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I Love You to Death

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“Why me? You could have anyone in this world at your feet, so why settle for boring old me?” Naomi forces herself to turn away from his delicious abs; feeling insecure. Adam tilts his head slightly, as though she’d asked the most perplexing question he’d heard. He carefully raises her chin; forcing her to look directly into his eyes. “The answer is simple; no one can compare to you.” She tries not to become trapped in his luscious hazel eyes, but as always; she can’t resist. So much mystery lies behind those eyes, but he never lets her look too deep. “Do you love me Adam?” He stares at her with an intensity that she could only describe as insatiable hunger. He shifts his position to rest his hips against her thigh; never losing contact with her eyes until he leans down beside her ear. He then whispers, “Oh baby...I do. More than you’ll ever know.” He kisses her plump lips. “I love you to death.” *** Naomi Daniels has always felt she had a sedentary life. Nothing good happened, but nothing particularly bad either. She's always just been, but never seen; not even by her loving parents. She'd been prepared to live a mediocre life with a man who was simply enough. However, once Adam McKinnis enters her life, she finds that there is much more excitement to enjoy. He offers unyielding, passionate love, but this love may become her vice...

Romance / Mystery
Tanique Adams
4.7 15 reviews
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Notice! Please Read!

I have decided to take the next step on my publishing journey for this story, and am currently looking to have it edited and professionally published.

This means, of course, that I will have to remove the chapters from here, but I hope that you will be willing to check it out once I've published it!

I’ve made this decision after all the wonderful comments and reviews readers have left. It’s clear that readers are interested in this story and find it to be enjoyable, so I felt it was time to develop it for e-book/print publication. Thanks for all the support!

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