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It's Her (Atlas POV of Is That You?)

Atlas POV

I moved through the crowds of students, too tired to check any of them out. That feisty brunette had kept me up late last night, and I had a full day of studying the central nervous system ahead of me, so I knew caffeine would be the only solution.

A med student can't really turn to class A now, can he?

I opened the door to let some dancers walk out before me, purely so I could admire their asses in those tight shorts.


I sipped on my coffee, nodding in acknowledgement to a couple of guys I'd been partying with last night. They looked as bad as I felt. The sun beamed down on me and I took my dose of vitamin C, closing my eyes and savouring the warmth on my skin. I heard a door slam, and my attention was diverted to the source of the noise. The education department, all those new trainee teachers, hungry for their first experience of college. I watched them idly, until I saw her.

Tight jeans held her pert ass perfectly, a ripped denim jacket covering her back. Her hair was loose, and she walked as though she was on a mission.

It was Frankie.

The hottest girl I'd ever met, with a sharp tongue and zero tolerance. Why did someone so perfect for me happen to be such a cold bitch? It hadn't stopped her a few years ago, but once she was sober she was little Miss Girlfriend again.

But now, she was single.

She was also the best friend of my little sister, Aubri. I groaned inwardly as I watched her walk, until I felt myself unable to fight the urge to antagonize her.

"That's never you, Fran."

She stopped abruptly, and I felt my man twitch in my pants when she turned around to gaze at me with a bored expression on her face. Fuck me, she was even more beautiful than the last time I'd seen her. Her hair blew in the wind, carrying her sweet vanilla scent towards me.

"Atlas. Theres some girl in there that is wondering why you left her apartment so early this morning, if you go now you may just avoid her," she snapped at me, making me curse inwardly that I hadn't checked what damn course that chick was on. Now Fran would be pissed all year about it.

"Frankie, you jealous?"

Wanted her to admit that she was, but she simply stared at me with her steely blue eyes, before she stepped backwards.

"Don't call me that."

Of course not. Because the last time I called her that, she was in my arms, begging me to fuck her. I exhaled, enjoying the memory more than I should, as I continued to check her out. I couldn't explain what it was about this girl, maybe the fact that she irritated me beyond belief and refused to entertain my bullshit seemed to present as a challenge to me. That and I loved winding her up.

"Atlas, I need a coffee. Stop looking at me like I'm your breakfast."

Oh she had to say that didn't she? Now I was distracted, imagining her on my kitchen table with her legs parted, instead of my shitty bowl of frosted flakes. Now that would be a fine way to start the day. Instead I offered her my coffee, as she looked at it in disdain before walking past me.

"Atlas, it was great see you. But I need a coffee and I need one that doesn't have half the campus DNA slobbered all over it. Excuse me."

I watched her with amusement, noticing the way the tips of her ears had gone pink, her eyes avoiding mine at all costs. It was obvious she found me attractive, especially after she confessed it to me years ago. I should've just fucked her, but I couldn't do that to her. If I had, she would have hated me forever, and my sister would've killed me. Because I didn't go back for seconds, unless it was insanely good, and safe to do so. I didn't want a relationship, someone always checking where I was or what I was doing. But as I watched Fran walk away, I noticed the guys from the training field watch her too, their eyes on her fine ass.

She was oblivious, of course, and I groaned inwardly. Why did I care?

She was just another girl.

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