My Wife's Desires: Part 3

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Katie and Nick have been married for ten years. Then Katie had a forbidden desire and with Nick in agreement they hired an escort named Tyler to help achieve it. It would begin a mind-blowing life change for the three of them. Now two and a half years later living as a polyandry couple, they are learning that life is not going to be easy. With family disagreements, social discourse, and the struggle to accept bisexual feelings, they have an overwhelming uphill battle. Will they make it out alive? And will they make it out together?

Romance / Erotica
M.C. Rivera
4.9 45 reviews
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Nick's POV Part 1

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Part 3

Nick POV

I stand behind the bar, watching Katie give instructions to two of my employees. They raise the banner tying it off, a centerpiece to the decorations surrounding it. ’Congratulations, Tyler!”

Her smile is contagious and all attention just seems to follow her. She glows, like usual. She should have been a motivational speaker, a CEO at some company, or a nurse out there saving lives but instead she’s a housewife with empty nest syndrome.

How could I deny her anything?

“Hey boss, it’s almost time. You wanted to change?”

“Yeah, thanks Marco.”

I quickly end inventory, leaving my bartender to finish setting up. My clothes for tonight hang up on the wall in my office and just as I’m about to shut the door, Katie walks in. “I think we’re done. What time is he supposed to be here?”

She knows the answer but in her effort to keep me involved she asks.

And in an effort to stay out of it, I shrug, “Don’t know.”

I peel off my dirty shirt and reach for my button up but Katie’s hands are on my back, slipping around my chest and hugging me. Her supple breasts press into me as she whispers in my ear, “Thank you for doing this.”

“He deserves it. Not everybody can make it through medical school.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” She rotates me and I glance at the clock. I got to open in five minutes. She directs my eyes back to hers, “Not everybody would allow their wife a second husband.” She grins, kissing me, lingering. Her brown eyes admire my face and I love it when she looks at me like this. “You are my Soulmate. You know that? You understand me the way no one else does.”

“I’m a god among men.”

She giggles, falling into me. “The only thing I wish for is you to open up more. Sometimes I don’t know what you’re thinking and it scares me. But just promise me that you’re happy.”

“Of course I’m happy.”

She runs her hand down to my dick, gripping the flacid snake, “You better be.”

I grab her boob in response. “What I’m thinking about right now is I’m running out of time.”

She snaps her head to the clock, “I got to get all the guests into their places!” She rushes out.

Katie wants me to talk. Tyler wants me to talk. But I don’t want to talk. Not to either one of them. They both lack confidence about our specific situation and anything negative from me will render them upset and angry. I’d rather not deal with it. Keeping them in the dark helps me figure all this shit out on my own.

After I dress, I sit in my chair and the final minute I have, I pray.

Hanging on to God has been the only thing keeping me afloat. It’s blasphemy I know. I’m committing sin after sin and then praying God will forgive me. What I’m doing with Katie and Tyler is perhaps the most defiling thing I can do against God besides killing someone. Yet I can’t seem to stop it. I keep getting deeper. I’m sinking in quicksand and making no attempt to save myself.

The problem that I’m having, and even to myself it’s hard to admit, but I am actually happy. I do want our life. I struggle to think it but I do want Tyler to stay in our lives. The problem is, I know I shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t be happy about another man fucking my wife. I shouldn’t be desiring a man. I shouldn’t be fucking one, that’s for sure. Yet I want too. How am I supposed to say it out loud? How am I supposed to express my doubts, my concerns, my sins to Katie and Tyler when I can’t say it?

They don’t have faith like I do. They don’t feel that we’re condemning our souls to Hell. But I was raised to do right by God and here I am, kicking dirt over Him.

My father is helping me readjust. He has been praying and reading the bible in a valiant effort to understand me and the things that I’m going through. It’s because of him that I’m accepting the direction my life is heading. He believes that part of our reason for meeting Tyler is to help him succeed at becoming a doctor. He sees what we are doing as a good deed. Only my dad would find some positive out of our threesome.

A quick knock on the door gets me to my feet.

Tyler arrives and acts completely surprised by the celebration, even though I kind of ruined it by mentioning it. I hadn’t known it was supposed to be a secret. Katie got all pissy with me but thankfully his reaction makes up for it and she is beaming with admiration.

Marco stands beside me in the back and grunts, “I’d turn gay for that too.”

I roll my eyes, “You say that every time he walks in the restaurant. First off, I’m not gay and second, do you say that when I walk in?”

“Why do you think I still work here?” He winks.

I shove him, “When do you work? Lazy ass.”

Katie finds me across the restaurant and waves to me but I shake my head. I’m working despite this being a celebration. She clings to Tyler’s arm as he thanks each person individually. We got a few of his classmates to attend, a few old friends, his brother and his family, and some of our family members to show up.

Katie once more waves to me, a bit more adamant this time and without an excuse, I grab a bottle of wine and three glasses and head over.

Tyler is talking to his brother and I stay behind him. Katie helps me by grabbing the glasses and I open the wine bottle. The pop spooks him and he turns to me. “Hey, man.” He hugs me, kissing my cheek, “This place looks great.”

“All Katie.” I pour us all a glass and lift it up, “To Tyler. Let’s pray he doesn’t kill anybody.”

He hangs his head laughing. Before he takes a sip, he turns to the crowd, “Thank you everybody for coming. It’s taking me a long time but I made it. And I have only two people to thank for that. Nick and Katie. Mentally I would have failed. Financially, I would have failed.”

I laugh, nodding. Most expensive escort in history.

“Emotionally I would have failed. These two people took me in when I had nothing and gave me everything. I can’t wait to marry them if only to prove I haven’t been using them.”

The chuckles are awkward and weak. It’s exactly how I feel. I know Tyler loves to talk about our arrangement but no one, and I mean no one is as open and as excited as he is. Well, except Marco, our only gay server, who at the moment hoops and hollers in the back and then adds, “I better be invited to the wedding.”

“Thank you.” He takes a drink and we all follow. He leans in and kisses Katie, whispering ‘Thank you’ against her lips. Then he steps to me and kisses me as well. After that, I back out, avoiding everyone’s eyes and make an excuse to go back to work.

For the most part, I don’t care what people think. It’s what I think that bothers me. We are two men and we shouldn’t be kissing. But the more it happens, the less I mind. The more he pushes, the less I push back. It’s easier. I don’t feel as much guilt if I put it all on his shoulders.

The party for the most part stays in the private room in the back but as more people show up, it trickles out into the main dining room, bothering some of my customers. I keep up with their happiness, taking fifty percent off their bill. In a place like this, where checks usually range between 150 to 300, half off makes them feel much better.

Katie is on her way to the bathroom when she passes by me and whispers in song, “Tyler’s getting drunk.”

Tyler hasn’t been drunk in a long time, even the night we went to the club he stayed relatively sober so I’m happy he’s feeling relaxed enough to drink. However, he gets flirty and loses filters. It’s best if I stay away so he doesn’t embarrass me.

I sit in my office and as soon as Katie leaves the bathroom, I call her over. “Maybe you should take him home.”

“It’s still early. He’s having fun. Besides, my sister wants me to go pick her up. She wants to drink and sleep over tonight.”

“You can’t leave.”

“Tyler’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.” She comes up and kisses me. “His brother and David are here. I’ll ask them to keep watch.” Her hands slip down my chest, moving for my cock, “You afraid he’ll get all handsy?”

I’m laughing as I move out of her hands, “Yes that’s exactly what I’m worried about. Are you sure you can drive?”

“I haven’t had a drink in weeks. Never know when something’s baking in the oven. Bye!”

I stare after her. I hate that there is something in this world that I can’t give her. It’s why at times, I am thankful for Tyler. There are times where I think, or perhaps hope, that God sent him to us for this purpose. Those are the times where I can show Tyler that I do feel something.

The night continues and Tyler gets more drunk. Even from across the restaurant I can hear him. He loves to tell his escort stories to eager crowds, the ones that are the craziest and more than likely the most disgusting. If we weren’t at my restaurant, I would be laughing along with the rest of them but here is not the place. The customers closest to the room are the most disturbed and I am quick to tell my floor manager to find them another spot. We are at full capacity but I can shift some tables, perhaps even put tables outside.

When Tyler heads to the bathroom, I follow behind and wait for him in my office. The moment he comes out, I wave him over and shut the door behind me. “Hey, I need you to--”

He’s kissing me eagerly, “Where have you been?” He mumbles into me, “I’m so fucking horny.” He holds my hand, placing it on his hardon, “Grip it. Come on, Nick.” His lips are all over my throat.

I squeeze if only to make him hiss. “You gotta stop with your stories. You’re upsetting some guests.”

“Sure.” He moans into me, “Where’s Katie? I wanted to bury my cock in her in the bathroom.”

“No fucking in my restaurant.”

“You sure?” He bites my skin, “What if I let you fuck me here, right here? You’d say no?”

“Let me? If I wanted to fuck you, I would.”

“You don’t want to?” He presses his thigh into between my legs. My building erection is a surprise to me. He chuckles, “Come on, Nick. No lube. Pain and pleasure all rolled into one.”

I’m not sure if he’s serious, and I’m not sure I wouldn’t take him up on the offer. Fucking in the ass, man or woman, feels amazing, not that I would ever admit that to anyone. The tightness is beyond this world, though I could do without his bony ass. Katie has a perfectly plump tush that jiggles.

I wouldn’t mind trying again with Tyler. I was hurting him and he wasn’t able to cum. Maybe next time we can both get a little drunk and I won’t hurt him so much and I won’t care even if I do.

“You wouldn’t be able to take it.”

He kisses me and I forget for a minute I’m at work. I grab the back of his head, deepening, our tongues twisting and I can taste the alcohol. Blood rushes to my cock and I’m wondering when Katie is coming back so we could have a little threesome on my desk.

He backs out, “Damn right about that.” He laughs and I’m shoving him, feeling stupid for getting sucked in. He nearly stumbles back and falls in the chair. “Gonna have to get rid of that,” He points to my pants and the obvious lump, “Before you can go out there.”

“If I wasn’t working, I’d make you fix this.”

Author’s note: If you have read this before, you’re probably wondering why this is part 3. I published the book and had to split the book in half because it was too long. Sorry for the confusion.
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