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My Salsa

"Choose a partner, don't think about it, just go, go, go!"

I stare at Tam in disbelief as I feel arms around my waist. I spin around to see the dark brown eyes of my football man from earlier, surprise forming as I go to speak.

"Wanna be my partner?" his voice has a southern twang to it, and I can't help but find it sexy. I look around to see most people have found partners, including Tam who is staring at her hunky partner in awe as he demonstrates the moves to her.

"Uh, sure. Football player and a dancer?" I ask, as he slides his hands to my waist.

"My mom is a dance teacher. I learned salsa years back, I just do this to earn extra cash."

"This?" I echo as he pulls me flush to him as the music starts, his forehead against mine as I try to wriggle away, feeling awkward with the proximity of our bodies.

"Teach salsa," he smirks, moving my waist with his hands as the music starts. His skin is flawless, his body beyond toned. I have no idea how to move, but he instructs me to just move to the music, and to watch how he steps.

"Do we have to be so close?" I manage to ask, my heart skipping a beat as he dips me backwards suddenly, lifting me back up to him before spinning me around. I notice the other couples are watching us now, and I lose my footing. He styles it out perfectly, pulling me into his arms before pushing me away, his hips moving hypnotically to the rhythm.

"Ah, Rafe is showing off again, Rafe, let the poor girl breathe," smirked Oliver, the teacher that Laurie had clutched in her arms. I couldn't believe she had managed to bag him as her partner, but he didn't seem to mind.

"My apologies, Ma'am," he murmured, "maybe you can take some private lessons sometime?"

I looked up at him with surprise, his dark hair curling around his fingers as he ran them through it confidently, my hand grazing against his hard chest as I swallowed.

"I'm not much of a dancer."

"That's what lessons are for. What are you doing after this? A few of us are going to a party if you wanted to come with me?"

I feel nervous now, was this majestic creature cracking on to me? I wasn't a prude, but I had literally only met him today. He dipped his head low, his eyes scanning the room around us as his breath brushed my ear.

"Live a little, Fran."

I found myself nodding, before making eye contact with Tam, who was lost in the arms of her partner.

"Party after?" I mouthed, as I noticed Rafe nod at her partner.

"Knox will be there," he smirked, as Tam nodded, her eyes meeting with mine as a flicker of understanding moved between us.

The rest of the class dragged, but that was purely because I was now dying to get my hands on this dance demon who was teasing me with his hip movements, his lips curling into a smile as I bit my lip.

"You alright Fran? You seem a little flustered."

"I'm great. So, Rafe... what are you studying?"

"Right now?" he muttered, his hands sliding down my stomach as he pressed my back against him. "That would be you."

I groaned inwardly, the sexual tension now through the roof. The class drew to a close, and I realised Rafe had released me from his heavenly touch. Tam wandered over to me, her eyes dragging back over to Knox and Rafe, who were patting themselves down with towels, glancing at us as they spoke quietly.

"I've legit died and gone to heaven. What the hell did I just dance with? And you- what was that about? Who are!" she spluttered, and I shrugged, no longer caring. I hadn't been with anyone since Jaden, and it needed to be done. As I allowed my gaze to travel over Rafes body, his eyes met mine and a wave of understanding moved between us.

"Knox is checking you out, Tam," I murmured, as Tam closed her eyes.

"I've never been with anyone that hot in my life. I can't be trusted with him. Where's Laurie?"

I frowned, looking for our friend before my eyes found her, coyly twirling her hair around her finger as she gazed at Oliver. He seemed to be disinterested though, smiling at her politely as she continued to lean forward, displaying her assets as best as she could.

I cringed, before I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist, Tams eyes widening as Rafe buried his head in my neck.

"Ready to go?"

I swallowed, wishing I had the chance to shower and change, but thanking my lucky stars I had kept up with my waxing schedule. I was on the pill too, and I'm sure someone like Rafe would have condoms. Right?!

"Wheres the party?" I managed to ask, as his lips met the skin on my neck, making my toes curl up with desire.

"Oh that," he said dismissively. "It's at Harleys, a teammate of mine. I didn't know if you wanted to shower first?"

I nodded gratefully, before asking where I should meet him. He chuckled then, bringing his lips close to my ear as I shivered.

"Shower at mine."

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