His girl (book 1 to the 'his' series)

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"what could be worse than this?" His hand moved down my cheek to the side of my neck. "I could hurt you" he said "Then hurt me" I said crashing my lips onto his. _________________________________________ Kc Moore isn't your ordenary bad girl. She's far worse, in and out of juvie, got a chance to get out of juvie, now back at the old school where all her old self used to be, now a different girl is here, the same girl. Xavier is a gang leader, of hell riders. Godlike, every girls dream boy, fights for his family and gang, a bad boy at the school. What do you think happens when you put one bad girl and bad boy in one room? Will it be for better or for worse? "You're lucky I haven't shot you yet" i said Xavier stepped back with his cigarette between his lips, arms spread out wide, a grin on his face. "Do it baby girl" he said BANG. READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!! _______________________ started writing in 2019 _______________________ Cover edited by me (MCbikergirlie) _______________________

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- back and bad

kc's pov:::

do you know that unwelcoming feeling? Yes? that is what I am feeling right now, but do I care? No. Do I want to be here? No. But do i have a choice? No. You see how life is. So miserable. I do not absolutely want to be here, whoever would want to would be crazy to want to be here, they must of lost they're mind. Why did they force me to come back here? Oh right, they only care about what they count on their free time and what they put in their pockets to get rid of troubled kids like myself. Stupid. Absolutely stupid.

But it must be done or I would be in juvie for another few years, I mean not that I mind being there for a few more years, some of the girls there are like my family. some of them were just stupid. these people need to stop putting me in things that I don't want to be in, sorry but I'm not here to be that sweet girl who gets straight A's and is loved by all the teachers. Even if I was, it was years ago, just the past.

I'm not gonna say why I got put away, a girl doesn't spill their secrets just to anyone, well not me anyways. I have no parents, well not anymore, they're not dead, if that's what your thinking, they just disowned me, they didn't want a daughter who got in trouble every day and fights, simple as that. One of my most favorite things to do is street fight, yeah you heard me, I street fight, no biggie. most people judge me like "why do you even street fight, your a girl, you probably can't even fight", fighting other people in juvie was what I did sometimes.... Well most of the times, just payed the guards to keep quiet and look away.

Well enough about my boring life story, I'm late, but why should I care, I don't. I took my helmet off, my hair fell down my shoulders in its ponytail, I sat on the seat of my Harley, my baby, I broke the hands of a kid who decided wanted to sit on my bike for a Instagram picture, he hasn't touched my bike since, not like I would of let him anyways.

I look around the parking lot to see groups of teenagers talking, you know, what normal teenagers do before class, also stare at the new students and talk. All they do is talk, its all talk, nothing more, nothing less, sighing, I ignore the looks and whispers, as I climb off my bike, put my keys in my pocket, carrying my helmet I walk through the front door, teenagers everywhere, then it starts over again, the looks and whispers.

I walk down the hall until I find the sign above a door that said 'Office', opening the door I walk in, a lady behind the front desk looks up, a look of disgust came on her cake of makeup covered face, I frown she quickly covers it up with a fake smile. "Hi sweetie! You must be kc Moore" she said. god her voice is squeaky, it's annoying. "can I just have my schedule now?" I asked skipping the sweet talk already bored.

A look of surprise covers her face "uh...y-yeah give me a moment" she said turning and got some papers out over a file then gave them to me "here you go" she said, I took them, then left the office, no surprise, I have all the same teachers.

I start to walk around the hall, ooh I even have the same locker, great. After walking the school grounds for a while, the first bell rung that meant to go to first period, I took my sweet time walking to my first period after putting my helmet in my locker, I walked to my first period, once I was in front of the door, I took a deep breath then grabbed the handle then swung the door open with a bang. I'm not really happy to be back here, this teacher has it out for me to give me any reason to get kicked out of his classroom.

all heads turned once I stepped into the room, Mr. Brown looked at me and sighed "welcome back kc, pick a seat and sit down, please do not cause a disturbance in my class" he said turning back to the board, I smirk "aw so you did miss me, I didn't know you cared enough, I never would do that" I said, he sighed again then turned to me giving me a look that doesn't believe me, but ignored it and went back to teaching his lesson.

I turn back to the rows of desks, looking around for a free seat, I see one in the back by the window. Some students look at me and whisper, I go to the desk, plop down putting my feet up on the desk and lean back sighing. I look beside me to see a boy looking at me, he was attractive, I'll give him that, but most boys here are so full of themselves they don't know the difference from left and right. "hey new girl" a male voice said, I look at the source of the voice and its the god-like-devil beside me "what?" I said annoyed "want to hang out later, my name is Xavier" he said "and I'm not interested" I said plainly. "detention both of you after school today Xavier, kc" Mr. Brown said annoyed.

"whatever" I said, looking out the window for the rest of the time of class, once the bell rung I grabbed my bag and left class, slowly walking to my next period, but not before bumping in Barbie, dang she still goes here, I thought she would be out of this school already with a child and a baby daddy.

"watch it loser" she said, I role my eyes "your annoying as it is Barbie" I said walking away, she gasped cursing under her breath, I continued my way to my second period, decided to be late again and walk in once the bell rung, the teacher sighed once she saw me. "hello kc, sit down, don't be late again" she said "yeah yeah" I said walking and sitting down in a free seat, getting my earbuds put and my phone before putting them in I start my playlist.

this went on for the next few classes, until it was time for detention, I decided to go, just to annoy people, when I mean people I mean Mr. brown.

Now sitting in detention with no other Mr. brown and Xavier, and another guy I don't know but I don't want to know his name. I have no need to know his name, it's not like I would be around him any longer than I have to, to be able to know his name, I'm not here to make friends.

I was currently carving my name into the desk with a knife, do I care if I get in trouble for having a knife that happens to be a knife? Nope. "you sure such a small girl should be playing with that knife?" a voice said, I continue what I'm doing not bothering to look up "and I should care because?" I said still carving into the desk. I ignore the fact that he called me a small girl, I just simply flick him off "I would babe but were in public, wait till we get home and alone okay" Xavier said with a smirk, "your disgusting, do you always allow any girl to come and be your one night stands" I asked turning to him.

Xavier put a hand on his chest "that hurts baby girl, I'm not that type of man to allow just any girl into my bed" Xavier said, I role my eyes "don't call me baby girl" I said as grin covered his face "okay baby girl, whatever you say" Xavier replied, I groan under my breath and turn away from him, as Mr. brown came walking into the room.

"okay lets get this over with, no talking, no phones, you know the basics" he said sitting at the teachers desk, I grin before looking out the window again for the rest of the time. "now you may go but stop talking in my class" Mr. brown said.

soon it was time to go, I grabbed my bag before walking out the room, going to my locker I grab my helmet out of it before slamming the door closed "can you stop following me" I said to the two boys from detention. "we just want to talk, is it that hard to ask for" the boy beside Xavier asked, I look at him then frown, ignoring his question and walking to the student parking lot, I walk over to my bike "you sure a girl like you can ride this big boy" Xavier said, I could feel him behind me, swiftly I turn around grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, pulling his face towards mine "leave me alone or you will regret it" I said letting him go pushing him away from me, while I throw my leg over the side of my bike, before sitting down.

"and what would you do" he asked crossing his arms across his broad chest, I grab my keys out of my pocket and put them in the ignition, turning the key and a roar greets me, I tap my thigh on the bag attached to my bike before taking it out, I held the gun showing him. "your lucky I haven't shot you yet" I said.

Xavier stepped back, a newly lit cigarette between his lips, he threw his arms open wide, a grin on his face "do it baby girl" he said, I pull back the safety bar back, before aiming it at him, then pulled the trigger.


I purposely missed his head by a few inches to show him I'm serious, I'm not kidding. "you missed" he said looking at where the bullet hit, the brick wall behind him, as I'm putting it away I say "I know, I meant too" I said Xavier started to walk towards me, to close. before I could push him away or punch him, he grabbed both my wrists with one hand, dang he has a tight grip. The tension between us got thick fast, real fast. With the other hand he gently grabbed my chin, bending my head back and smashed his lips onto mine.

This took me totally by surprise, I ball up my fists before loosening them, he bit my bottom lip when I refused to kiss him back, I gasp, it gave him enough time to deepen the kiss, to plunge his tongue in my mouth, I lolled helplessly giving up on fighting him, my eyes clenched shut, falling in a trance, I kissed him back.

My stomach started to do backflips, his grip on my wrists lessoned, letting go of my wrists, it pulled me out of my trance, I pulled away and slapped him across the face. I whipped my swollen lips, glaring at him "don't ever do that again" I said putting my helmet on and backed up my bike, then speeding out of the parking lot.

Before I pulled away from him, I heard him say "your mine now baby girl". My thoughts were going crazy, stop it kc, he isn't worth it, why did that jerk have to kiss me, my first kiss was taken by him, I sighed as I sped home, the feeling of my lips tingling still, my cheeks got hot, I shook my head getting those thoughts out my head, nope, nope, nope, NOPE!

later on that night I laid in my bed, no matter how much I tried to get the kiss out of my head, it wouldn't, it was like I was watching a video and it was stuck on replay. Staring at the ceiling, some light from the street lights outside sept though my window, I sighed again for like the tenth time today, I kick off my blankets my shirt ridded up my bare thighs, it was cold. I liked the cold, it was welcoming to me.

Xavier, god he was running throughout my head, his face, just him. rolling over on my stomach I burry my face in my pillows, why did it have to be him for real? How did this all happen again. You know what I'm just going to man up, grow a pair and deal with it. but how though. well..... welcome back to the outside world kc, good going.

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