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Atlas POV

The liquid burned my throat but I slammed down the glass, holding up both hands as my friends roared around me.

"Drink me under the table, that's what you said, right?" I repeated, as the hot blonde in front of me stood up, removing her scarf as the crowd around us went wild. I watched her with interest, as Angelica poured us more shots of tequila. "I challenge you to four shots."

"I'll either make you naked, or make you drunk," she smiled sweetly, as her cherry red mouth circled the glass in front of her as she downed the shot, before asking for another. I watched with interest as she downed a further two, before coughing and removing her bracelet.

"Clothes not accessories!" someone argued, making me smirk at her. The rules of the game meant the maximum she could request I drink were five shots. If I couldn't do it, I removed some clothes.

I could always do it. Which meant I'd be seeing this girl naked sooner rather than later. More shots were poured, and I noticed the crowd around us grow bigger as the girl stared at me with lust.

"Five shots."

I waited until Angelica had poured them all, glancing at my blonde challenger with a look of despair.

"You know this guy has an iron stomach. You'll be naked as the day you were born if you don't surrender."

Angelica was a trainee nurse, and despite us being friends now, we had ended up in the sack a few drunken times. She knew me, and was trying to help the girl out.

"I'm not surrendering. Five shots."

I downed the first two, before noticing a flash of blonde hair out of my peripheral vision. I frowned, suddenly distracted by the man that seemed to have his hands on her shoulders as they walked through the crowd. Was it her?

"You've got three more," pointed out blondie, her words slurring as I stood up abruptly.

"Kellan, my man. Take over for me," I muttered, as the blonde blinked with annoyance. My friend Kellan slid into the seat before her, and I noticed her drink him in with delight. He was a rugby player, built like a brick shithouse but with the bluest eyes you'd ever seen. I pushed through the crowd, annoyed that I seemed to have lost her. Either that or she was never there in the first place.

I moved to the kitchen, when I helped myself to a beer. My eyes gazed out of the window, and as they adjusted to the darkness, I saw her.

It was her.

She wasn't alone though, she was with one of those football douches from earlier. I shook my head in disbelief, wondering why she wanted to waste her time on some dude who only thought with his- Oh.

I sipped my beer, watching as he bent his head to hers, kissing her like he had been waiting his whole life to do it. No dude, you've probably known her five fucking minutes. I turned away, annoyed with the feeling of jealousy that was racing through my body, when I heard a voice sing songing my name. I turned to see Laurie, another one of my sisters friends, sashaying towards me with a secret smile.

"Atlas Heaven, check you out still partying with the young ones."

Her lips were painted a dark red, and her eyes were covered in so much make up it was difficult to see anything else. She was hot though, but you just knew she tried too hard.

"Where's Fran?"

She frowned, pouting as she rolled her eyes.

"Urgh, she's pulled this football player come dancer at our salsa class tonight. Tam is over there with his friend, though I daresay they won't be there long if you know what I mean," she wiggles her eyebrows as she chuckled, her finger running down my arm suggestively. I raised an eyebrow to her, as she smiled seductively.

"So I'm on my own."

"Is that so?"

I couldn't help but turn back around to the window, my jaw clenching when I saw Fran and her mystery man had disappeared.

"Sorry, uh, Laurie. I have a rule about my sisters friends," I smiled, as her eyes widened.

"But aren't rules made to be broken?"

Oh fuck. This was going to be difficult.

"There you are. I've being looking for you!"

We both turned to see Fran standing close to us, her eyes narrowed at me as I tried not to stare at her. When she was angry, she was spectacular. In fact, it made me want to force her head into the pillow as I fucked her hard from behind, but she didn't need to know that.

"Laurie, are you and Atlas..." the words died on her swollen lips, and I saw the jealousy in her eyes. I smirked then, leaning back against the counter as I swigged my beer. Laurie coloured then beneath her make up, frowning as though Fran had said the most ridiculous thing in the world.

"Oh God no. I was actually looking for you, but then I saw you with Rafe..."

Fran nodded, before folding her arms.

"Yeah, I was. But now I'm with you."

Something about the way she said it piqued my interest, but a shrill cry from the centre of the room soon stole our attention. The blonde from earlier was now down to a thong, and was dancing on the table as the guys whooped and encouraged her.

"Nice," yawned Fran, and I laughed, making her glare at me. "What's so funny?"

"You think that's a mess? What about copping off with some guy you barely know and making out in the garden at some party?" I snapped.

Her mouth fell open as Laurie frowned, looking at me with a confused expression.

"What, does that make me a slut? Because coming from you, that's a real insult."

Her eyes were fiery now, and I knew I'd overstepped the mark. Laurie went to move away, when Fran stopped her.

"Wait up, Lau. I've said all I need to say."

"Nah, Fran, I wasn't-"

"Seriously Atlas, just fuck off. Go and find some bimbo to listen to your bullshit."

I went to grab her arm, but stopped midway. The guy from earlier had returned, and was stroking her face as he tried to calm her down. This only made me more incensed, and I turned and walked away. How could he calm her down when it came to me? Little prick knew nothing.

"Atlas, take me back to Heaven baby," mumbled a girl into my ear as she grabbed my dick through my pants. I turned to see Xena, a stunning girl I'd spent the night with at some point last year. I let her kiss me, her body pressing me into the wall as she moaned against my mouth. I turned her around, so her back was against the wall, kissing her hard as she ran her hands up and down my back. My rules of never returning to someone for the second time left my mind, but the fiesty blonde from my past didn't.

"Actually, I'm not done."

I stopped, turning to see Fran glaring at me, her eyebrow raising at the girl in my arms.

"Uh, he's clearly busy-" began Xena, as Fran completely blanked her.

"I didn't say she was a slut. So why call me out? How fucking dare you?"

I released myself from Xena, before turning towards Fran.

"Can we talk about this somewhere else?" I sighed, as I wiped my mouth. I sipped my beer as I tried not to gaze at the aqua marine blue green eyes that were blazing into mine.

"Oh, like a bedroom perhaps?" she said sarcastically, making me sigh with annoyance. I walked past her, pushing the door open to the back garden as she scowled at me, pushing past me before I followed her, my eyes drawn to her perfect ass once again.

"Up here, Atlas. Jesus. You'd think you'd have more respect for me than to slut shame me at a party."

"I'm sorry," I said quietly, sitting down on the stone wall behind me. She blinked, before nodding briskly.

"Good. You were doing exactly the same thing just now with that...woman."

I tried to hide my smile as she rolled her eyes.

"I'm single. That means I can kiss, and fuck, whoever I want, without you saying shit to me."

I sipped my beer, rubbing my chin thoughtfully. Her legs were so fucking long, her tiny feet perched in fairly high heels. My gaze travelled up her legs to her stomach, which was on display. The swell of her breasts lifted her t shirt up, and I swallowed hard when my eyes fell to her lips.


"You know what, Francesca, you can. But if it's fun you want, you need to be damn careful who you're getting it with."

I stood up then, walking over to her as she stepped back, her heel cracking against a stray stone as I caught her my hand wrapping around her waist as she gazed at me. Her lips parted slightly, and I wondered what she would do if I kissed her right now.

"We're not all good guys."

She straightened herself up, as the back door opened. Rafe peered out, looking at me suspiciously as I walked away from Fran.

"Look after her," I ordered, before pushing past him. I spotted Xena hovering near the back door, a pout on her lips as I made my way back over to her.

"Let's go upstairs," she suggested, as I allowed her to lead the way. Why was I letting Fran get into my head so much? It was ludicrous. Hopefully Xena could distract me.

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