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Chapter 1

A quiver of fear is all that I need to control them.

Hands gripped my arms, hoisting me up. My body felt like jello, my mind separated as I deafly moved with the workers. Tears continued to stream down my face, I must have down good since my Master was taking me home, but what awaited me once we got there? My hand raised to my throat, it ached with pain, and my emotions were all over the place.

“You did good, Mr. Goodwin will take good care of you.” A voice I didn’t wish to hear sounded from behind me. I didn’t turn to it. Was this what my trainer had hoped for me? For me to sell to such a Master? I felt defiance surge through me. Anger for being showcased and sold. I didn’t want to go with Goodwin, I wanted to go back to my room.

“Don’t act spoiled!” I felt a slight wack to my head and turned to look at my former trainer. He stood next to me with a scowl on his face. “You should be thankful he didn’t fuck you silly like some of the others got. You must have sucked at sucking his cock.” I felt my face heat with embarrassment as he chuckled, and lowered my head.

“He commonly discards his sex slaves because they weren’t skilled enough. In your case, he probably wanted to ensure you lacked experience.” Thomas shrugged nonchalantly. “You should be thankful.” He chuckled again before walking off.

His words didn’t make me feel confident. My Master was scary and breathtaking. The man exuded power and dominance and from the sounds of it, he had a reputation. I had a feeling I was right to be afraid.

“Stop crying, Master Goodwin will punish us if he thinks we made you cry!” One of the slaves attending me harshly whispered before yanking a brush too hard through my hair. I winced at the pain but made myself calm down. I didn’t want to be the cause of unneeded punishments. I had been trained for this moment! I had to remember my training. There was no going back now.

The slaves made quick work washing me and dressing me in a new loincloth, making sure to not touch my groin area. Only my Master had the right to touch private areas and give permission for others to do so as well. The thought of my Master handing me over to someone else for pleasure had my heart stuttering. I didn’t want that.

“Hurry up and get that Versatile outta here! Mr. Goodwin isn’t a patient man!” Stephen’s voice yelled out and just like that, I was hauled off to the back door where slaves went for pick up. My hands started to tremble and my stomach did a sickening flop. The toothpaste the slaves had used on me was becoming sour as I felt the urge to vomit once more. This time it was out of nerves than because of a dick being shoved down my throat.

I felt weak as I breathed in through my nose trying to calm myself. I would only embarrass myself more if I threw up again, I couldn’t do that. I had to make my Master like me so I wouldn’t be euthanized.

As we neared the open door I could see a large black SUV waiting. He was there. Leaned up against the rear, his suit jacket was off, his button-up slightly undone at the top and untucked. He was speaking to a beautiful woman with long black hair and sporting a blush pink satin dress.

He had a devious smirk on his face as he spoke to her and took a drag of a newly lit cigarette. My breath caught in my throat as I, for the second time, got lost in this man’s appearance. Master Goodwin was perfection.

As we neared I adverted my gaze back to the ground, knowing if I was caught looking up it would lead to punishment.

“Alarik, are you sure you won’t let me play with the boy? I promise I’ll be kind to him.” The sultry and seductive tone of her voice would have had men dropping things into the woman’s lap. She was definitely a mistress, and whatever my Master had, she seemed to want.

“Scarlet,” I quickly glanced up as the smooth voice spoke. He pushed off the vehicle and leaned down until his lips were close to hers, and with the same hand that held the cigarette, he slowly lifted her chin up ever so slightly until their lips finally met. The kiss was sensual and I openly stared. A beautiful woman being swept away in a kiss by someone who was devilishly handsome and carried the air of Satan had me captivated. Innocent curiosity taking over. Her hands came up and gripped his shirt bringing the man closer to her and he used his free hand to cup her ass tightly, thrusting his hips into her. The display was sexual but one thing that kept me rooted in the spot was Master Goodwin’s dark eyes that were trained onto me. They enraptured me. I knew I should look away but just like our first meeting after the auction, I was under his spell. After a few more moments of the heated make-out session, he released the breathless woman. Smirking at me and looking back down at her, he grabbed her hand while taking another drag of his cigarette.

“Next time,” he turned her hand over slowly and brought the lit cigarette to her palm, using it to put it out. “bid higher.” She let out a scream of shock and pain before pulling her hand back. The action jerked me from my stupor and ricocheted me back to reality. My eyes widen at his actions and I pulled them away and back to the ground. The slaves beside me showed no emotion and acted like this was normal. I wanted to ask them if it was, but with my Master’s in front of me, I didn’t have the permission to speak.

“Scarlet, you really do know how to get under his skin. You should learn.” A familiar voice came up from behind us and spoke jokingly.

“Shut up Lane! Alarik, just you wait until my father hears of this.” I watched from the corner of my eye as the woman scurried off with her hand, held tightly to her chest. Master chuckled deeply as he watched her scurry off.

“Man I was really hoping to score this one, you just had to outbid me.” I felt a hand start to run through my hair but before it could continue I was harshly jerked forward body slamming into the side of the SUV.

“Don’t even try.” Alarik had all but thrown me out of reach of the man named Lane. I hit the vehicle hard and fell to the ground. The other slaves quickly rushed to my side and helped me back up. “Put him in.”

“Hey hey, I was just touching a bit. I heard you made a display of him earlier. Is it true that he’s as innocent as what they claim?” I kept my eyes down as I was shoved into the black SUV. Once in, I could no longer hear their conversation but I watched them through the dark tinted windows.

Lane was handsome, he also sported a three-piece suit, but his looked to be dark grey. He wasn’t nearly as tall as Master Alarik, nor did he look as intense. His face was softer and features not as sharp. I wasn’t sure if they were friends or not but their current conversation didn’t seem as intense as it did when I had been outside.

Taking my gaze away from the window I looked around the vehicle. The seats were all leather, much different from the cargo van I had typically road in. They were spacious and comfortable. Turning my head to the front I finally noticed the man at the wheel. Right away I knew he wasn’t a slave. He was much too large to be a house-hand and slaves were not authorized to drive. He stared at me intensely from the rearview mirror.

“Look away, slave.” I did as he instructed instantly. Folding my arms around myself I shivered as cold air started blowing from the vents. The night air was chilly for the spring, but I realized that I was being punished for having been caught looking around.

After a few minutes, the back door opened and my Master slipped in beside me.


“Sir, are you ready?”

“Yes, the versatile is the only thing that caught my interest tonight.” It was like I didn’t exist as we started driving away. The cold air continued to circulate throughout the SUV and I couldn’t stop the shivers that raked over my body.

“What did he do?”

“He made eye contact, Sir.”

“Ah, he did that with me as well. He’s supposed to be well trained but it seems his uniqueness has caused him to be spoiled. I’m looking forward to breaking him.” Master brought his hand up to my back and ran it lightly over the exposed skin.

I mentally kicked myself. I was top-ranked in my class when we learned mannerisms but the new atmosphere had pushed everything I knew out the window. I was too curious about my Master, and my surroundings, I needed to fix it before I made him angry with me.

My body continued to shiver as the vehicle grew colder and the hand continued its ministrations. The hand that was slightly warm. Without realizing it I slightly leaned back into the hand to get some of its warmth, and quickly the hand disappeared. I felt a little hurt at his hands’ retreat, but I knew I was asking too much while being punished.

As the ride continued an electric charge started surged in the car as the silence stretched on. Master Alarik had moved closer to me, I felt his dark eyes watching me, I wanted so badly to glance at him but kept my eyes trained to my hands resting on top my lap.

“You know my little Bambi,” the large man grasped my chin, turning my head until our eyes finally met in the darkness as he finally spoke. “I’m looking forward to your first punishment when we get home.” He spoke with excitement, dark eyes seemed to light up with the prospect of punishing me.

My eyes widened with fear, I didn’t want to be punished. Tears welled up. I didn’t mean to look.

“Master, I am sorry.” My voice broke as I whispered my apology, hoping that the man would take pity on me.

“It’s too soon to cry my little fawn. Save your tears for later, I’m looking forward to making them spill.” His breath ghosted over my face as he drew closer, his lips so close to my own, his strong cologne combined with the smell of cigarettes filled my nose as he neared. He was intimidating. Fear gripped me, but something stirred inside of me at his words. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling but I knew one thing, above all else, I was scared.

He moved my face slightly so my lips were no longer in reach of his and I felt his mouth on my neck. Lips ghosting over my delicate, unmarked flesh before he ran his teeth over it. A gasp escaped my mouth as a tingle sensation raked my body. Once more he did it, before finally biting down hard.

My eyes widened in shock before I felt instant pain. I tried to twist out of his grasp, away from the pain of his blunt teeth biting me, but his other hand grabbed a hold of my hair and forced me not to move. I cried out.

“Master it hurts, I am sorry, I was bad, I will not do it again!” I pleaded with him as he bit down harder and pulled my hair.

Letting me go, my hand shot up to where the bite wound was and I slowly backed away from him. Tears streamed heavily down my face, and I felt true fear looking at his smirking face.

“Beret, how close are we?” As the words came from his mouth I could see the light dribble of my blood down his chin. His eyes shown darkly, he was a predator.

“Five minutes, Sir.”

“Tsk.” Master looked slightly annoyed as he looked out the window as if to gauge the truth behind the drivers’ words. Sitting back he looked at me once more and pulled me into his lap. “I wanted to play with you a bit, but we are indeed almost home.” His voice was like silk against my ear. Shock was an understatement, fear had me frozen in place.

This man, my Master, was dangerous. He was the exact type of Master I had wanted to avoid. The warm arms that held me in place were constricting, and I knew that once the vehicle was parked my punishment would easily begin.

“I can taste your fear.” I felt his tongue against my neck, a hand coming up to remove my own from the wound he inflicted. The wet appendage ran over the mark and I felt something hard poke against my thigh. “You will definitely be fun to play with.” His chuckle was devilish and sexy, and though fear was at the forefront of my mind I felt a tingle that I couldn’t place. This was unknown territory. Everything that was happening was overwhelming, I couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on.

My adrenaline continued to pump and suddenly I was breathing too quickly but the air going in was drowning me. I felt suffocated, and tears came anew.

Master just watched me, was I about to die? Was this it? Was my life already over?



A tunnel, that’s what I felt like I was in as I continued to gasp for breath, my breathing eccentric, my mind panicked. I could hear the two men speaking but their words tumbled together and it sounded as if I was underwater drowning.

Spots started to fill my vision, and just as I felt a darkness about to seize me I felt warm lips against my ear, warm hands caressing my sides and back, calming words whispering into my ear.

“Breathe Bambi...” His husky voice washed over me like a warm blanket I didn’t know I needed. His hands soothed the terror that consumed my body, and as he continued to coach my breathing, the spots disappeared and I was right with the world once more.

I wasn’t sure how long it continued for, Master had tucked my head against his chest, my ear resting over his chest as he breathed slowly, coaching my own lungs into following the pattern of his. Hands combed through my long hair, and at some point, my legs had been arranged so that I was straddling him. Comfort, reassurance, both things I had hoped to find with a Master.

I felt my eyelids become heavy as my body slowly went lax against my Masters. I vaguely heard the door open and I felt arms grip me more firmly as Master moved us out of the SUV. I shivered as the night air stung my skin but clung tightly to Master Alarik.

Exhaustion was what I felt now, my mind was a mess of thoughts and emotions. I wasn’t sure what had happened to me but it wasn’t pleasant and I didn’t know if I would be punished for it or not.

“Beret, inform Julian of my absence for the next week. I need to break in my new addition.” His words scared me but my body was exhausted. Having stood on my feet the majority of the day, barely eating only to throw it up, the auction, the display of ownership and the interactions with Master, my mind was fried.

“Of course, Sir. Shall I have the house-hands tend to the west side of the house?” I felt Master stop in his tracks to contemplate. I risked a peek at the driver, Beret. He stood at the back of the SUV watching us, his eyes focused in on me and I immediately buried my face back into the crook of Master’s neck.

“Leave it. I’ll have Bambi do it. It’d be good for him to see.” His words felt like ice dripping down my back.

“If I may be so bold Sir.”


“He seems spoiled by the trainers, are you sure you want to deal with him?”

“I bought him because he was spoiled. Never trained in sex, never touched, never shown how to please another.” I felt him adjust me, holding me to him with one arm as his free hand came up and fisted into my hair, yanking my head back until our eyes locked. “I’m bored, I want to break him.”

“Very well, Sir. I shall put the car away and retire for the night. Please call if you need anything.”

“Hn.” Master barely acknowledged him and finished walking us to the door, but before he opened it I felt him release my body onto the ground. I fell with a plop and scurried to my knees in front of him. Head bowed, arms resting in my lap, palms up. I moved sluggishly but the jolt had my blood pumping quickly once more. I tried to make sure I kept hold of my breathing.

Master didn’t acknowledge me as he opened the front door and stepped inside leaving it ajar.

“Follow.” I didn’t need to be told twice. The spring night was chilly on my clammy skin and after the long car ride with the AC blasting, I wasn’t too keen on being outdoors longer than necessary.

Once inside, Master motioned me to close the door and continue to follow him. The house was massive. If I wasn’t so tired I would have gasped in awe at the sight.

Marble floors, with tall ceilings, was what met us in the entryway. It was medieval looking with the ceilings arching, dark neutral colors, and a huge chandelier. The house was just as foreboding as my Master. The entryway opened up into a grand room with a brick built staircase, exposed beams and lanterns lining the walls creating an ominous light. I felt like I was walking into a dungeon. The sight was beautiful but fear outweighed the esthetics.

I continued following Master as he bypassed the stairs and took us down a hall on the Eastside. His stride was long and quick, purposeful. It was hard for me to keep up in my tired state but I scrambled after him.

We arrived at a large door and when it was opened Master flicked on a light switch illuminating the room in dim yellow light. I was pleasantly pleased with the sight. A queen bed laid off to the side of the large room. It had posts on all four corners, and the headboard looked to have chains hanging off it. There was a curvy shaped couch on the other side of the room as well. Like the rest of the house, this room also had the vaulted ceilings, there were large windows covered by maroon blinds behind the couch and a beautifully detailed dresser. However, what really grabbed my attention was the wall opposite the bed. The wall was decorated with what seemed to be many different styles of whips as well as many other instruments that I had no idea of what they were. I felt my mouth go dry at the sight.

“You will sleep here and in the morning be fully prepared for your punishment. ” I nodded my head and made to walk into the room only to be stopped by him grabbing my arm.

“You will answer me with words.”

“I am sorry Master. I understand.” My voice shook as I stared at the ground, my arm held firmly in his grip. He didn’t let go. I was tense, unsure of what was going to happen next.

I felt him move closer to me, releasing my arm in favor of wrapping his around my waist and pulling me flush up against him.

“My little fawn.” He bent his head down while using his other hand to lift my face upwards. Our eyes locked. “Your body begs for punishment, and you don’t even know it.” His voice was husky and his eyes too intense.

“Please Master, I will do better!” I begged I didn’t want to be punished. Even during my stay at the slave house, I was barely reprimanded. I did my best to follow the rules, never wanting to upset anyone or put myself in a position where I’d get in trouble.

He chuckled at my desperation. “Shhh,” his thumb lightly caressed my chin. “Soon you’ll be begging for it.” And with his words, he crushed his lips with a bruising need against my own.

I’ve never been kissed. My trainers ensured that I never had the opportunity. A few of my friends had tried but after the second one had been beaten no one ever tried again. I had been labeled a forbidden fruit. Now though, as my Masters’ lips crushed against my own, moving with an unrestrained intensity I couldn’t deny my own desire.

I gasped when his teeth grabbed my bottom lip bitting it, eyes widening with pain but the bite stirred something within my stomach. I felt his tongue lick the expanse of my lips before forcing its way inside my mouth. I was unsure of how to kiss, how to respond but after a moment’s hesitation, I started to mimic his actions.

The hand holding my chin moved to thread into my hair, holding me in place while the other roamed my body igniting a heat that was overtaking my core. I felt Masters evidence of his own desire poking roughly against my stomach and I felt my own length harden at the feel of his.


My eyes snapped open and I threw myself back landing on my tush away from Master, my chest heaving as I gasped for breath and looked down at myself. My cock stood to attention, a first for me. It felt weird and scary. Part of me didn’t like this unknown feeling. At the slave house, I was given medicine to keep any form of erection away. All of my firsts were to be given to my Master, this was uncharted territory for me and anxiety surged through me.

Tears welled in my eyes as I looked to my Master for guidance. His face was unreadable as he watched me.

“I-I-I a—m so-sor-sorry Master.” I stuttered as I realized I angered him at my reaction. I felt my face flush with embarrassment and fear as he continued to look at me.

A few more tense moments and finally he spoke. “This is a first?” I nodded my head as he gestured to my crotch and buried my face into my hands, remaining on the ground.

His laugh filled the room. “Oh, I did make the right choice in purchasing you.” His words were filled with amusement and in an instant, I was hoisted up and thrown on top of the bed, Master was quick to climb over me. My eyes widened at the sudden movement and again I locked eyes with him.

“You like looking into my eyes fawn, it’s going to be your undoing soon.” I didn’t have time to respond as his lips smacked against my own once more. He had me laying on my back both arms pinned over my head, his right knee rested between my legs pressing against my groin. I gasped and arched my back up against him as he slightly put pressure on my hardening cock. It felt good, and as he continued to attack my mouth I couldn’t help but try to grind my hardened member against his clothed thigh more. My body felt flushed, only having the loincloth barely covering me, my entire body felt sensitive even to the air.

His tongue creased the insides of my mouth with expertise. He alternated between ravishing the inside of my mouth to sucking on my bottom lip. I tried in vain to keep up with him but every time he bit down on my lip, another shot of pleasure went through me.

Sounds escaped my mouth as his assault continued, the pressure against my cock constant and all to quickly I felt a building heat at the pit of my stomach. His lips left mine and he trailed kisses down to my neck, another gasp left me as his tongue ran over the bite from earlier. The building in my stomach intensified and soon I felt something coming, I wasn’t sure what it was but fear gripped me at the unknown.

Just before I was about to explode a hand reached down and grabbed the base of my cock. I cried out in pain as the action stopped the explosion from happening. My chest heaved, and my eyes shot open to look at the devious smirk.

“Ah ah Bambi, no cumming until I give you permission.” I didn’t say anything but I couldn’t stop myself from trying to rock into his hand, a whine left my lips. I felt weird, I didn’t like it.

“Please Master, it feels weird.” I cried out to him. I felt too hot, too intense. He just continued smirking at me, and then without warning, got up and moved away, releasing my aching member.

“Do not touch yourself.” He spoke with such authority, his deep voice sending jolts of pleasure through me.

He continued to back up towards the door. “If you come before I return, your punishment will be worse.” And as he said that he turned and left, closing the door behind him and leaving me panting on the bed.

I couldn’t move. My body was shivering with need, my exposed cock twitched, and I had to breathe deeply and restrain myself from touching it.

My emotions were raw. Desire, fear, sadness, and more stormed inside of me. I couldn’t figure anything out. As I continued to lay there, I finally felt myself calm down, not knowing when Master would return. My eyelids became heavy and soon they were closing as sleep overtook me. Only one thought entered into my head as I drifted off.

My Master.

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