I Love You to Death

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Chapter 12: Proposition

“So, would you say you’re a large or extra-large?” Nai examines two boxes of condoms; one in each hand, as she questions her confused lover. She looks up to see him staring at her with a puzzled expression, as though she’d asked something odd. “Did I say something strange? Don’t tell me you think you’re a double XL? You’re packing, but not that much.” She teases him.

He can’t help but chuckle. “No, I know I’m not that level of awesome, but I’m certain you’ve got no complaints about my package size. I stopped being insecure about that back in high school when I discovered that the art of pleasing a woman isn’t about size alone, but rather technique. Large will be fine.”

“It’s great that you can be so confident and secure about that, good for you honey.” She gives him a sweet smile. She tosses the box of large condoms into the cart and as she places the other back on the shelf, she asks, “So, what was with that look?”

“I was just a little surprised. I guess I’d just assumed you preferred our fun times...well, uninhibited and natural.”

“Well yea, of course I do. I know you do too, but we can’t keep playing with fire and expecting not to get burned eventually. We got lucky our first time together since I got my period at the end of that weekend of fun. Earlier in the car was a gamble, but I’m going on faith that we’re still safe. However, I’m not willing to risk it the rest of this weekend or beyond, so I’m taking the required precautions. I figured you’d rather wear a glove, then become a father prematurely at the peak of your success.”

He nods with understanding. “Well, I can’t argue with that reasoning. I’m certainly not opposed to fathering your children, but it should be at the right time and on our terms. I’m just wondering if we’ll be able to use them responsibly?”

“What do you mean? They’re not that difficult to use. Surely you’ve used them in the past and I learned how to properly apply them on a banana in 5th grade health class.” She laughs.

“No, I don’t mean I doubt our ability to use them, but rather our resolve. We’ve been rather sporadic with our intimate moments, like earlier in the car for example. When things get heated and we’re in the moment, will we stop to use them properly?”

“Oh, now I understand,” she confirms. “I know we can be quite spontaneous, but trust me, I won’t forget. I’m not nearly ready to be a mother or interested in pushing anything out of my secret cave that was not previously pushed into my pleasure.”

“I see.” He’s quiet for a moment and Naomi thinks she almost catches a look of frustration, but it quickly becomes a grin. “Well, glove or not, I’ll still have you screaming my name baby.”

She wears a bashful smile. “Well, I’m looking forward to it then. It is true that you never disappoint.” Shifting her expression into one of contemplation, she then says, “I’ll see if maybe I can set an appointment with my doctor soon too and perhaps she can help me decide if alternative contraception will work for me. That way we can still have our uninhibited fun times worry free.”

He shakes his head with a soft smile. “You don’t need to do that baby. Those pills and stuff can’t be good for your body long-term. I think we’ll manage just fine with the condoms. I appreciate you trying to think of ways to compromise. It’s sweet.”

“Ok, if you insist, I won’t complain. Dealing with all that stuff does seem like kind of a pain.” She states plainly. She looks at the half-filled cart. There’s an assortment of snacks and drinks, as well as cold cuts, chicken breast and ground beef. There’s dry foods like pasta, rice, beans and potatoes, and standard household items like tissue and cleaning supplies. “This is kind of a lot babe. We’re not going to eat this all in two days and aren’t you going to be having away games all this coming week?”

“Well with all our activity working up our appetites, you never know.” He winks, getting him her rolling eyes as a response. “Ok, I’ll be serious. Everything you said is true, but you probably forgot that I don’t shop just for myself, but for my elderly neighbor as well. I told you that before, didn’t I?”

Nai searches her memory for that instance, but it comes back as a failure. “No, I don’t actually.” She looks at him in confusion. “When was it exactly that you told me this?”

He shrugs nonchalantly. “I don’t remember the exact time Nai, I’m not a genius like you who can recall precise dates and events. I definitely told you though. I’m sure I did.”

Her smile fades into a slight frown. “I’m not a genius Adam, but I do have an excellent memory and I’m certain you did not ever tell me something like that. I’d have remembered.”

He sighs. “Ok fine, I’ll just say I didn’t because I don’t want to argue in the middle of this supermarket. Does it matter? I’m telling you now, so that’s fine, right?”

“We’re not even arguing. It’s not a big deal and it’s actually really sweet of you to do that for her. I’m just saying that you hadn’t told me before, so I don’t appreciate you trying to make it seem like I’m the crazy one who doesn’t remember.”

“Nai, that’s not what I was trying to-.” He’s met with her hand in front of his face, effectively silencing him.

“I said we’re not arguing, so let’s drop it, yea?” She gives him a tiny smile and to the side he notices a couple of girls glancing at them sideways as they whisper to each other with mischievous smiles. He realizes that Naomi probably noticed them from before and decided to end the disagreement before they made a scene. In her own way, she was protecting his image.

He wraps his arms around her shoulders in an intimate hug and kisses her forehead. “No, we’re not arguing baby. I am sorry if I upset you though. I’ll be more mindful next time.” He kisses her softly on the lips this time and from the corner of his eye, he can see the girls lose their smiles. “Let’s finish up here so I can get started on dinner. I’m starving...in various ways.” He grins.

Nai’s cheeks fill with color, but she plays it off as though he hadn’t just made a suggestive statement. “Yes, I’m eager to see what you will be cooking me tonight.” She turns and grips the cart; slowly pushing it along and pretending she doesn’t see the spiteful glares those girls are shooting her. Though she secretly enjoys it too, as she knows that Adam is hers devotedly and they have no chance at charming him away. She doesn’t doubt it anymore.

Adam faithfully follows behind her, but not before shooting the girls an evil glare that wipes all the spite from their faces and fills them with fear. They quickly scurry away, and Adam wears a smug grin of satisfaction.


A while later, the two lie together on the couch; their hungers having been thoroughly satiated. Nai lounges lazily against Adam’s chest, as they watch their favorite evening show.

“I knew it! She was the spy, just like I said. I told you!” Nai excitedly proclaims this and playfully slaps Adam’s arm.

Adam sighs lightheartedly. “Yes, you called it. I guess it makes sense, but at the time, I was so sure it was her friend. I mean, he was acting so shady, like he had so many things to hide.”

“That’s just it though. It’s because he was acting that way that I didn’t think he was the one. If someone’s doing undercover work, they’re not going to show any signs of it. They’d be super friendly, try to befriend you and get closer so that you’ll trust them. They would leave absolutely no room for doubt and everything would be very calculated.” She explains it proudly.

Adam raises his brow; impressed. “You seem to know your stuff baby. Are you sure you’re not actually a criminal justice major?” He laughs. “Or are you actually a spy yourself?” He says this in a joking manner, but something beneath his words has a serious tone to it as well.

“Why? Do you have something to hide? Is there something I should be investigating you for?” She asks with a grin.

Adam becomes suddenly intense and grips her chin, pulling her face towards him to stare into her eyes. He wants to play with her a bit. “Yes, there is in fact.” Nai loses her smile at this sudden shift of atmosphere. He leans down beside her ear and whispers,

“The truth is, I entice women to come home with me and shower them with my love. I infect them with thoughts of me, to the point that they are driven mad with desire. Only once they’ve reached their limit of desperation do I give them the pleasure they seek and make them mine. However, if they fall victim to their impure desires, then I deem them unworthy. I deliver them to their ruin, as deserving of the sluts they are.”

Nai is certain he’s just toying with her, but he’s very convincing. She swallows hard, feeling suddenly anxious. However, she decides to play along, taking it for a game. “And how do you ruin them exactly?”

Adam’s lips turn into a mischievous smile. “I lock them in their personal hell and let their impure desires consume them until they crumble. Once they’ve become soiled beyond the point of return...I release them.”

He lets that hang in the air, but never turns away from Nai. He can see the fear grow in her eyes as she imagines it. He enjoys seeing such a vulnerable side of her for a change, but decides he’s gone far enough. He breaks into a laugh; his entire demeanor cracking into one of amusement. “Oh my god baby, you should see your face right now.” He continues laughing.

Nai pouts and smacks his chest lightly. “You’re such a loser, you know that? You actually had me going for a moment there. Though I should’ve known better. You’re way too gentle and loving to be some kind of psycho killer.”

He leans down and kisses her lips. “I’m happy to be a loser if it means I’ve got you. I’ve never felt like this with anyone before, it’s strange.” He looks at her with that familiar hungry gaze. “I feel consumed by my own impure desires when I’m with you and I feel as though I want to devour you endlessly. I’m terrified of losing you Nai. I honestly don’t think I can be without you again.”

He pushes himself up over her and looking up at him, Nai can clearly see his genuine insecurities behind his eyes. He really believes there’s a chance that she might walk away from him one day: an unbelievably ludicrous thought. She reaches up and gently places her hand against his face. “You have me Adam, you always will. I’ll never walk away, I promise you.”

“Then, move in with me.” He can see her eyes widen. “I know you still have one year left of school, but it won’t be too difficult to commute from here. Things are about to get hectic with the season kicking off in full swing, and so my schedule is going to be all over the place. You’ll be alone several nights of the week when I have my away games, but when I’m back for the home games, it’ll be much easier for us to be together if you’re here waiting. I’m ready to take things to next level. I want the world to know you’re mine. So, move in with me.” He kisses her lips. “You don’t have to give me an answer now, but think about it, ok?”

Nai feels as though her breath is caught in her throat and she’s unable to speak. However, he offers her mercy when he leans down and kisses her more aggressively. She chooses to integrate herself fully into their love making session and pushes his proposition to the back of her mind for now, promising to seriously consider it later. However, like a foreboding omen, it pecks away at her and fills her with dread.

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