I Love You to Death

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Chapter 11: Jealousy

Silence. It’s all Naomi can hear as they drive along the road with the passing mountainous backdrop. He doesn’t seem upset and his expression is neutral, but the way his eyes stay trained on the road ahead, never gazing for even a moment her direction; it tells a different story. Neither say a word for the entire trip.

Adam pulls into his parking spot and cuts the engine. He simply sits there for a minute, still looking straight. Naomi finally has had enough and says, “Do you want to ask me something?”

“Do you want to tell me something?” He tosses back her words but shifts it to focus on her instead of him.

“What should I tell you? That I was passing the time waiting for you with a good friend? That we were discussing future plans and how we wanted to stay good friends even when it comes? Should I tell you that he expressed how much he cares for me and I admitted I cared for him too, but only as a friend?” She looks at him directly now. “Is that all I need to tell you or would you rather me say that we’ve been fucking in secret? You tell me.”

He finally looks at her with a displeased expression. “No need to be a smart-ass Naomi, I wasn’t accusing you of doing so.”

“Maybe you weren’t accusing me, but it sure as hell felt like you were insinuating that I had something shameful I needed to tell you about. If you have a question, then just ask me and I’ll answer it honestly. Don’t sit there and sulk in silence for thirty minutes about a brief suspicious moment you pulled up on.”

He sighs heavily. “I’m sorry, but I just wasn’t ready to discuss it. I needed some time to...settle myself. You know I’m not one to get angry often, but when I think of you pulling away, I-.”

“What? You get that mad about the thought of me being stolen away by another man that you have to silently suppress your anger?” He looks down slightly. “Adam, you know damn well that I’m yours. I told you a long time ago that I’d never love anyone else the way I love you and I meant that. Furthermore, I gave you my body. You know I’d never do that carelessly. Unless you actually do think me a slut after all.” She looks away.

He pulls her hand into his and squeezes them firmly. “No, of course I don’t Nai.” She looks at his face and can see that his expression has softened to the sweet man she loves most. “I know that you’re pure and that you respect your body as the treasure that it is. You might be a bit naughty at times, but it’s not misguided. I know that you’re only this way because it’s me and that you’d never act in such a way with another guy.”

She suddenly punches him in his shoulder hard, which makes him wince, but it wasn’t enough to seriously hurt him. He notices the tears forming in her eyes. “If you know that...if you know that, then why the hell were you just treating me like a cheater? Of course you’re the only one I’m like that with; you’re the only one I love in that way!” She leans her head against his shirt. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you Adam. I love you so freaking much, and I want to share that love in every possible way.”

“I know baby, I know.” He comforts her. “I was being a jerk. I guess I was just insecure. I’ve never felt like this with anyone before Nai. I’ve never been this helpless at the thought of someone else. I’ve never known fear until I experienced that moment of doubt, which made me realize I could lose you one day. I understand now that I had nothing to fear, but in the moment I was so scared, and I panicked. That panic turned into anger and fearing I’d take it out on you, I chose to stay silent. I’m sorry Nai. I should’ve trusted you no matter what.”

She lifts her head to face him again. As she does, he releases her hands and uses his to grip her head between them and pull her close. He kisses her softly and she responds with her own effort; returning his kiss.” She pulls away slightly, just enough to say, “No matter what feelings may develop between me and someone else, I promise you that I’m in this forever. I’ll never stray from your side and I made sure he understood that clearly. I won’t be weak to temptation and I hope I can trust you’re the same.”

“I promise you Nai, I have no interest in any other women. I literally have no desire for others, even when they make advances. I know it sounds cliché, but I only have eyes for you Nai. No matter if you are with me like you are now, or back home in Boulder, that doesn’t change. I’m not weak like other men who are tempted by the sway of a promiscuous woman or the chemicals on her face. I love only with my heart and my heart is already filled to the brim with you. Trust me on that.”

“I trust you Adam, I really do. I’ve always known you weren’t the type. I think that’s one of the reasons I fell so hard for you. I could see that you loved me so genuinely and that you’d move mountains for my sake. I knew you loved me, but even I had doubts. When you refused to touch me initially and later when you refused to go further than making out; I feared you might be finding me undesirable. I would often wonder if another woman was taking care of your needs in my place and you just didn’t have the heart to tell me. I experienced that helplessness and fear when I thought that you might get tired of me and leave at any moment. I was insecure, but I’m not anymore.”

“Nai...you fill me with so much desire, it literally drives me mad. Holding out for so long was torture; so much so that I’d spend many nights rubbing myself raw to thoughts of you. But you know why I held back?” She shakes her head. “I held back because I wanted you to love yourself as much as I loved you. I wanted you to be certain that when you offered yourself to me, it’d be because you wanted to share that intimacy with me of your own desire, and not simply for lust.” He caresses her cheek.

“I could tell that you wanted me from the moment we met, but you were still a young girl. You were acting on instinct resulting from our instant chemistry, not on conscious desire. I wanted to allow you the chance to develop it properly and grow a bit more. I wanted you to become conscious of yourself, explore and settle into your sexual identity. Once you did that, you were able to ask for what you wanted, rather than wait for me to initiate it. It was then I knew you were ready, and why our first time was so explosive. We were adults making love driven by our mutual conscious desires. There’s nothing better than that.”

She’s silent for a moment, taking it all in. She realizes that he was being responsible for her sake. She was technically still a minor when they first met and to have given in to her obvious lust for him back then would’ve been reckless. He had the sense to know that she needed time to discover herself before she could let someone else breach the threshold. He knew she needed to grow up and now that she has, she understands his words.

She takes his face between her hands now and pulls him into a deep kiss. “I love you Adam.” She kisses him again.

“I love you more Nai,” he says as he slips in his tongue. Suddenly, they become more forceful, their tongues intertwining passionately. He slides to her and lifts himself such that he’s now hovering over her. “Oh baby, I need you now.”

Nai feels herself reclining as he pulls the lever and lowers the seat down. He begins grinding himself against her; his need evident from the hardness growing in his pants. As he humps himself against her, she can feel her wetness growing with every gyration. She pulls his face back to hers and they kiss as before, heating up more with every passing second. “Oh Honey, take me.”

He wastes no time responding to her invitation, lifting her hips, griping the band of her jeans, and sliding them down along with her panties in one smooth motion. Nai’s cheeks become flushed, and she looks around; feeling anxious they might be seen.

“Don’t worry, no one parks around this side. We won’t be seen.” He eases her fears with little effort, seeming to read her mind. He unbuttons his jeans and pulls them and his briefs down far enough that his junior can spring from its confines.

Nai nearly gawks at it, so perfectly curved and hard as a rock. She even notices the drip of precum dripping from the tip and down his shaft. She feels herself grow hotter and must stop herself from salivating at the tasty sight. “Please,” she begs.

He doesn’t hesitate to slide his thick member deep into her, causing her to moan loudly. “Oh, you’re so hot baby and just as tight too. I’m going to lose myself in you.” He strokes in and out with vigor and accelerates with each rep.

Never mind him losing himself, she’s already lost herself, moaning uncontrollably. “Fuck me! Please fuck me up!” She wraps her arms around his neck and pushes her hips up in order to match him and feel him even deeper.

Unable to endure her intensity any longer, he groans loudly and is soon filling her with his thick cream. He collapses on her and them both pant; having worked up a sweat in such a short amount of time. “Jesus Christ baby, you never fail to drain me dry.”

She laughs. “Well, you’ve got a good buddy there. He keeps me more than satisfied every time, so how can I not reward him?” She can see him pout a little. “Come on now, don’t tell me you’re getting jealous over him too? He can only perform as well as his master commands. You command him quite well.”

“No, I’m not jealous. I’ll never allow myself to become jealous again. I don’t want to be the kind of man that can’t trust his girl. If you assure me that you feel nothing for that guy and won’t allow him to make any moves on you, then I’ll trust that and leave you two be. I’ll admit, I’m not in love with the idea of you having a male friend; especially one that has known feelings for you, but I won’t treat you like my property. You have your own will and I’ll leave it to you to decide how you respond to others.”

“That’s right. I’m a big girl and I’m more responsible than you give me credit for. I know how to keep things professional and friendly with others, regardless of their feelings or mine. I’ve promised myself to you and I don’t take that lightly. I cherish loyalty, so naturally I’d give it in return.” She rubs his nose playfully. “Trust me, ok? Can you do that for me?”

He smiles. “Of course I will. I’d do absolutely anything for you baby, you have my word.” He leans in and they kiss again, sweetly this time. They lie together a bit longer, basking in each other’s warmth. They missed each other terribly.

They were in their own world of bliss and so disconnected from reality, that they didn’t notice the woman fleeing from the shadows; crying for help, before she was caught by the devil, who pulled her back into the darkness of her hell.

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