. I wanted to listen, but I couldn’t help my body’s reaction.

I felt lightheaded; the lack of oxygen was becoming too much to bear. My knees hurt from the position, but my mouth was still full of his dick. Just as my head was lulling backward, my Master retracted his member from my throat, breathing harshly.

“Clean him up and have him ready to go in 10.” His voice sounded like it was underwater, and I fell onto my butt sobbing and trying to take in air.

I wasn’t sure if I did an excellent job or not, but I knew that my life would be anything but easy from here on out.

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